Tim Tebow In, Jay Cutler Out: Did Denver Broncos Make the Right Move?

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IJuly 14, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 01:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators walks off the field after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats 51-24 in the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisana Superdome on January 1, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.   (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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For some reason Josh McDaniels felt Jay Cutler was the first expandable player from the Shanahan era in Denver. The story goes that Tampa Bay fielded interest in the Denver QB and tried to work a three way deal to acquire the young and talented Signal caller.

The Denver fans were upset to learn of the actions in Dove Valley and supported Cutler till they had no choice and he was traded to Chicago for what can be considered a very reasonable amount of compensation. (ok Denver hit Gold)

At the time a columnist by the name of a Woody Paige hinted to the Denver Office through an article I'm no longer able to find, that Denver should draft Tim Tebow. I'm not saying he was the reason they decided too. However, wow.Woody Paige also wrote an article before the 1983 draft for John Elway telling Denver to get him however you can. We know how that worked out.

At the time I found it ridiculous that the new coach could let a talented player like Cutler go. I looked at Tebow then and found Woody's description of Tebow to be correct. " The kid is just a winner."

Fast forward to Cutlers first chance to speak about Denver in his new home. "Denver fan's are like a 6 and Chicago's fans are like a 9."

He literally ripped the fans who stuck by him and even went as far as the compliment the office he was upset with about trading him to begin with.

The first chance he had to speak and say anything about he felt on the situation. That was it. Damn.

That was actually something I think he did to move on. In turn we in Denver moved on. Thats an insult to the great tradition he found here. Garuntee he will think about that one day.

Orton who we received in the trade in his first year in McDaniels system posted better numbers than he ever did in Chicago. It was a record year.

He will get the opportunity to repeat the feat in 2010. As a sophmore he should be able to better his numbers with no problem.Β 

Tebow will study under him to get a grasp on the offensive playbook. Orton is a stand up guy. he can teach Tebow some real smart things and help him grasp a defense which Orton does well.

But what if Cutler was never traded? would he have made the transition into the McDaniles system?

I urge anyone who thinks losing Cutler was not a loss to look at film of his short game. The kids rocket arm would of helped the dump and go system Denver used last year.

With a firm grasp of the offense Cutler is one hell of a talent. His arm in my opinion is second to none in the NFL. He would of allowed Denver to reach the playoff's. His connection with Marshall and what would of been 2nd year player Eddie Royal would have only given Denver's offense the fire power needed to open the deep threat and spread the secondary of opposing defenses.

Tim Tebow does not have that arm.

Tebow on the other hand does have the ability to extend plays far above anything Cutler would have shown in Denver.

Without the arm, Tebow manages games with smarts and improvisation. He can take what looks like a major loss and turn it into a major gain. At the times when it seems the fans were in anxiety for Cutler to not throw an interception. Fans of Tebow seem to love to have the game on his shoulders.

Cutler also has an attitude he must get control of to make it in the NFL. The pouting and blaming of others does nothing to help his team in the long run.

Tebow is known for his taking the blame. "The Promise" will be in sports history forever and is proof Tebow understands the roll he plays is the biggest on the team.

The places where Cutler will always out do Tebow are the throws. I know Ive not really been on his side for throwing thus far , but 50 yard zingers are no joke. Cutler can hit the numbers from half the field away with a bullet.

That talent gets him into trouble and a good reason he has the high interception numbers.But it is like that scene in Happy Gilmore, where the two coaches are breaking down Adam Sandler. At the end of all the belittling they end with "But man, what a shot."

You can gripe all day about Cutler. But man, what an arm.

Tebow can make all the needed throws however uses more caution in his play due to the fact he has less of an arm. The saying on Tebows wall back at his parents house goes like this " When talent fails you, Hard work wont." Ive said it time, and time again coaches always talk about the keys to success being hard work and dedication.

Tebow is that kind of player.

Philip Rivers and Cutler had a great grudge. Kyle Orton looked better last year than Cutler did against San Diego.Almost ever.

The decision to fire Shananhan came down to two things I think. First Dre Bly. That killed Denver's D for two years. Every game Cutler would score and his opponent would return the favor on BLY. Second the San Diego Chargers had his number. No matter who we beat through the year, they would annihilate us time and time again.( Except thanks to the "Hochuli" who won a game for us with bad vision.)

Knowing that we couldn't get pass a divisional opponent Bowlen made his move.

McDaniels needs a QB that's error free for the most part. That is not Cutler. He needs a QB who can improvise to keep plays alive. That is not Orton. He needs a pedigree of a winner.That is not Quinn.

The reason why McDaniels got rid of Cutler and brought inTebow is simple. He needed and QB with little errors, improvisation skills, and a winning drive. Good decisions with the ball when you sign the line my friend.Β 

Tebow embodies every one of those things.

He may not work out. That is a very serious reality Denver fans will have to deal with. If he doesn't it will set back Denver at least another 2 or 3 years.

If he does then Denver just got the biggest steal in the draft in years.

That is up for debate.

WithΒ  Cutler gone though, McDaniels has no choice but to hope and believe in Tebow. He will make or break the coaches legacy as a QB guru. As well as help or end the career of Ben McDaniels who will get one serious first test in Tebow.

I guess we will see in 2011 or 2012 when Tebow takes the reigns.

If Cutler ends up in Chicago winning a Super Bowl, McDaniels will look a fool. If Tebow wins a Super Bowl in Denver, damn near 90 percent of the media will look the fool. Exciting.


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