LeBron James Won't Stop Until He Brings a Title To Cleveland

Jim Bertsch@jrjbertschContributor IJune 18, 2010

LeBron is one of those long suffering Cleveland fans, who has never seen a championship for any one of his hometown teams. He means it when he says that he won’t stop until he brings an NBA Championship to Cleveland.

The Cleveland/Akron sports community has pined for a championship since Jim Brown and the Cleveland Browns brought one home in 1964. We really matter to him and what happens with our Cavaliers matters even more.

The NBA features LeBron as a superstar; someone who craves the spotlight and being the center of attention. His fashion sense and celebrity friends are easy to put on display, yet the most appealing things about him are his self-assurance, his peacefulness and his genuineness. 

Earlier in his career you could hear him comment the media wasn’t paying any attention to the Cavaliers, because they were from Cleveland.

He took it personally and said, “We will have to just keep on winning until they will have to cover us.” Disengaging him from Cleveland will send the city back into its media black hole.

And so it goes …

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Perhaps, it is my paranoia; the insecurity I share with my fellow Cleveland fans rooting for teams that somehow always lose in the end, often in the most spectacular heart wrenching scenarios. When I listen to the conversational undertones and read between the lines, I get how it is almost rude of LeBron to have Cleveland awash with so much media attention. The media spotlight is reserved for media centers, New York, Chicago, Boston, and LA.

I can almost hear the media folks, i.e., fans from those towns whispering in the background, “Please, please get him out of Cleveland.”

LeBron has been around the media a great deal. He knows the impact of his words. He speaks carefully. Check out this NBA interview, where he clearly states, " I have a goal and its a huge goal and that's to bring an NBA championship to Cleveland and I won't stop until I get it.” Notice his warmth, joy and that hometown feeling he exudes:  more ...


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