Dez Bryant vs. Roy Williams: Dallas' Most Intriguing Battle

Derek MajorCorrespondent IJune 3, 2010

In a little more than a month, training camp will start and the Cowboys don't have many battles heading in, as they only lost two starters and their replacements are lined up. 

One of those positions is wide receiver where Roy Williams is No. 1 (on the depth chart anyway) and Miles Austin is No. 2 (if he ever signs his tender). However, between Bryant's talent and William's lack of production, everyone is wondering if Bryant can challenge Williams for a starting spot.

The one thing we know about Bryant is he's focused and having fun. Everyday he's making great catches and impressing his teammates. What's even better is he's had nothing to say but positive things about Roy Williams. Also, Tony Romo has been using Bryant as a red zone threat and Bryant seems to have gotten comfortable with the media. 

Meanwhile, Williams has stopped talking about his chemistry with Romo being like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, or his activity after practices with the JUGS gun. The problem is that at this point no one has changed their mind about him, with good reason, since its June and not September when the action starts. 

The interesting thing is that no matter what Williams does, he may be the odd man out. 

We all know Williams is coming off a mediocre season with 38 catches for 596 yards and seven TDs, but let's say that Bryant duplicates the same exact numbers this season; it would be considered a good season for Bryant, maybe even enough to convince Jerry Jones to let go of Williams. 

If you think the Cowboys aren't going to target Bryant, think again. It's obvious that Bryant will be a part of the Cowboys offense; he wasn't drafted to be brought along like every receiver that's been drafted by Dallas in recent years.

Which means he'll get his opportunities one way or another, and if he performs well, Williams might just get lost in the shuffle simply because there's only one ball.

That ball in question has to be shared by the running backs (who averaged 27 attempts per game last season) Miles Austin, who had 1,320 yards last season, and Jason Witten, who's Romo's most dependable target. So if the Cowboys are in fact going to make it a point to not only get Bryant on the field, but get him the ball, Williams might be left out by default alone. 

All Bryant needs to do is show up (on time), make some plays, develop and stay out of trouble. All the pressure is on Williams. He has to be fantastic in camp, and start fast coming out of camp and into the season and give the Cowboys a reason to keep him around. 

As for now, Williams is the starter, and barring an awful preseason it'll stay that way. However, even if Williams is having a good season; if Romo feels more comfortable with Bryant you can see Williams be phased out or you'll Romo ignore Williams, like he did often last season, especially late in games where he went to Austin and Witten.


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