Green and Gold Fortune: Five Bold Predictions for the 2010 Green Bay Packers

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 22: Quarterback Aaron Rogers #12 of the Green Bay Packers talks with head coach Mike McCarthy against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field on November 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the 49ers 30-24. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
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By now most NFL fans have mapped out their 2010 Super Bowl favorites and feel fairly confident in the teams they have selected.

For most people, the same casual names appear.  Indianapolis, New England, New Orleans, and Baltimore all take up the majority of the spotlight, along with a few other questionable possibilities such as Philadelphia or Atlanta

However, for the more optimistic fan, some people believe that a new decade of football will indeed be crowned by the oldest team in football hoisting the Lombardi Trophy high above their heads.

There is no doubt in anybody's mind that this is a distinct possibility, but can Green Bay's ultimate dream become a true reality?

The talent is there, the coaching is there, and by golly, the fans are there, so for the most part, Green Bay faithfuls aren't being totally ignorant when considering a possible green and gold filled season.

So what do I think of all of this?  Well I like to dream like the next guy, but some obvious concerns do still arise for Green Bay this season.

Therefore, here's a look at five bold Green Bay predictions for 2010, along with a brief summary of what to expect this regular season.

5. Charles Woodson Will Out-do Darrelle Revis Once Again

In 2009, Charles Woodson was overshadowed a little by New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Sure, most fans acknowledged that Woodson posted fantastic stats, but it seemed that a small pinch of favoritism was directed to the young New York Jets leading man.

In 2010, we can expect an all-out duel between the two.  Unfortunately, we won't be privileged to witnessing the two slug it out on the field, but that isn't to say an all-out war won't occur on the stat sheet.

For a cornerback, the most relevant figure is of course interceptions. Woodson recorded a total of nine last season, while Revis scraped in with a solid six. 

Although both of these figures are impressive, at the end of the day the old saying of, "Offense wins games, defense wins championships," rings true for both teams.  Personally, I feel whichever defense proves to be more stable, will go further in the playoffs.

This season, Woodson is getting old and realistically may not have many glory years left in him.  Therefore, expect him to give it is his all this season.  He is a hard worker, a highly talented cornerback, and although Revis does possess these abilities, there is no denying that Woodson will be intent on outdoing himself once again.

4. The Packers Will Beat Minnesota—At Least Once

As a Packer fan, I, like the rest of Green Bay, was utterly embarrassed when Minnesota handed us a slice of defeat in 2009.

It's a rivalry that has stemmed solely out of Brett Favre, and given a more than probable return to football, expect to see the same kind of anticipated football in 2010.

This time though, the Packers have confidence. Their offense has finally found the winning gene, and Green Bay's impressive defense goes without saying.

Last season saw Green Bay barely show up in Minnesota, but the Packers did manage to keep a winning spirit back home at Lambeau Field.

Come October when Minnesota travels to Green Bay, expect the Packers to win.  It's a bold prediction, I know, but I do feel confident that most people give Green Bay the edge at home.

Hopefully, a huge Lambeau Leap to victory is felt this season, as it will also add just that little extra spice to the rivalry when it heads back to Minnesota in November.

3. Ryan Grant Will Have a Consistent Rushing Season

Ryan Grant has been criticized in recent years and somehow has still managed to attain the starting role.

His play in 2009 wasn't overly bad, but it did run a little dry at certain times in the season.  The key word when considering Grant is inconsistency, as it seems one week he will show up and dominate, while the very next he will finish a game with a mere whimper.

In 2010, this type of attitude won't stand.  In order for Green Bay to win the Super Bowl, they will have to function as an entire unit.  Half-solid games here and there simply doesn't cut it, and although Grant states that he has been working hard, I think most Packer fans have heard this sentence on more than one occasion.

I'm not suggesting he will be on Adrian Peterson's or Chris Johnson's level, but just expect Grant to step it up against bigger and better teams. He should feel more than comfortable now in Green Bay, so now is his time to shine.

2. Clay Matthews Will Have a Case of "The Second-Year Blues"

I've seen it time and time again in sports.  A young, highly impressive athlete that was once considered one of the best rookies during his opening year, only to fall off the very next season and disappoint a lot of people.

In case you think I'm talking total garbage here, lets have a look at Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. A fantastic rookie season, only to be followed by a utterly disappointing second year, even though consistent stats were posted.

As a linebacker, Clay Matthews is at even more risk of this scenario playing out.  The Packers schedule is immensely tough this year, and as dominating as Clay Matthews has been, he may find it tough to apply the same style of pressure in 2010.

Sure, a few sacks and interceptions may occur, but the numbers may be just a little lower this year.

1. Aaron Rodgers Won't Win the MVP Award

I've wished for it, I've prayed for it, but I still don't see it happening.

Unfortunately, there are two reasons why Aaron Rodgers will fail to be awarded the MVP trophy this season.

The first is the fact that Green Bay is a small media team. They aren't as over-dramatized as Indianapolis, and they aren't on the same attention level as New England or other big-name teams.

Yes, the Packer fan base is huge, however, when it comes right down to it, the media has a major say in who achieves MVP recognition.  Therefore, Green Bay may simply miss out due to this lousy reason.

The other reason is Peyton Manning.  Every year we think Peyton may be a little less impressive, but every year we are all proved wrong.  He plays well, he wins, and he just gets the job done.

Not to take anything away from the potentially great statistical season that Aaron Rodgers may achieve, however, if Peyton posts the same numbers as he has in the past, the odds are automatically stacked against Aaron.


Some may disagree with a few of these predictions, and for that I am deeply sorry.  To put a spin on the infamous quote of Martin Luther King, "I have a dream that some day Green Bay will win the Super Bowl, and bring home what is rightfully their's."

Fortunately, this dream could become a reality, but at the same time could become a major disappointment.

The 2010 season brings with it a massive year for Packers fans—and also a ton of questions and speculation.  If things don't go south quickly, we may be looking at the next NFC North champions.

But for now, it's all meaningless talk.  If one thing is for sure, even if these predictions do come true, there is no reason for a Green Bay collapse in 2010.

Ryan Cook is a Featured Columnist for the Bleacher Report . He is also an NFL writer for Real Sports Net , and Green Bay Packer writer for Fan Huddle and PackerChatters .  Don't forget to follow him on Twitter .


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