Oakland Raiders Offseason Power Rankings: Volume Three

Josh BroudyCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Nnamdi Asomugha #21 takes off his helmet during a break in play in their game against the Denver Broncos at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 27, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With no more media availability untill training camp, this is the third and final edition of the offseason power rankings.

1) Nnamdi Asomugha

The guy continues to amaze me. All-pro, Check. Pro bowl? Check. Well-cultured? Check.

Now he's a journalist. 

Anybody who read Asomugha's terrific MMQB article would agree that he could go pro in several career fields. Filling in for Peter King, the article included Rookie advice, quotes of the week, and his analysis on things not related to football. 

2) Zach Miller

He hasn't grabbed many story lines recently, but we should expect him to be the team's best receiver in training camp. What do you think the odds of him dropping him the bal arel? I say 100-1.

3) Jason Campbell

From every report I've read, they say he looks good and comfortable out there. It should be interesting to see the chemistry between him and Schilens .

4) Richard Seymour

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I'm going to keep him here because it's a guarantee he'll be in training camp. When is the bigger question. His contract situation is something to keep an eye on.

5) Michael Bush

Generally, Bush shines a little brighter in training camp. He's a better running back at this point, and he's twenty pounds bigger.

6) Robert Gallery

I've heard that Gallery is much healthier this season. I'll be the judge once training camp comes around. 

7) Chaz Schilens

Very positive news. He's baaaaccckkkk .

Schilens was expected to be out till training camp, but returned much earlier. He is the team's best returning receiver.

8) Rolando McClain

The rookie is the solution to our run defense. What about pass defense? That's his weakest area.

9) Louis Murphy

Murphy has actually been outshined at OTAs by DHB . Training camp is another story. I'd expect him to be coming off the bench in the slot receiver role, which he should flourish in. 

10) Tyvon Branch

The more I see of this kid, the more I like. At times last season, he made mental errors that allowed for big plays through the air. But there's no doubt he's a tackle machine.

11) Trevor Scott

This kid is being handed the keys to the WLB position. There's no doubt that his pass rush skills are his forte. Will he be able to defend the pass?

12) Tommy Kelly

While he's been criticized many times for his part in the run defense problems, most of the issues last year were because of Gerrard Warren's ineptitude.

13) Kamerion Wimbley

See: Scott, Trevor (except change WLB to SLB )

14) Darren McFadden

He has looked good in OTAs , but that's nothing new. What about game time. Matt Bowen, of the National Football Post, wrote an Oakland.html" target="_blank">article recently about McFadden.

15) Darrius Heyward -Bey

He has looked the part consistently throughout the offseason . Pads come on, come training camp. Technically for the Raiders, four days after.

16) Chris Johnson

Johnson will need to improve his awareness. He's got to know where his man is all the time. He's going to get most of the throws coming his way.

17) John Henderson

I recently wrote an article about the big acquisition.

"Henderson has never been in a 3-4 scheme so it may be difficult for him to adjust. But then again, defensive coordinator John Marshall doesn't exactly have a complex defense, so maybe it won't be so difficult."

18) Lamarr Houston

Several sources have said that he will be the instigator in many fights in Napa this offseason. He's a fiery competitor—also a talented defensive lineman.

19) Shane Lechler

This is his offseason: playing golf.

20) Sebastien Janikowski

This is his offseason : pulling a Shane Lechler

21) Matt Schaughnessy

The competition between him and Houston for the defensive end spot should be a somewhat compelling competition. Either way, both will see time.

22) Mario Henderson

Henderson has got to be careful that he doesn't lose his job to Veldheer in training camp. Should be a good competition.

23) Samson Satele

He played better towards the end of last season, but he struggles mightily with nose tackles. Isn't that a shame in a division where teams only run 3-4s?

24) Thomas Howard

He'll be backing up Trevor Scott (presumably), and he'll be in during passing downs. It's just flat out been proven he can't be a solid contributor against the run.

25) Langston Walker

I had Walker ranked really low previously. It became apparent, however, that Walker would be thrust into the starting right tackle slot once again. We'll see how he fares.

26) Jared Veldheer

The 6-9 small school phenom could be our starting left tackle in 2011 (if we have a 2011). For now, he's going to be developed by Cable, who will have more time on his hands to work with the line this season. It is his specialty.

27) Cooper Carlisle

Very average at best—his play slipped a lot last season. One of the bigger reasons the Raiders didn't have a good running game. Bruce Campbell will eventually take over.

28) Hiram Eugene

I recently saw that Willis McGahee run  again from Week 17.

Yikes. Word is that they convinced him to take the paper bag off of his face.

29) Michael Huff

It will be interesting to see how Huff responds after his best season. Even that's saying very little.

30) Jacoby Ford

Ford will be returning kicks this season. I will be monumentally surprised if he doesn't win the job. He'll be competing with JLH for the fourth wide receiver spot and Punt Returning duties. 

31) Bruce Campbell

He's still learning the guard position. He'll have time to develop, but Carlisle isn't getting any younger.

32) Mike Mitchell

You find a lot about Mitchell during OTAs . He makes his money by hitting people...hard.

33) Ricky Brown

The odds of Ricky Brown ending the season on IR is officially 1:2. Maybe the most injury prone player in the NFL. Figures he would make the roster though...

34) Quentin Groves

You can't exactly call him a sack artist. You kind of have to have a sack first. Maybe he'll get his first since 2008.

35) Marcel Reese

The pass-catching fullback figures to catch around 10-15 balls this year—He is very talented.

36) Chris Morris

His play is as good as his name is interesting. He's a serviceable backup, though—don't count him out as a candidate to start. After all, he beat out Satele last year.

37) Johnnie Lee-Higgens

He was awful last season. He got a little bit closer with his teammate, Louis Murphy. Doesn't this video  bring back great memories? On a more serious note, it's very possible that the Raiders cut him if they don't think he can beat out Ford or Watkins for the fourth wide receiver spot.

38) Rock Cartwright

He's a solid player on special teams, and he'll give a little contribution to the run game. He's worked with Campbell in Washington, so the familiarity is there.

39) Jon Condo

This is his offseason : Doing a Seabass , while he's pulling off a Lechler .

40) Isiah Ekjuiba  

He's strictly a special teams player, and the highest paid special teams player at that. Al Davis has never been shy to go in his wallet. He's never been shy to ask for money back either.

41) Brandon Myers

Myers will be only used for blocking, but Cable and his staff do like his pass catching skills. The most he'll catch is five .

42) Khalif Barnes

I must say I was surprised when I heard that Walker would be the starter. Barnes a quality back up.

43) Desmond Bryant

He's the loser in the John Henderson signing—Less playing time for him. Raider Nation are the winners.

44) Charlie Frye

Very good number three quarterback. By the way there is a reason why he isn't a number two or number one anymore.

45) Kyle Boller

The only thing that's keeping Boller from being cut is his connection with Hue Jackson from his days in Baltimore. Another third quarterback competition in training camp.

46) Jay Richardson

Well, he's a serviceable backup pass rusher. Thank goodness, he doesn't play against the run.

47) Stanford Routt

Why Al Davis tendered him for 3.1 million dollars is a sign he was in fact present this offseason . In all seriousness, Routt will be competing with rookie Walter McFadden for the nickel spot.

48) Walter McFadden

He's been struggling mightily in OTAs . He's got to put it together, or he may in fact not make the roster.

49) Michael Bennett 

He'll be competing for a special teams job with Cartwright. Conventional wisdom says the Raiders won't carry three backs, but I could be wrong.

50) Nick Miller

Miller probably will be cut in training camp. It makes no sense to keep him along if he doesn't beat out ford for the KR spot.

Hope you enjoyed this, Raider Nation. I look forward to the argument. 

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