Why The Passing Offense Is King in the Modern Era of the NFL!

Omar BrownCorrespondent IJune 27, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - FEBRUARY 07:  Head coach Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints hands quarterback Drew Brees #9 the Vince Lombardi trophy after defeating the Indianapolis Colts during Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Last season, only two teams managed to finish with a top 10 scoring offense, while not having a top ten passing offense.

The Giants ranked No. 8 in scoring
17th in Rushing 
11th in Passing 

The Ravens ranked No. 9 in scoring
5th in Rushing 
18th in Passing

Only one of those teams managed to have a winning record, it was the Ravens, which actually had a top 10 rushing offense.

Here is how the rest of the top 10 rushing offenses, who were not ranked as top ten in passing ranked as a scoring offense.

No.1 NY Jets   No.17 scoring No.31 passing
No.2 Titans     No.16 scoring No.23 passing
No.3 Panthers  No.21 scoring No.27 passing
No.4 Dolphins  No.15 scoring No.20 passing
No.8 Browns   No.29 scoring No.32 passing
No.9 Bengals   No.22 scoring No.26 passing

The Jets and Bengals where the only two teams with winning records.

The modern era has arrived with full force. The passing game is clearly king in the NFL.
Amazingly, in 2009, every top 10 passing offense had a winning record.
Here are the top 10 passing offense listed by their overall offensive ranking, while listing their ranking in scoring first.
No.1  Saints      No. 1 Overall   No.4  passing  No.  6 Rushing
No.14 Cowboys  No. 2 Overall  No.6  passing  No.  7 Rushing
No.6  Patriots    No. 3 Overall  No.3  passing  No. 12 Rushing
No.10 Texans   No. 4 Overall   No.1  passing  No. 30 Rushing
No.2  Vikings    No. 5 Overall   No.8  passing  No. 13 Rushing
No.3  Packers   No. 6 Overall   No.7  passing  No. 14 Rushing
No.12 Steelers No. 7 Overall    No.9  passing  No. 19 Rushing
No.7  Colts      No. 9 Overall    No.2  passing  No. 32 Rushing
No.4  Chargers No. 10 Overall   No.5  passing  No. 31 Rushing
No.5  Eagles    No. 11 Overal   No.10 passing  No. 22 Rushing

The exceptions to being the King rule, are only an exception only as a result of the team possessing as awesome defense.

The three teams with winning records who ranked in the top ten in rushing in 2009, and were not ranked as a top 10 passing offenses, just so happened to have had a top five defense.

The team that went furthest in the playoffs where the Jets.

Jets were the #1 ranked defense last season.

The Jets entered the playoffs as a wild card team, they made it to the AFC championship game, before they were destroyed by the Colts.

The Jet's could not manage to score in three out of the four quarters in that game, despite the fact the Colts only had the 18th ranked defense in the league.
The Ravens with the 3rd ranked defense in the league, where eliminated in the divisional round by the Colts 18th ranked defense.

The Ravens only managed to score a field goal in the first quarter of the game.

The Bengals who ranked 4th in defense where eliminated by the Ravens in the wild card round.

Jets proved that you can have the No.1 Defense in the league, and the No.1 Rushing offense in the league, and still get thrashed by a team with the 18th ranked defense and 32nd ranked rushing offense in the modern era.

As soon as teams come to grips with the fact that passing offense is king in this league, the better off their fan bases will be. It is what it is...

Here are a couple of sleeper's to keep an eye on as far as passing offenses go this season, reflected in last seasons passing offense ranking.
No. 29 Raiders: Jason Cambell looking for a breakout season, while attempting to resurrect Darrius Heyward-Bey the No. 7 pick from last years draft from being a bust.

No. 27 Panthers: Matt Moore, Brandon LaFell and Armanti Edwards will be giving Panthers offense a new identity

No. 25th Chiefs: Matt Cassel, Dexter McCluster, Jerheme Urban Dwayne Bowe and the revitalized Chris Chambers are going to be formidable

No. 17th Bears: Mike Martz is teaming up with Jay Cutler and Devin Aromashodu whose 4.35 40 time, allowed him to possess 150 yards and the game winning touchdown in overtime, against Vikings 6th ranked defense in December.

N0. 13 Broncos: Are my choice for a passing offenses looking to breakout this season, now that the team is in its second season with Josh McDaniels, former Patriots offensive coordinator at the helm as Head Coach, Sky is the limit, especially with a Healthy Kyle Orton who led the team on its 6-0 start last season.

Kyle was never able to get the team back on a winning streak after injuring his ankle and being forced to play with it sore, after his backup Chris Simms put on the most pathetic quarterbacking performance in the league last season, while in his short stint as starter.

Broncos appear to be in much better shape backup wise, with Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow just itching to start...

Hey Jack Del Rio, if the NFL is a track, and if each team was a NASCAR, the last thing you would want to do is put restrictor plates on the passing offense.

Trying to bypass the passing game with an emphasis of on ultra conservative throw back rushing attack, is not the way to go in the modern era of the NFL, that is if you want to spice up your 'MOJO'.


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