Philadelphia Flyers: A Look at The Flyers Free Agents For Next Year

Andrew MasonCorrespondent IJune 12, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - JUNE 09:  Danny Briere #48 and Chris Pronger #20 of the Philadelphia Flyers celebrate after teammate Scott Hartnell #19 scored a goal in the third period against the Chicago Blackhawks in Game Six of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final at the Wachovia Center on June 9, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers came so close to winning the Stanley Cup, but the Chicago Blackhawks superior talent and one ugly goal endedThe Flyers magical ride through the postseason. 

It had certainly been the most stunning postseason the Flyers have had possibly since 1975. 

Going from winning in a shootout against the New York Rangers to sneak into the playoffs, to goalie Brian Boucher having a sub 2.00 GAA against the Devils, the Flyers coming back from a 3-0 deficit to beat Boston, the thrashing of Montreal, and the admirable effort against a much stronger Chicago team.

But enough about the past,  in 19 days the NHL free agency season opens and the Flyers will have a few free agents to take care of. 

Let's take a look at the Flyers free agents and I will give my input based on what I saw from them.


Ray Emery

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I never understood the purpose of this signing, and after multiple injuries added to a lackluster half a season, I say let him go. 

I have never been an Emery fan, and he always looked lost and confused in goal as soon as the puck hit him and he did not have a firm control of it. 

His glove hand is weak as he cannot catch. There is about zero chance he will be resigned.

Michael Leighton

This will be the most difficult decision for Paul Holmgren and the rest of the front office. 

Leighton was acquired on December 15th from Carolina, and including the playoffs went 24-8-2. He got injured in March, and came back in the Boston series after Boucher went down, and helped Philadelphia's comeback against Boston, before beating Montreal rather handily. 

Then he struggled against Chicago, and was pulled twice. 

So what to do with him? One side of me says, "Are you insane? Sign him!" 

But the other side of me is far more pessimistic. His two and a half years in Carolina do not scream consistency to me. 

Leighton is also older at 29 and Boucher is locked up for another year. There are some very good goalies out there in free agency such as Evgeni Nabokov,though his playoff record is not stellar, Chris Mason, who might get resigned, and Dan Ellis, but he has struggled at times. 


Braydon Coburn

Coburn is a restricted free agent, and I fully expect the Flyers to sign him to a deal for about three or four years. 

He played amazingly in the postseason and proved himself to be worthy of this contract. 

The Flyers need him and they need to resign him. He is the easiest to discuss.

Ryan Parent

This is an interesting case. Parent is also a restricted free agent, but after playing much of the postseason, Peter Laviolette benched him in favor of Oskars Bartulis and Lukas Krajcek. 

Holmgren is going to need to have a discussion with Laviolette about whether he thinks Parent will be in his plans for the future. 

He is only 23, so I certainly think think he will be back. I will be surprised if they let him sign with another team. 

Parent has the potential to be a top four defensemen for a long time.

Lukas Krajcek

Krajcek is an unrestricted free agent, and came in during second half of the season and played an impressive 27 regular season games and 22 playoff games. 

He has similar build to Ryan Parent at 6'2" but weighs less than him. 

Bartulis is locked up until the 2013 season,  I am going to assume Karjcek will be back considering he played in the Finals along with Bartulus, and played as well as they could, though they were overmatched at some times.

Danny Syvret

Syrvet is a restricted free agent. He played only 21 regular season games and zero in the postseason, scoring four points in those 21 games. 

Laviolette clearly viewed him as expendable placing him behind the other seven defensemen.

Perhaps the Flyers will let Svyret test the market to see if anyone wants him. Otherwise they might sign him to small one or two year contract and let him be the healthy scratch/emergency defenseman, or let him play with the Adirondack Phantoms and call him up if a defenseman goes down long term. 

We will see what they do with him.


Daniel Carcillo

What can be said about Carcillo? As a fan, I do not like him, but as an analyst , he is capable of giving the Flyers a spark to get them going. 

He gets the other team distracted and is Sean Avery 2.0 who can actually put the puck in the net as well besides just distract them. 

Carcillo is also eligible for arbitration, so it will be interesting to see if he takes the Flyers to the arbitrator. 

I think it is going to come down to cost based on the contracts given out to players such as Coburn. 

Carcillo symbolizes how the Flyers operate and play.  I would not mind if the Flyers do not resign him, but I think they will.

Arron Asham

Asham is such an enigma. He either seems to play very well or terribly. 

He is a solid third liner, but that seems to be his ceiling at age 32. He made $640,000 this year, if he expects a pay raise, then I say, "See ya."

I would rather give a young guy the chance to step up and start contributing. Maybe a guy like Andreas Nodl, or Ryan Dingle (though he is a RFA), or even Stefan Legein a chance to do something.

Darroll Powe

Yet another restricted free agent for the Flyers. He has been a very solid fourth liner along with Blair Betts and Ian Lapierrere. 

He is still young at 24 and played significant time this year. I liked him with Betts and Lapierrere, as they always gave energy and made a big play when the Flyers needed one. 

I expect him to get a contract extension and a deal similar to Betts.

Mika Pyorala

Finally the final free agent for the Flyers. 

Pyorala is an unrestricted free agent. He played 36 games for the Flyers and 35 games for the Phantoms. 

While with the Flyers he did not nearly match the expectations the Flyers had for him as he posted only four points, well below his production in the Finnish Leagues. 

I think chances are he will be let go unless they give him a deal and he will spend time in the Phantoms getting more adjusted to the North American style of game and maybe even take Asham's spot on the third line.

Well there you have it. The (long) rundown of the Flyers free agents. Only 19 days until free agency! 

What is your opinion on who the Flyers should resign?

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