MLB Trade Rumors Live Blog: Adam Dunn to the White Sox or Rays?

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2010

WASHINGTON - JULY 29:  Adam Dunn #44 of the Washington Nationals watches the game against the Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park on July 29, 2010 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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4:59pm CDT - Heading out for the day. Appreciate you hanging out with me today as we got through all the rumors of the day after a very slow morning. I'll be updating via Twitter while I'm on the road home, then be back with you to get you updated on every rumor that comes across.

4:55pm CDT - Jayson Stark says the Blue Jays need to be "blown away" for them to move outfielder Jose Bautista.

4:49pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal says the Rays are a little apprehensive about acquiring Adam Dunn because they don't know if he'll succeed as a DH. They've tried that experiment with Pat Burrell that failed miserably. However, Adam Dunn isn't Pat Burrell.

4:47pm CDT - There are still reports that the Padres have talked to the Mariners about re-acquiring Milton Bradley who's hitting .205 with eight home runs and 29 runs batted in. The Padres need bigger production than that in their lineup. No question he's a threat but not as big of a threat than previous years.

4:36pm CDT - Can we start the Cody Ross to the Padres rumor? San Diego is in town to face the Marlins and they have apparently been talking to teams about Cody Ross. Convenient that the Padres just happen to be in town and needing an outfielder.

4:32pm CDT - The Atlanta Braves are apparently going hard after Marlins' outfielder Cody Ross but nothing "imminent."

4:29pm CDT - Jayson Stark of ESPN says the Royals aren't close to deals for Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth, or any other player at this point.

4:28pm CDT - Jim Bowden of Fox XM Radio is reporting that the Dodgers apparently have a John Ely for Paul Maholm deal on the table but Bowden also says that those rumors are being denied.

4:23pm CDT - Ken Davidoff expects the Astros to get "non-prospect" minor leaguers as well as salary relief from the Yankees in return for Berkman.

4:20pm CDT - The deal sending Lance Berkman to the Bronx is "imminent" but Ken Rosenthal says the Yankees will NOT pick up his $15 million option for next season.

4:16pm CDT - Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that talks between the Padres and Pirates for Paul Maholm aren't close.

4:14pm CDT - Another report out of San Diego. The Yankees have apparently inquired about Trevor Hoffman. The Brewers are asking for top outfield prospect Ivan Nova in return. Can you see Hoffman and Mariano Rivera in the same bullpen?

4:11pm CDT - A report out of San Diego, the Padres have apparently talked to the Seattle Mariners about acquiring Milton Bradley.

4:07pm CDT - Two different sources are reporting that the deal between the Astros and Yankees is done and that Berkman is heading to the Yankees. Haven't seen anything official from either team as of yet. You have to wonder if the Rays are going to step up their chase of Adam Dunn.

4:06pm CDT - Dejan Kovacevic says left-hander Paul Maholm is on the field with the rest of his teammates so there's no trade as of yet.

4:05pm CDT - The Nationals will send $2 million to the Texas Rangers to cover Christian Guzman's contract.

3:59pm CDT - The Astros and Yankees are close to a deal that would send Lance Berkman to the Bronx according to Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News.

3:53pm CDT - The Rockies are willing to trade either Joe Beimel or Randy Flores but Ken Rosenthal says the Rockies want a legitimate prospect back in return.

3:49pm CDT - Scott Miller of CBS Sports says Adam Dunn has no problem being a DH or playing for the White Sox.

3:47pm CDT - The Padres and Dodgers aren't the only teams that are interested in Paul Maholm according to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

3:38pm CDT - ESPN's Keith Law says the Padres aren't the only NL West team after Pirates' left-hander Paul Maholm.

3:34pm CDT - The Cleveland Indians know that they can move right-hander Jake Westbrook but Ken Rosenthal wonders if they'll get the right package in return.

3:32pm CDT - Lance Berkman is not in the lineup tonight for the Astros but is still listed as a reserve according to MLB.com's Brian McTaggart. Is a deal in the works?

3:28pm CDT - A rumor that has made the rounds, though I'm not sure if there's anythign to it, is the Padres sending Joe Thatcher to Boston for infielder Jacoby Ellsbury. I don't see how this has any teeth at all as I can't see the Red Sox trading Ellsbury.

3:22pm CDT - We talked about the Rangers landing shortstop Christian Guzman from the Nationals but it was unknown who the prospect or prospects were going to the Nationals. One name that is headed to Washington is pitcher Ryan Tatusko.

3:20pm CDT - Lance Berkman has a full no-trade clause but Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News doesn't see Berkman not waiving it for the Yankees.

3:15pm CDT - ED Price of AOL Fanhouse says the Rays have scouts watching Adam Dunn and says Tampa Bay has the package that would interest the Nationals.

3:14pm CDT - Scott Miller of CBS Sports also reporting that the Padres are in talks with the Pirates at this hour.

3:12pm CDT - Dan Hayes seems to be changing his story a little bit. His latest tweet says, "Now hearing some discussion on Pirates' Paul Maholm but nothing is close."

3:11pm CDT - Tim Brown has contradictory report. Brown says the Padres are close to a deal for Paul Maholm.

3:09pm CDT - Dan Hayes of the San Diego North County Times says there's no truth to the rumors that the Padres were in on Paul Maholm despite Buster Olney report.

3:06pm CDT - Buster Olney of ESPN says that the Padres are the team that is close to a deal for Maholm. Looks like the left-hander could be headed to San Diego.

3:01pm CDT - According to Jim Bowden of Fox XM Radio, the Pirates are close to trading Paul Maholm. Could be the Padres or Dodgers as the acquiring team.

3:00pm CDT - The Reds and Cubs have had previous discussions regarding Ted Lilly, who would not be protected by his no-trade clause from being traded to Cincinnati.

2:35pm CDT - The San Diego Padres are reportedly talking to the Pittsburgh Pirates about Paul Maholm according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports. The Los Angeles Dodgers are also said to be interested.

2:34pm CDT - Juan Rodriguez, who covers the Florida Marlins, reports that the team is getting a lot of calls about Cody Ross but they do not want to move him.

2:27pm CDT - Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News says the Yankees are seriously pursuing Houston Astros' first baseman Lance Berkman.

2:23pm CDT - The Rangers have made yet another acquisition, landing shortstop Christian Guzman from the Nationals for prospects. Jim Bowden of Fox Sports says Guzman will give the Rangers the ability to give Elvis Andrus a day off every now and then as well as protection for Ian Kinsler who's on the disabled list right now.

2:19pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers are more inclined to acquire just Ted Lilly than both Lilly and Cubs' infielder Ryan Theriot. They have also made contact with the Pirates about Paul Maholm.

2:17pm CDT - The Red Sox apparently contacted the Chicago Cubs about Sean Marshall but were turned down.

2:10pm CDT - Couple of updates. First, Tom Krasovic of AOL Fanhouse tweets that the Padres were not a fit for Cubs' left-hander Ted Lilly.

Also, Buster Olney is reporting that the Indians are getting a lot of interest on Jake Westbrook and that the Cardinals could be a potential fit.

2:08pm CDT - I talked to Dan Connelly of the Baltimore Sun about the Padres' interest in pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. Connelly told me, "His name probably came up since the Padres liked him. But simple fact is Guthrie has more value to the Orioles right now than to anyone else."

2:06pm CDT - LA Times' Dylan Hernandez says the Dodgers are working with the Cubs on a multi-player deal that would include pitcher Ted Lilly. However, Hernandez says Theriot is NOT involved.

2:05pm CDT - Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports wonders if Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista could be a fit for the Padres

2:00pm CDT - Apparently Jorge Cantu found out he was traded from his agent who left him a voicemail on his cell phone while Cantu was on the field for the Marlins.

Jim Bowden of FOX XM Radio says Cantu will meet with Rangers' manager Ron Washington sometime in the next few minutes.

1:58pm CDT - Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News, in this article, talks about the Padres' search for a pitch and how they might be able to fill that void internally.

1:53pm CDT - ESPN's Buster Olney weighs in and wonders why the Nationals would want Edwin Jackson. Olney believes they can find better options elsewhere.

1:51pm CDT - Los Angeles Times' Dylan Hernandez says the Dodgers have been in touch with the Toronto Blue Jays about a few of their relievers.

1:50pm CDT - Heyman says the Yankees have been getting a lot of calls from interested teams. Seems they will make a deal before tomorrow afternoon but it won't be for Adam Dunn.

1:47pm CDT - SI.com's Jon Heyman says the White Sox are trying to acquire Adam Dunn without including Edwin Jackson in the deal but may have little choice if they want Dunn bad enough.

1:45pm CDT - Jack Magruder from Fox Sports Arizona says the Diamondbacks will pursue a closer during the off season.

1:38pm CDT - There are all sorts of contradictory reports out today. One, from Bob Scanlan, said the Nationals weren't trading Dunn for Edwin Jackson. Peter Gammons tweeted earlier that the Nationals weren't all that high on Jackson. Now Bob Nightengale reports that the White Sox have Jackson as part of the trade package for Adam Dunn.

Not sure what to believe at this point.

1:27pm CDT - I know this has nothing to do with baseball, but Noah Lowry's name popped into my head and I wondered whatever happened to him. I talked to Hank Schulman who covers the Giants and was told that his neck issues flared up again just before he was to throw for scouts this past March and is out of baseball. Really unfortunate story as Lowry had a ton of potential.

1:23pm CDT - Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the White Sox are NOT going to trade Edwin Jackson to the Nationals for Adam Dunn. That contradicts every report that came out this morning saying the Sox wanted Dunn and would flip Jackson to the Nationals to get him.

If the Nationals really "covet" Jackson as Brown reports, I'm surprised White Sox general manager Ken Williams wouldn't have the deal done already.

1:02pm CDT - Bob Scanlan of San Diego Channel 4 is reporting that the Nationals have told Adam Dunn that he's not being traded for Edwin Jackson.

12:42pm CDT - Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports says that if the White Sox flip Edwin Jackson to the Nationals they will need to seach for another starter.

On another front, the Oakland A's are getting a lot of interest in left-hander Craig Breslow but they are not wanting to move him at this point.

12:37pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal says Lance Berkman could be a fit for the Yankees in the right deal.

12:34pm CDT - Bob Nightengale of USA Today says the White Sox are focused only on Adam Dunn at this point.

12:17pm CDT - Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports says the White Sox and Royals did not have discussions about Zack Greinke before they landed Edwin Jackson.

12:16pm CDT - William Ladson, MLB.com beat writer for the Washington Nationals, reports that Adam Dunn is at the movies and hasn't been told anything at this moment.

12:11pm CDT - It looks as if everyone expects the next move to be Adam Dunn heading to the Chicago White Sox.

12:01pm CDT - Shaun Rachau, the Vice President of Communications for the Arizona Diamondbacks tweets that Edwin Jackson has been traded to the Chicago White Sox for right-hander Dan Hudson and left-hander David Holmberg.

12:00pm CDT - Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown reports that Edwin Jackson has been told that he's been traded. That tells me that the first part of the White Sox, Nationals, trade is complete. Is Adam Dunn next?

10:54am CDT - Bob Nightengale of USA Today says the White Sox are now apparently working with the Astros on a deal for right-hander Brett Myers.

Myers is a guy that I thought the San Diego Padres would go after but I haven't heard a single thing on that front. However, we didn't know that the Padres had gotten in late for Roy Oswalt after the deal to the Phillies had already been announced. You just never know who's really in or out on these deals.

10:53am CDT - While Rosenthal originally said that the "Yankees out on Adam Dunn" was a warning to the Nationals, he says that other sources tell him that the Yankees are indeed out on Dunn.

10:45am CDT - The New York Yankees aren't "out" on Adam Dunn after all. There were several reports late yesterday that the Yankees no longer had interest in the first baseman but Ken Rosenthal said it was a "stop messing around" warning to the Nationals.

10:38am CDT - Ken Rosenthal reports that the Diamondbacks are reluctant to move reliever Aaron Heilman. Rosenthal says there's also interest in Chad Qualls and Adam LaRoche who could both be moved after the Adam Dunn trade is completed.

10:25am CDT - SI.com's Jon Heyman seems to contradict Peter Gammons. Gammons tweeted that the Nationals weren't that excited about Edwin Jackson while Heyman says the Nationals "love him."

10:16am CDT - Ken Rosenthal says the Nationals are shopping Adam Dunn to other clubs as well. Rosenthal says the Nationals want to know if they can do better than Edwin Jackson.

10:14am CDT - ESPN's Jayson Stark reports that the White Sox are on the verge of landing Diamondbacks' right-hander Edwin Jackson and admits that Adam Dunn could be in the plans as well.

10:04am CDT - Joe Cowley reports that the Hudson for Edwin Jackson trade is on hold. I imagine they White Sox and Nationals are working out the particulars to send Adam Dunn to Chicago.

10:02am CDT - Rosenthal tweets that the deal is in the hands of the Washington Nationals.

10:00am CDT - Ken Rosenthal checks in on the White Sox, Diamondbacks trade and says that it could now be a three-way deal with Adam Dunn going to Chicago and Edwin Jackson going to the Nationals.

However, Peter Gammons tweeted that the Nationals weren't that interested in Jackson so I'm not sure where this stands at this point.

9:51am CDT - Hold everything, folks. According to White Sox beat writer Joe Cowley, the talks between the Diamondbacks and White Sox have been put on hold and apparently Sox general manager Ken Williams has an even bigger deal that's being worked out. Cowley says, if complete, the Jackson deal is off.

9:28am CDT - According to Bob Nightengale from USA Today, officials from both the White Sox and Diamondbacks say they are close to a deal that would send Edwin Jackson to the White Sox.

If this deal goes through, watch and see if the Sox don't turn and send Jackson to the Nationals for Adam Dunn.

8:47am CDT - MLB.com's Carrie Muskat reports that the holdup on the deal that would send Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Los Angeles Dodgers is the amount of money the Cubs are willing to send to cover the two contracts.

7:44am CDT - I forgot to mention the Minnesota Twins acquiring Matt Capps from the Nationals for catching prospect Wilson Ramos. Capps will be the new closer for the Twins.

7:35am CDT - SI.com's Jon Heyman reports that the White Sox are close to a deal for Edwin Jackson. Heyman says the Sox will probably send Daniel Hudson plus one other prospect to Arizona.

If this deal gets done, it could mean that Jackson will then be on his way to the Nationals for Adam Dunn. We'll have to wait and see.

7:31am CDT - The Chicago White Sox could still be after Adam Dunn but doing so in a roundabout way. The Sox have contacted the Arizona Diamondbacks about right-hander Edwin Jackson. SI.com's Jon Heyman says the Sox, if they land Jackson, could then flip him to the Nationals in return for Dunn.

7:26am CDT - The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired outfielder Scott Podsednik from the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday, but it looks like they're not done dealing. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Dodgers and Cubs are discussing a deal that would send left-hander Ted Lilly and infielder Ryan Theriot to Los Angeles. It's not known whether the deal is close at this point.

With just over 24 hours to go before Major League Baseball's non-waiver trade deadline, there are still plenty of rumors that are flying around. There are still names out there that are available and teams that still need to make a move.

We saw a lot of late movement yesterday as both the Rangers and the Padres both made trades to strengthen their ball clubs.

The Padres acquired shortstop Miguel Tejada from Baltimore for a minor league pitcher and the Rangers landed Florida Marlins infielder Jorge Cantu while optioning struggling first baseman Chris Davis to Triple-A.

We'll keep track of all the movers and shakers today as there are sure to be even bigger trades made today.