Josh McDaniels: Denver Broncos Head Coach Has "Experts" Stumped Again

Omar BrownCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 22:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos paces the sideline as he leads his team against the San Diego Chargers during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 22, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Chargers defeated the Broncos 32-3.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
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CBS Sports.com in a recent interview with Josh McDaniels managed to give us some interesting takes from the coach.

Now I found myself chasing his quotes around the Internet to see just how far they are being spun out of whack while being propagated around the World Wide Web.

And it did not take long for me to stumble on folks stumbling on the point McDaniels was actually making. As a matter of fact if you google tebow and wildcat you will see 1.7 million results.

For instance if you go to the Sportingnews.com you will find a headline and article that is in complete and utter contradiction to McDaniels’ interview, yet the entire article aimed to revolve its take from what McDaniels actually said in the interview.

Tebow in the Wildcat? Watch for It

The Broncos could well lead the league in the use of the Wildcat formation this season. That's because it'll be a way to get rookie QB Tim Tebow, a great runner who struggles to throw from the pocket, on the field.

The Sporting News clearly missed the actual and riveting point McDaniels made in the interview.

Below is the actual quote the Sporting News used to try and justify their take.

"Tim's got some unique skills and there's certainly no boundary on what we may try to do with any of our skill players, and Tim may allow us to do some things a little differently.

"We're going to experiment a little bit with a lot of different things in terms of our system, and we've made a lot of different changes both offensively and defensively and we'll see how Tim factors in."

As you may have noticed not once did McDaniels make mention of using Tebows "Unique Skills" in the wild cat or wild horse as some have called it.

McDaniels mentioned how Denver was "going to experiment a little bit with a lot of different things" to "see how Tim factors in" to all the "different changes."

Now what a lot of folks fail to realize is that there are a lot more unique facets to Tebows game than just running with the ball.

I have spent a lot of time trying to get into the mind of Josh McDaniels in terms of following his quotes since the Tebow Saga began with the Denver Broncos.

"We left (the combine) saying, 'Boy, that's pretty unique, what he has and his passion for this game and for winning.' He's been a winner, and you could see why," McDaniels said.

So just by activating Tebow, McDaniels looks to embued that sense of winning confidence that Tebow interjects to the game on the entire team.

"Some people don't think he has the natural traits of a great quarterback. Here's what I think..."

"(Sam) Bradford is totally different than Colt McCoy, who's totally different than Jimmy Clausen and all three of them are totally different than Tim Tebow," McDaniels said.

"To me, there's not a carbon copy that's being sold around the NFL and saying, 'OK, that's our guy,'" McDaniels said.

"I don't think we're looking to try to make anyone anybody else. Honestly, that's not what we're trying to do. We're just trying to get good football players that can help our team. If he rushes for two touchdowns on a Sunday at some point in his career, great, that's super."

"He will function from the pocket," McDaniels explained. "If he can do something out of the pocket, and he deserves to be on the field, that's the biggest thing, then maybe that would warrant us doing other things. But he's going to get trained the exact same way the other guys are going to get trained."

"The football traits he has is the stuff you die for." McDaniels said

"I love this game so much," McDaniels said. "I would die to have 53 guys here who love it as much as I do. I'm looking to find the right group of guys to accept our one singular goal — to win. I think Tim fits in with that..."

"He's a quarterback," McDaniels explained. "He's a quarterback. That's all he's going to do."

So now you can clearly see that there are more to McDaniels insights as to what makes Tebow a unique player than simply his ability to run.

Last I checked quarterbacks who can run with the ball do not possess a unique trait but rather an overrated trait.

I think the statement McDaniels was attempting to make to the critics was that if he wanted to run the wild cat, he has running backs who can and will be doing just that this season. Crushing the rhetoric of his critics who claim that Tebows sole role this season will be in the wild cat offense.

WOW It was as if I just heard a bunch of voices in my head echoing Amen. But I digress, bad habit...

Now where were we oh yes the wild cat, or wild horse what ever people are going to call it when they see it, this is what McDaniels actually had to say about that in the Will Brinson of CBS Sports.coms' interview with McDaniels

CBS: (Alright, reader Joe Schlobotnik submitted the top question...)

Tebow -- hypothetically if he's on the field -- would he be the type of guy that you'd want as the triggerman in the "Wild Horse"?

McDaniels: [Chuckling] No, the Wild Horse is different -- it's a different element for us. It's a little different than the Wildcat and if we were using the Wild Horse package, which we certainly used some last year, it would certainly be a halfback back there and it would likely be Knowshon [Moreno] or [Correll Buckhalter ].

But like I said, Tim's got some different skills and that's what training camp is for, to really kind of poke and prod on your football team and to find out exactly what you're going to look like when you ultimately unveil it the first few weeks of the season....

I hope I just cleared that up, so when your surfing the web and Tebows name pops up next to wild cat you will automatically know that the so-called experts got it wrong again.

“Maybe for a player like that, you change your offense instead of trying to change him,” John Gruden said.

“He could be a game plan-type thing if that’s what we determine is best early in his career,” McDaniels said.

"Tim may allow us to do some things a little differently..."

If I were to conjecture as to what the role Tebow will play while being fielded in a substitutionary manner. My first guess would be to spread the defense out with the deep passing game, considering that arm strength is the skill set unique to Tebow when comparing him to Kyle Orton the starting quarterback of the Broncos.

I think this is the biggest difference you will see of any team in this league.

Orton will start, but Tebow will possess a substitutionary role at the QB position while getting his feet wet in preparation not only for the speed of this game, but in being the Denver Broncos future franchise quarterback.


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