If the Raiders are so Bad, Why Does Everyone Care?

Robbin ScarberryContributor IIJuly 22, 2010

It seems like every day there are more and more articles, both here and on other sites, telling Raider fans not to get our hopes up, and the Raiders still suck. My question is, why do fans of other teams care so much? Okay, Chiefs, Broncos, and Charger fans, I understand. Division rivals, yeah, they should care, in fact they should worry.

Are all of the other 31 teams scared? I don’t blame you, you should be.

I know only Raider fans like it when we are winning. I know that we have had a bad stretch over the last seven years, but come on, you didn’t think it would last forever, did you?

Last year, yes, we lost 11 games. Some games were blowouts, some we didn’t have a chance, but several times we gave good teams all they wanted. Like the Chargers. Any Chargers fan that says they were not worried at the end of that game is lying.

Same story when the Ravens came to town for the season finale. Even with the QB that most say is one of the worst ever, we had a good chance to beat both of those playoff teams. We didn’t get the job done, no excuses. That was last year. It doesn't matter anymore. The last seven years don’t matter anymore.

That being said, the Raiders were a lot better than they were given credit for last year. They already had a solid team coming back.

A funny little thing happens after the Super Bowl. It’s called the offseason. That is where players and coaches get evaluated. Some get fired or released, often they are good players who just didn't fit what the team was trying to do. Trades happen, free agency happens. These things are done to make teams better from one offseason to the next.

There is also this thing called the draft, where players coming out of college are selected by NFL teams. Again, this is done to make teams better, to try to keep things even. I should not have to explain this, but the way some people think, I’m not sure this is common knowledge for some fans.

In the past, the Raiders have not done a very good job with these events, but anyone who thinks we have not this season need to screw their head back on. Rolando McClain was a great pick in the draft. People who don’t think so need to stop watching ESPN and think on their own. Taking Bruce Campbell in the fourth round was another good, solid pick.

Trading for Jason Campbell, I don’t care what anyone says, was a great move. To get a former first-round QB who has improved every year he has been in the league, not to mention all of the coaching and coordinator changes he went through, for a fourth-round pick in two years, is a steal.

Okay, he didn’t win a lot in Washington. Many other players have had sub-par careers before coming to Oakland and winning. Remember Rich Gannon and Jim Plunkett?

People who don’t think the Raiders had one of, if not the best offseason in the NFL this year, get a clue.

Another thing that really gets me is the fact that people don’t remember teams like the 1999 St Louis Rams. In 1996 the Rams went 6-10. The next year they were 5-11. The 1998 season they were 4-12. Over those three years they got worse, not better. In 1999, the Rams set the NFL world on fire, going 13-3 on their way to a Super Bowl title.

My point? No one knows what is going to happen from one to the next. What reason would a fan have to go and bash another team, other than being scared that they are right?

I don’t know what will happen this season any more than anyone else.

I do believe that the Raiders are going to be the biggest surprise of the season.

I do believe in the changes we have made. I do believe in Jason Campbell, Tom Cable and DHB. I do believe that the “Raider Haters” are going to choke on all of the crow they will be eating.

Don’t worry about the Nation, we don’t mind everyone else being wrong.


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