Miami Heat: How Soon Will LeBron James Quit On The Miami Heat

Bhemis ParksAnalyst IJuly 30, 2010

In light of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the Miami Heat. The Media has decided to create its own criteria for competitive nature. Apparently it wasn't enough that they devalued the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) over the past half-decade with their illogical selections. Now they want their blatant biases and illogical assertions on the nature of players to be taken a step further. They want us fans to believe that they alone understand which player is and isn't competitive.

When will David Stern stand-up and say “enough is enough?” When will fans demand more accurate analysis and less opinionated lased rants? Seriously, why are we so accepting of these Mark Jackson’s and Charles Barkley’s of the sporting world?

As fans, we are afforded the luxury of being bias. It is part of the structure of routing for something or someone.

In regards to being an analyst or reporter, biases often dilute the underlined message(s) and purpose of. Yet, somehow, it has become a common practice amongst most so-called sports analysts to let bias get the best of them. I say “so-called” because they’re more like glorified bloggers than actual analysts. Ask yourself this, “when was the last time Charles Barkley did anything remotely resembling analytical work? And don’t try and be funny—counting donuts do not count!  

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Clearly the Media has lost sight of what a competitor is, or maybe they don’t have a clear understanding of what the word actually means. Or maybe they’re banking on the notion that you’ve somehow lost sight of what it truly means to compete: to pit ones abilities against a rival.

Please focus on the last portion of that statement.

A competitor, by definition, is one who competes. Simply by suiting up and playing a game is merit enough to be labeled as a competitor. So I mention again, does the media want to create its own definition of something already defined?

Are we really going to allow them to define something that is immeasurable?

You can not gauge the competitive spirit of a man any more than you can the heart of a champion. No matter what kind of logic you try to incorporate, you’re still left with an opinion, nothing more and nothing less.

Still the sentiment rang louder and louder by the day: “LeBron James isn’t a competitor, and if he is, he isn’t the same kind of competitor as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. They would have never teamed up with a rival”.

Apparently folks are ignoring what a rival is or just don’t know what the word implies. A rival, by definition, is one who is equal or trying to surpass through competition. Drop the equal aspect because there is no such thing as an equal in the world of the NBA. No two players are the same, and no two situations are the same. Either you’re more productive than someone, or your not. That leaves us with only the surpassing aspect, “winning,” as they call it in the word of sports. Not only is it logically more accurate, but it’s the only way to have a healthy perspective on the entire discussion of competitive nature. Now you can see that James didn’t join rivals. He was winning and they were losing, he sat atop the mountain and they were facing an uphill struggle.

Things are so much clearer when you are able to gain objectivity.

Now correct me if I’m wrong. Has the sentiment often been that James is head and shoulders above his fellow draft mates? Has not the national opinion been that he is in-fact better than anyone not named Kobe Bryant?

It has basically become a two man option in regards to who’s the best basketball player in the world. Why? Because the media said so? Well, not exactly. It’s more because we didn’t care much to discredit such foolishness.

So as you can see, by their only created truths, the media cannot say James joined forces with a rival, peer or whatever you want to label it. He joined forces with lesser players, after all, that’s what so many were lead to believe Dwyane Wade is in regards to LeBron James’ abilities on the court.

To suggest otherwise is to be labeled a hypocrite.


This is one time fans must stand up and demand better. Fans must not allow this situation to become another moment of convenience. As fans of the NBA, we should all be appalled by these hypocritical practices.

For so long, James has been presented without peers. There was no peer, no equal, no rival. Not when it came to discussing his skills and how he dominated the game. And surely not when we discussed the supposed load he carried while a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That’s what the media sold to us. We should not be so eager to buy anything else. To do so, would be to join the ranks of other hypocrites. Regardless of what decision LeBron James has rightfully made, we cannot take a negative stance because the media wants to create a truth out of a lie. They have proved they are without credibility, once again.


A sentiment without credibility is just a bias opinion void of logic and reason. It bares no relevance in the analytical aspect of sports. Yet so many gravitate towards it blindly; ignorant be the mind that is lazy.

This foolish debate over James’ competitive nature is anything but. There is no questioning if he’s an elite competitor. No player achieves the statistics and accolades he has if they’re lacking in the competitive department. It’s just not reasonable assumption. It has no credibility.

We would all, as fans and haters, have to agree that he is the greatest talent to ever play this game. We would be required to believe that he is so much greater than all current players (breath Kobe fanatics) and all players beforehand (breath Jordan homers). We would have to work under the pretense that James dominated statistically while not giving maximum effort. Show of hands if you’re ready to profess such foolishness?

Somewhere, there’s a Kobe or Jordan supporter screaming blasphemy, clearly unaware of the word meaning, and clearly unaware of their hypocritical intellect.

“Ignorant is he who has already made up his mind without hearing all options.”

Apparently no one has stopped and considered that James doesn’t consider Wade a rival or peer. It’s not like Wade has had much success at defeating James in head to head match-ups.

Sure it doesn’t sound like a logical notion, but when has logic ever been associated with ego?

Isn’t the James the most egotistical jerk in basketball solely because of The Decision? There’s that darn convenience thing again (shaking my head in disbelief), we can’t be this ignorant a people.

I know this article doesn’t make sense, not after everything you’ve been brain washed into feeling and thinking. However, shame on you for being so susceptible to media biases. I understand though. We all want to be or feel apart of something. Often in doing so, we ignore what we know to be wrong and untrue in order to feel right.

So just ignore everything you’ve just read, never mind that it won’t change the fact you just read it.

While you’re at it, let’s say Dwyane Wade is every bit as good as Bryant and James. Just to say he joined a rival, just to label him a coward, just to discredit him as a competitor?

That’s not right!

The media isn’t right!

You aren’t right!

Shame on you for believing so.

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