2010 NHL Draft Live: Tyler Seguin Thrilled To Be a Boston Bruin

Matt Hutter@mahutter12Analyst IJune 26, 2010

The "Taylor or Tyler" saga is now officially over.

Like so many mock drafts predicted, Taylor Hall was selected first overall by the Edmonton Oilers and Tyler Seguin is now bound for Beantown.

Tyler Seguin says he was neither disappointed nor surprised to be picked second, he's just thrilled be NHL bound.

"It definitely feels great to be here and just have this jersey on."

When asked about how he hoped to benefit the Bruins next season, the newly minted NHLer responded like a true professional.

"My focus now is just to have a phenomenal off-season, put on some weight and try to improve [certain] areas of my game."

Having already visited the Bruins organization in Boston earlier this year, Tyler said he's well aware of what the organization is all about and what to expect from the fans.

"There's so much history there, with the Bruins. They have such great fans, an incredible fan base, you know.  It's a hockey town!"

Though Seguin has been a center man his entire playing career, he's also versatile enough to play right or left-wing, something the Bruins may indeed ask of him as they are already deep down the middle.

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"I'm a pretty diverse player, and I want to step into a team like the Bruins and play any role."

When asked about his hockey heroes growing up, Seguin said Tampa Bay's new GM was the player he most looked up to.

"Steve Yzerman, he's always been my idol growing up.  Just the way he was on the ice, he started off as a rookie and had to mature as a player like I did.  Getting better in the [defensive] zone and stuff like that.  And he turned into an all around good [player].  He's phenomenal off the ice and a true leader.  Something that I want to be like myself."

Looking ahead to playing with Boston's captain, defenseman Zdeno Chara, Tyler said he was definitely looking forward to it, if not a little daunted by the challenge of facing the towering blue-liner in practice.

"He was probably the best player on the Bruins this past year, and I think it's going to be quite tough going one on one against him if I get that opportunity."

Though Seguin has a lot of work ahead of him as he begins his professional career, his immediate challenge is finding out exactly how he's going to celebrate his selection.

"I don't know [how I will celebrate].  I don't know if we have a draft party or what it will be.  But it's going to start out with my 30 family and friends out there in the crowd."

Stay tuned for more live coverage of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.