NHL Buzz: Monday, July 5th

Todd CordellCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2010

I am switching things up for today's edition of NHL Buzz, instead of telling you random rumors I am answering questions that the people want to know.

Q:  AndrewJameSmith @ToddNHL where oh where will kooky go, where oh where will he end up?

A: I think Kovalchuk will re-sign in New Jersey or sign in Anaheim.

Q:Cflames12 @ToddNHL waiting to hear about white any news #flames

A: Hearing they are having talks but nothing is close...yet.

Q: gotitotti @ToddNHL Does that mean that Bobby Ryan is out of the picture is Anaheim?

A: No, if they got Kovalchuk at a price around say 7.5 mil a year they would still have enough cap to give Ryan what he wants.

Q:SensDew19 @ToddNHL any word on Andy Sutton's status with the #Sens and Ottawa's RFAs

A: It doesn't look like Sutton will be back but anything is possible. On the RFA's they are currently talking to Chris Campoli and Peter Regin but nothing is close yet.

Q:JofuNHL @ToddNHL What dollar range and term do you believe this is going to be (Kovy's contract)?

A: If Kovalchuk stays in New Jersey it will probably be a 3-5 year deal at around 6.5 million per season but if he was to sign in Anaheim he would probably make 7-8 million per season.

Q:ericsuperfan @ToddNHL do you think Gagne gets traded to the kings?

A: I don't know if I would go as far as to say he will get traded to the Kings however, I believe he will be traded and the Kings are interested so it could happen.

Q: MVikes88 @ToddNHL anything on the sharks?

A: Sounds like they are looking for a top 4 defenseman and maybe a depth player or two.

Q:ryan_the_great @ToddNHL hey any word on the pens an a winger or center? Kariya, guerin, niedermeyer, someone else? What are we gonna do?

A: The Penguins are strongly considering moving Staal or Malkin to the wing, if they do that they are looking for a 3rd line center, Niedermayer, Madden and Belanger are possible candidates.

Q: SensDew19 @ToddNHL hope that's not too late but what's going on with Price and the #Habs?

A: I can't confirm this but various reports have said that Price will not sign until he gets full value because with Halak gone he now knows he is the #1 goalie and believes he should be paid like one.

This concludes today's edition of NHL Buzz, enjoy!

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