Bengals Second Half: Knockdown, Dragout, Brawl To the Playoffs (Part 2 of 2)

Ezri Silver@Maalot20Correspondent IMay 26, 2010

CINCINNATI - SEPTEMBER 17:  Wide receiver Chad Johnson #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals on his hands and knees after a hit by a  Cleveland Browns player on September 17, 2006 during the NFL game at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bengals won 34-17. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Following a successful first half of the season, prime time will start Sunday, November 14th 2010.  On this day the vacation is over.  It is time to buckle down or bow out.  While there will be welcome respite in week 11—after facing the galloping Colts—the Bills will only be a breath of fresh air before being dragged back under the roar of Jets, the born-again Saints, and the crushing weight of Steel(ers).  Then the scathed Bengals emerge with more brown bruises but should be able to clean up the mud on the final Brown Sunday of the season.   Back into the charge with the Chargers, then even a scarecrow will not deflect the Ravens,  and then perhaps the playoffs....

Week 10: At Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning will be on fire at this point in the season and will be looking to make a statement in a tough game close to home.  The Bengals defensive coordination will be tested to the max by a quarterback with enough feints to confuse even the most stoic general.  The offense will need to push to stay in this one and likely will be looking at a possible debacle like that was received last season in Minneapolis.

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 30 percent

Week 11: Buffalo Bills

The Bills are next year’s Browns and it is unlikely in this transition year that Buffalo will put up much of a fight against the Bengals.  The biggest mystery of this game will be who the quarterback for the Bills is at this point in the season.  Could it be Carson’s old backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Or will it be Trent Edwards?

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 85 percent

Week 12: At New York Jets

The Jets will want to drive the point home at this point and knowing Rex Ryan, he will have them licking their chops.  The question is which Bengals' team shows up – one with revenge on it’s mind or a new mentality?   Revenge would suit the Bengals more here in this match up.  Watch for the Bengals to mix it up and air out the ball.  Last time around Revis was all over Ocho—this time will be much different with Bryant and Jones in the mix.

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 35 percent

Week 13: New Orleans Saints

This will be the second game of a two game road trip (coming in from Dallas) for the Saints.  Both teams though will have plenty of rest (10 days as they both play on Thanksgiving day.  Saints will be coming out of the dome in Dallas while the Bengals will be coming out of the cold of the New Meadowlands.  Being the defending Super Bowl champion doesn’t make the Saints job any easier – in fact for playoff and respect hungry teams like the Bengals – this game will be a hard fought game which could go either way. Look for key injuries to have an effect on the outcome.

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 50 percent

Week 14: At Pittsburgh Steelers

Expect the Bengals to lose this one.  Ben will be back to full strength and the Steel Curtain will be drawn.  The Bengals will need to mix it up here and while I expect it to be low scoring, the Steelers' defense will be too much too soon coming off of the Saints game.

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 40 percent

Week 15: Cleveland Browns

As bad as the Browns were early in the season, this game should not be taken lightly.  The Browns should be taking form by this time in the season.  Watch out for Josh Cribbs again.

Bengals Chances of Winning: 80 percent

Week 16: San Diego Chargers

Revenge is sweet when it takes place at home.  This is a payback game for the Bengals.  It was the week following Chris Henry’s death and a drained Bengals team nearly knocked off one of the best regular season teams from last season (and biggest playoff disappointment—though it made that sour pill of a game with the New York Jets that much easier to swallow).  It will be close but this will be the game where the Bengals' secondary will have the rest and patience to prove itself.

Bengals Chances of Winning: 65 percent

Week 17: At Baltimore Ravens

This is the right way to end the season—unfortunately not the best place.  The Ravens will not let this one get away so easily and this will be a hard fought battle for either a playoff spot or jockeying for playoff position.  The Ravens will be attacking from all sides on offense and the Ravens' defense—while likely beat up at this point—will continue to be the lock down, drag out team, which blew up Cincinnati’s receiving core.

Bengals’ Chances of Winning: 35 percent


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