Oakland Raiders: The Sad Truth About How Much Better Jason Campbell Really Is

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMay 28, 2010

With the Raiders new acquisition of Jason Campbell, hopes in the Raider-Nation are high.

He is undoubtedly an improvement over the Raiders former QB situation, but how much of an improvement is he?

Some Raider fans are calling Campbell a great QB.

However, great may be a bit of a stretch.

Last year Campbell threw 3618 yards, had 20 TDs and 15 INTs. He also had a 64.5 completion percentage and an 86.4 QB rating.

This lands him right in the middle of the pack as far as NFL QBs go, neither great nor good, but merely average. Slightly worse than Kyle Orton, while slightly better than David Garrard.

On the bright side, it cannot be denied that average is an improvement over what we had last year.

On the not so bright side, Campbell had better protection and receivers at his disposal than what was available to the Raiders QBs last year and may struggle with the Raiders more so than he did in Washington.

Though the Redskins O-line is arguably just as bad as the Raiders, statistically the Raiders receivers aren't even in the same league as the Redskins.

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Here is a look at Jason Campbell in an attempt to determine how much of an improvement he really is.

Pocket Awareness

Last year, one of the knocks on the Raiders' QBs was a lack of pocket awareness and inability to get rid of the ball on time—which resulted in the Raiders QBs suffering 49 sacks and 14 fumbles.

But the numbers and Redskins fans will tell you this isn't Jason Campbell's strong suit either.

Last year Campbell's inability to sense the pass rush resulted in him being among the most sacked QBs in the league. He was sacked 43 times and had 13 fumbles. Also, many Redskins fans blamed these sacks on Campbell and the numbers showed why.

Campbells' average sack time was higher than any other NFL QB at 3.66 seconds. Just behind him were Tom Brady at 3.60 seconds and Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler at 3.51 seconds.

These were the QBs who truly held onto the ball for too long.

To compare that to the Raiders, their average sack time last year was 3.20 seconds. Clearly Jason Campbell needs to improve how fast he gets rid of the ball and the Raiders o-line needs to improve how much time they give the QB.

It's hard to say whether or not there is any improvement here.


Last year the Raiders QBs were very inaccurate. JaMarcus Russell completed a dismal 48.8 percent of his passes throwing 11 INTs, while Bruce Gradkowski did only slightly better, completing 54.7 percent.

The Raiders QBs combined for nine TDs and 18 INTs.

In comparison, Jason Campbell completed an above average 64.5 percent of his passes with 20 TDs and 15 INTs. Campbell's red-zone numbers were even more impressive, as he didn't throw a single INT while inside the 20.

As far as accuracy goes Jason Campbell is a huge improvement.


On of the biggest knocks on JaMarcus was his inability to lead as well as his lack of fire on the field.

But the same could be said for Jason Campbell. Throughout his career, fans have questioned Campbells' leadership, and last year Clinton Portis called him out saying Campbell didn't know what real leadership was.

"No disrespect to Jason," Portis said while speaking with co-hosts Thompson and Doc Walker, "But everybody in that locker room can tell you, you'll never see Jason mad, you'll never see Jason's tempo change, you'll never see Jason get mad. He going to get up, dust himself off; he going to give you everything he got. But as a leader, you never heard—it was always, 'Jason couldn't take control of the huddle,' or he didn't do this or he didn't do that. That wasn't Jason's character."

Wow, sounds almost exactly like JaMarcus, the only difference is Campbells' ability to stay in shape has never been questioned

As far as leadership goes, Jason Campbell is lacking as well; there is no improvement here.

Arm Strength

JaMarcus Russell was 6'6'' and listed at 260 pounds. During his combine, he showed us he could throw the ball the length of the football field as well as 60 yards from his knees.

You could not deny his arm strength.

Jason Campbell on the other hand is listed at 6'5'' and 230 pounds. Even though he can't match Russell's excessive arm strength, he is still more than adequate.

This is the lone area where we may see a slight decline, though the ability to throw the ball 60 yards from your knees isn't always practical.


Similar to the Raiders' QBs last year, Jason Campbell is lacking in leadership as well as pocket awareness. The improvement in leadership and pocket awareness is minimal, if any.

But where Campbell differs from the Raiders former QB situation is arm strength and accuracy. As far as arm strength goes Campbell is a slight down grade. But as far as accuracy goes, Campbell is a huge upgrade.

Campbell clearly is an upgrade over last year, but not as much as many fans would have hoped.

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