Madden 2011: My Take on the Tennessee Titans' Ratings

William BlakeCorrespondent IJune 26, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - DECEMBER 06:  Kenny Britt #18 of  the Tennessee Titans runs with the ball during the NFL game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 6, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The 2009 season was a very up-and-down one for the Tennessee Titans. Think you could do better than they did? Then you probably already have Madden 10 and have already tried franchise mode with them.

So how do next year's Titans figure to do? Find out for yourself by picking up a copy of Madden 11 on August 10th. But before we get the complete ratings from EA Sports, it's always fun to try a version of your own. So, that's what I did. Enjoy.

NOTE: The NFL schedule is really messed up. The 2009 regular season has the postseason in 2010. Madden 10 was for the 2009 season. So if I say the 2010 season and then give numbers, break down a player's performance, etc. I meant last season. Confusing, right? 

QB: Vince Young, 79

Look, I've tried to be on the Vince Young bandwagon ever since Bud Adams took him third overall in 2006, but it's time for Young to start producing. He's not off to a good start to the 2011 season with the strip-club incident.

Young is going to have a high speed rating among quarterbacks, but I doubt many of his other ratings will be above average. Hopefully he'll be good enough to take a little pressure off of the running game.

HB: Chris Johnson, 98

This dude is legitimately a top two running back in the NFL right now, along with Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. If his speed rating isn't a 99, it's a crime because Chris Johnson has some serious wheels.

If used properly, Johnson can easily average six yards a carry in Madden 10, so I'd expect similar results in the 2011 version. He's also an outstanding receiver out of the backfield or even in the slot.

FB: Ahmard Hall, 87

Ahmard Hall is a beast of a fullback. How else do you think Johnson ran for 2,000 yards last season? Hall was definitely a big part of that. While he doesn't get a lot of carries or catches, he has the ability to do both.

I actually use him a lot in the Madden games and he works out just fine running the ball for three or four yards on a tough third down. Expect an improved Hall for Madden 2011.

WR: Kenny Britt, 80

While he didn't emerge as the distinct leader of the Titans' receiving corps in his rookie season, expect Kenny Britt to do so in 2011. This rating could be modest based on his potential to have a big season.

Expect Britt to have solid speed, catch, awareness and route running ratings, paired with an above average strength rating. Also, with that awesome catch against the Arizona Cardinals, he might get higher big play ratings.

WR: Nate Washington, 79

Although Britt lead the Titans' in receiving yards, Nate Washington was first among Tennessee wide receivers in receptions with 47. He wasn't as much of a big play threat as I expected. 

Still, Washington is a solid possession guy with above average speed and decent route running skills. He's also a very real threat near the endzone, leading the Titans in receiving touchdowns.

TE: Bo Scaife, 84

I really expected a break out 2010 season from Bo Scaife, but it didn't exactly happen. He only caught one touchdown pass, and caught 13 less passes than he did in 2009. Part of his struggle may be because of the quarterback inconsistency.

Still, Scaife will be a nice safety valve for Young in the passing game. He's saved me in Madden on multiple occasions, though he doesn't possess top end speed for a tight end and isn't the greatest blocker.

LT: Michael Roos, 94

Michael Roos is one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL today. He anchors the line that surrendered just 15 sacks, the second fewest in the NFL last year, and that helped Johnson achieve 2,000 yards rushing.

Roos is a beast, there isn't anyway around him. He always does a good job for me in the Madden games.

LG: Eugene Amano, 77

Eugene Amano isn't too bad of a left guard, although he is clearly the weak link on this incredible offensive line. However, the Titans still have faith in him, seeing as they just re-signed him for five more years.

He's an okay option, I usually try to trade for a better left guard, but I don't suspect his rating will hinder his ability to help you succeed.

C: LeRoy Harris, 78

Whether Tennessee resigns veteran center Kevin Mawae or not remains to be seen (I believe they will at some point), so if the season started today, the starter would be his eventual heir, LeRoy Harris.

Harris has played some left guard and some center filling in for the injured Mawae, and he's done a decent job. His rating will be about the same as Amano's, as it has been in the last couple of games, but I think he has more potential.

RG: Jake Scott, 87

Jake Scott was one of the free agents that helped Tennessee achieve a 13-3 record two seasons ago. He's had some injury issues, but when he's healthy, he's done his job at right guard for Tennessee.

While he isn't top-notch at his position like Roos or even David Stewart, Scott is a solid blocker who will open up nice holes for you to run the ball up the middle.

RT: David Stewart, 91

David Stewart is massive at 6'7" and 318lbs. He also draws some penalties and fines to himself, but he is, at times, the most dominating force on the Titans' offensive line.

Stewart anchoring the right side of the line makes it easy to run stretch plays off either tackle in Madden 10, so the same will likely be true in Madden 11.

DE: Derrick Morgan, 79 (R)

This is the same rating that EA Sports gave him, and I think it's fair enough. Derrick Morgan was a top ten draft prospect on a lot of scouts draft boards, and the Titans got him at sixteenth, which I think is a bargain.

Morgan is explosive, but doesn't have as high of a ceiling as, say, Jason Pierre-Paul in the same draft. However, Morgan will get solid speed, strength, and awareness ratings. He has a real knack for getting to the quarterback, and you'll have fun racking up the sacks with him in Madden 11.

DE: William Hayes, 78

William Hayes was a shocking fourth round pick a couple of years ago, and he is starting to pay off. He started 11 games last season, and played in all 16. He recorded four sacks on a defensive line that struggled.

With the departure of Kyle Vanden Bosch, Hayes will be the "veteran" starter. He'll get good speed and finesse ratings, but I'm not too positive on the strength ratings yet. He's serviceable, but I'd try and trade for a better defensive end with Morgan.

DT: Tony Brown, 83

The Titans resigned Tony Brown to a fairly nice deal that he deserved. I was unsure of how he would do with the departure of Albert Haynesworth and having to step up and be the main man. He started 15 games and recorded five sacks last year. 

Brown is a pretty big guy, so don't expect too much from his finesse rushing ratings. However, his power pass rushing skills will be above average, and Brown will probably be the highest rated player on the Titans defensive line.

DT: Jason Jones, 82

After an impressive rookie season (given his expectations), Jason Jones entered the 2010 season on a tear, recording four sacks by week 10. However, injuries allowed him to play just seven games last year.

Jones is very versatile, he can play either a defensive end of tackle. He is a little more of a finesse player than Brown, and they complement each other well. I think his ratings could really shoot up after this year.

OLB: David Thornton, 78

I was considering giving this spot to Gerald McRath, but since he'll be suspended for the first four games of this season, it looks like David Thornton will be given his shot to start. Thornton has started here the last few years, but he is aging.

He's also struggling with injuries. He missed five games last year, and his production took a major hit. While he may not be as fast or as strong as he once was, Thornton will be good enough for one more year with good awareness ratings.

MLB: Stephen Tulloch, 82

Stephen Tulloch's production has risen with more playing time in the last four seasons. He had a team-leading 121 tackles this past year, and he's lightning fast. He also played all 16 games last year, a rarity any more for Tennessee linebackers.

Tulloch will get a good speed rating in the next addition of Madden, but I'm not positive he'll get higher awareness or tackle ratings for his position. Tulloch is still young, his ratings will improve.

OLB: Will Witherspoon, 86

Will Witherspoon has been the best offseason acquisition for the Tennessee Titans, hands down. While he probably will not replace the productivity of Keith Bulluck, who could be gone, he will still be very valuable entering his prime.

Witherspoon will turn 30 right before the season begins, and the veteran from Georgia is very talented and will bring solid pass rushing and turnover creating ability to the Titans linebacker corps. This will give him good speed, strength, and awareness ratings.

CB: Cortland Finnegan, 94

Last season, Cortland Finnegan, for the most part, did his job in pass protection. Unfortunately, it was the guy across from him, (whether it be the slow Nick Harper, one of the rookies, or the bad tackler Roderick Hood) who usually got burnt.

Finnegan is a very physical coverage man. He'll get high man coverage ratings, as well as good strength and speed. He might be the highest rated defensive player for the Titans when it's all said and done.

CB: Jason McCourty, 74

It is seriously anyone's guess who will end up here. Is it free agent signee Tye Hill? How about third round pick from two drafts ago, Ryan Mouton? It won't be Hood, who suffered a season-ending injury earlier this month.

I think that Jason McCourty gets the job. He started more games than Mouton last year despite being drafted much lower. McCourty will not be given a good man coverage rating, but he isn't too bad in zone coverage and he's fairly quick.

FS: Michael Griffin, 87

After being selected to the Pro-Bowl two years ago, Michael Griffin had a much less productive year in 2009. He intercepted just a single pass as opposed to seven the year before. 

Griffin is still freaky fast and a solid cover guy, and hopefully he can bounce back from a below average season. I think he gets good speed, zone coverage, and awareness ratings.

SS: Chris Hope, 88

Chris Hope, also a Pro-Bowl selection two years ago, had a better year than Griffin, and it was probably overshadowed by the Titans failure as a team. Hope picked off three passes, deflected seven passes, and recorded two sacks.

Hope is the harder-hitting version of Griffin. He will be given a nasty strength and tackle rating, as well as a high awareness rating. His coverage skills may not be top-notch, but they will both be serviceable.

K: Rob Bironas, 92

I'm not big on kicker ratings, but Rob Bironas has been one of the best in the league the last couple of years. He still has one of the strongest legs in the NFL (who remembers the 60 yarder a few years ago against the Indianapolis Colts?)

Because of all of this, and the fact that Bironas is an accurate kicker as well, he should be one of the highest rated kickers in Madden 11.

P: Brett Kern, 79

Again, not big on punter ratings either. I do realize that young Brett Kern isn't one of the better punters in the league, however. He did do a nice job filling in for Craig Hentrich mid-season last year.

I hope I don't have to find out how good he is in the next Madden, since I don't plan on punting too much.

Key Reserves:

QB: Kerry Collins, 76

WR: Justin Gage, 77

WR: Damian Williams, 71 (R)

TE: Jared Cook Jr., 75

C: Kevin Mawae, 83 (if he returns)

T: Troy Kropog, 74

DE: Jacob Ford, 76

DT: Jovan Haye, 77

OLB: Gerald McRath, 76 (he may start)

CB: Ryan Mouton, 73

CB: Tye Hill, 74

FS: Vincent Fuller, 79


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