Closing The NFL Window: Good Or Bad Idea For The CFL?

Imtiaz FerdousCorrespondent IIJuly 15, 2010

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The Canadian Football League is going to take out the NFL option window in 2012.

The NFL option window is currently between January 1 and February 16 of the option year of their contracts. Under the new rules, players keep the option window for 2011 and 2012, but after that it will be eliminated.

People have argued this is bad for the NFL because most CFL players never leave.

Very few players leave the NFL so all this would do is discourage people from playing in the CFL. The few people the NFL can retain won't be retained for long (they'll leave once they get the chance).

On the flip side, people have argued that if you sign a contract, you should honor it. You cannot just opt out one year early to go to a different league that pays you more money, that's just insane, and not fair at all.

Then there is the fact that the NFL does lose talent to this option; therefore, getting rid of the window should have been done a lot faster.

Don't get rid of the window, take a page out of soccer, and charge transfer fees. This way the CFL teams get richer in order for these players to leave, thus allowing them to sign players for more money than before.

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The main thing to note here is the huge discrepancy in what the NFL pays players and what the CFL pays.

The discrepancy is huge, mostly because of the TV contracts that the NFL gets. What the CFL needs to do is get better TV contracts and see if they can hype the CFL the way the NFL has been hyped.

The key thing to note here is that the NFL knows the CFL is good at what it does so the NFL Network has agreed to broadcast CFL games. This could be the beginning of the CFL receiving the exposure it needs to make the money necessary to compete with the NFL.

It is unlikely the CFL will be able to generate enough revenue to compete with the NFL simply because of the two countries' difference in population.

The U.S. has ten times the population of Canada, and its only natural that people should watch the sports in their country.

For this reason, Americans watch the NFL and more Canadians watch the CFL. When a league has ten times the population, it should get ten times the fans and ten times the revenue.

This causes the huge discrepancy.

So getting rid of the NFL window is good because now the CFL can focus on getting a quality product on the field while receiving more exposure.

This will help the CFL get even more money, and the young undrafted NFL talent will definitely want to play for the CFL's almost guaranteed money.

Young kids don't need millions of dollars; they'll be happy with the hundreds of thousands the CFL will give them.

Of course they'll want more, but why take the risk of getting nothing from an NFL team?