Breaking Down The Colts 2006 Roster

Bryan BrackneyAnalyst IJune 27, 2010

Of the players still in the NFL, about half of them still remain on the Colts roster.

Many of the players on other NFL teams are not big names. Ex. Shane Andrus, Dylan Gandy, ect. With the exception of Andrus every player who is still in the NFL has a Super Bowl ring. Andrus will probably be jobless in September.

Here is a breakdown by team

The Broncos two former Colts are Brandon Stokley and Darrell Reid

Here is a breakdown of the Non-NFL pro leagues

John Standeford is the only UFL player. He could find his way back in the NFL. Many former Colts have tried the CFL, and some have tried the AF2, but have failed in those leagues.

Players Remaining From The Colts 2006 Roster:

  • Joseph Addai: Might only have one more year left in Indianapolis
  • Antoine Bethea: Signed a long-term contract. He is here for the long haul
  • Gary Brackett: Signed a long-term deal. Will be replaced by Angerer in a few seasons
  • Dallas Clark: Concussion problems worry me
  • Ryan Diem: Don't pull a Tarik Glenn
  • Dwight Freeney: Read below
  • Kelvin Hayden: As long as he stays healthy
  • Charlie Johnson: Could be gone if he keeps talking about Polian
  • Peyton Manning: Jim Irsay will give him ownership if it will keep him here
  • Robert Mathis: I don't think he realizes the Colts are trying to replace him
  • Bob Sanders: Wait. Bob Sanders still plays?
  • Jeff Saturday: Colts are moving away from Saturday and Diem
  • Justin Snow: Steady player (hmm, what do I write here)
  • Adam Vinatieri: I'd not be surprised if his name was on the transactions list in August
  • Reggie Wayne: I'd say he has four more years in Indy

Players on other NFL teams: Shane Andrus (49ers), Dylan Gandy (Lions), Matt Giordano (Falcons), Ben Hartsock (Jets), Marlin Jackson (Eagles), Tim Jennings (Bears), Ryan Lilja (Chiefs), Freddie Keiaho (Jaguars), Darrell Reid (Broncos), Jake Scott (Titans), Jim Sorgi (Giants), Brandon Stokley (Broncos).

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