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SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 20:  Wide receiver Vincent Jackson #83 of the San Diego Chargers prepares to enter the game against the Cincinnati Bengals during the NFL game on December 20, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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At Fantasy Football Spin, www.ffspin.com, we live to give you the fantasy spin on pro football news.  Every week, we will be taking the top stories from around the league and giving you the fantasy football implications.  You can check it our here at the end of every week or at FFSpin.com as the news breaks...

1.  Three Game Suspension for Vincent Jackson.

The Chargers stud wide out apparently has not completely mastered the drive with one eye closed thing and thinks being drunk is a prerequisite to getting behind the wheel.  He'll pay for being a dope by sitting out the first three games of the season for whichever team he plays for in 2010.


As a fantasy drafter, I love seeing guys get suspended, especially when it's for less than four games.  It drives down the value of a guy and allows you to get him significantly later than you otherwise would.  Jackson's value is largely dependent on where he lands.  Should he end up in a good position or stay in San Diego, pay close attention to where he lands in mock drafts.  Look at where his ADP is and pick him slightly ahead of that position.  He's still a stud, just one you will only have for 13 games.  Find a player as your No. 4 WR (assuming you start three) that you are comfortable plugging in for three games (Julian Edelman or Legadu Naanee, for instance) and roll with him as a starter for three weeks.

2.  Michael Vick May Face Suspension After BYO Bullet Proof Vest Birthday Party.

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Here is one of the stories we wrote on the Vick matter that references local Philadelphia media coverage of the case.  We have made clear our stance that Vick should be released and that chopping Vick and trading for Sage Rosenfels makes perfect sense.  Michael Vick has real problems.  Video evidence from the club where the shooting took place contradicts his timeline and the mere fact that the shooting victim was present at the party may be a violation of this convict's parole.  


There have been dueling headlines from credible outlets proclaiming that the Eagles will and will not cut ties with Vick.  It won't make much difference in the fantasy world either way.  Vick is strictly a back up no matter where he plays, if he plays in 2010. Pundits held out hope that he would make an impact in some variation of the Wildcat, or Rabid Dog as it were, offense in Philly, but the team was woefully inept at trying to use Vick that way last season.  There is not much reason to believe the Eagles will be able to implement such a package in 2010.

3.  VJAX May be Driving Drunk Elsewhere in 2010.

Chargers beat writer Kevin Acee reported that the San Diego Chargers may be open to shipping Vincent Jackson away for the right offer.  That is a departure from earlier reports that Chargers GM AJ Smith was opposed to the idea of trading Jackson.

                                FANTASY FOOTBALL SPIN

There are many teams for whom Vincent Jackson makes complete sense. Fantasyfanplay.com wrote a great piece that we expanded upon at our site speculating on where he may fit best.  Four possible locations where this talented pass catcher may end up  were explored.  They mention one of the two teams we think are the leaders in the chase for Jackson, the Chicago Bears.  The other squad that makes sense is the Washington Redskins.  The thought of Jackson choosing DC as the home of his next DUI arrest has to excite Redskins fans, with the exception of any that are on the same road as Jackson.  

We wrote about what a McNabb to Jackson battery might mean here.   The arrival of Jackson is the only way we see McNabb as a top ten fantasy football QB in 2010.  The disgruntled wide receiver will hold value almost anywhere he goes, Cleveland being one of the notable exceptions.  San Diego still makes the most sense and is the best place for him to post big-time fantasy football statistics.  With the rapport he has developed with Philip Rivers and his knowledge of the offensive system, there is no place for his fantasy value like home.


We got some backlash on our site and in our inbox for what I am about to say...the Bengals are a disgrace.  When will this team stop scooping every bad person in the NFL?  They are an embarrassment to the league and Roger Goodell should not only suspend Benson, he should have a come to Jesus meeting with the Bengals.  Vince Young may have skated on his Buster Douglas routine, but Benson should not, considering this ain't his first rodeo with law enforcement in Texas.


As I've already mentioned, I love suspensions.  Benson is one of the few backs that could be a classic workhorse and maintain a 300 carry pace.  We discussed Benson's value at length last night on the Twitter Fantasy Roundtable Radio Show and the consensus was that you can get him as late as the end of the third round or early fourth round in non-PPR leagues, where he has most value considering he is not a pass catcher out of the back field.  

Benson may or may not be suspended.  We find it hard to believe that the Commish would let a second such instance, Vince Young being the first, slip by with no punishment.  Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy is reporting that Benson will not be suffering the wrath of the Goodell and will not be suspended .

5.   Ryan Mathews Promises He Will Not Holdout

The 12th pick in this year's rookie draft has promised he will not withhold his services in a prolonged contract squabble.  As refreshing as that is, those are empty words at this point.  Money is money and if the Chargers try to be stingy, Mathews may have little alternative but to play hard ball.  The Chargers, however, cannot afford to let negotiations drag out with Mathews.  From a business standpoint, this is a team that has lost the greatest player in their franchise's history, LaDanian Tomlinson, and has two of their best players seemingly committed to skipping ten games.  They need some good news and someone to sell tickets and jerseys.  Matthews is that man.


Everyone is excited about the kind of impact Mathews can have as a rookie and beyond. Astute observers, however, are tempering enthusiasm a bit as they point out that a critical piece of the offensive line, LT Marcus McNeil, is absent and may very well be for most of the season.  Doubters also note that Ryan Matthews has only one season as a Fresno State starter under his belt. 

We are enamored with Mathews.  He is a classic downhill runner who possesses receiving skills and puts effort in as a blocker.  That means he has the ability to be a three-down back.  He will not face a lot of competition, since it has become pretty clear that the team is not a believer in Darren Sproles.  Mathews is a potential top ten back this year and in the foreseeable future.


An event so epic that it would forever change the course of the world took place on this day 234 years ago.  Just a few blocks away from where I am writing this article, 56 men adopted the Declaration of Independence and proclaimed that " all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."   We take for granted these and all of the other many rights which we are afforded by birth right as Americans.  

It is our duty, however, to keep in mind that for those 56 men who signed their name to the Declaration of Independence, there were two possible outcomes, liberty or death.  It is because of their courage and the courage of the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States Military that we have our precious rights.  We owe them everything.  The rest of the world, although often ungrateful and anxious to vilify and blame America for all their ills, are indebted to the Founding Fathers and American Servicemen as well.  Without the sacrifices Americans have made through the ages, the forces of tyranny surely would have prevailed.  Instead, the promise of liberty afforded to us in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1776, can be within their grasp as well.

HAPPY 4th!

If we missed any storied that you are looking for you can either go to www.ffspin.com or you can mention them in the comments section and will will add the stories and the spin to this article.

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