Lambeau Left Out: Should the NFL Consider a "Frozen Tundra" Super Bowl?

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMay 25, 2010

So far in my 17 years of being alive, I've witnessed many things.  Whether it's wardrobe malfunctions at the Super Bowl, crazy Pittsburgh Steeler fans trying their damnedest to impersonate Man vs. Wild or of course Spock dying in Star Trek the Wrath of Khan, I feel I've witnessed just about everything this world has to offer. 

Except for one thing, snow.

I've heard about it, I've seen it on television, but I've never truly witnessed it in person, or experienced it's silky white texture.

As strange as this may be to some, snow is something I've simply missed out on.  However, as a Green Bay Packer fan, I have been privileged to quite a few occasions of snow covered games at Lambeau Field on television, along with the dedicated snow shoverller's that risk frostbite just so we at home can see the 50-yard line.

On the eve of perhaps one of the biggest offseason announcements regarding Super Bowl XLVIII, it got me thinking, what if Green Bay were to host a Super Bowl at Lambeau Field? 

Sure it would be cool, but wouldn't it be ever so special to witness this great game that we all treasure played in the elements just like God intended it to be?

You'd think so wouldn't you? And yet, once again the NFL continues to disappoint fans just when an intriguing idea pops up.  I guess you could call the NFL "dream squashers,"  although they have delighted fans to quite a few exciting Super Bowls in past years.

So the question must be asked, should Green Bay be totally discounted from hosting a Super Bowl in the next five to 10 years?  Some say yes, some say no, and realistically, there are a few points to be made at either end of the stick.

The Reasons For

As much as I love this idea right now, it has been one that I've proposed to people before.  Except this time around, finally the idea has come under the spotlight, and some fans do believe that this is idea is worth considering.

Aside from the Green Bay fan base, other NFL fans truly think that having a game in possible negative degree weather would be a thing of beauty, rather than something that ruins the Super Bowl "feel" or "experience."

The other point to be made in relation to a possible Green Bay Super Bowl is the fact that Lambeau Field simply has an American type feel to it. 

Gone are the days of wooden grandstands and metal platforms, and we arrive in the present era of billion dollar televisions and $90 pizzas.  Although Lambeau Field has been renovated recently, it still has quite a "small town America" type feel to it.

The stands overlook the ground well, and the chants are constantly in the ear of viewers at home.  As it is well described "There isn't a bad seat in the house," only making Lambeau Field all that more suitable for the NFL's biggest game.

The final point to be made is the hospitality that is felt around Green Bay.  Seeing as though the Super Bowl is a week long event, travellers from all over America and the world would certainly feel at home in what is deemed by some to be the capital of football.

The Reasons Against

Although there are a ton of great points to be made about a possible Lambeau Field Super Bowl, there are of course several bad ones.

After reading an article on NFL.com by Steve Wyche, he put forward the point that despite Green Bay's well documented hospitality, a lack of hotels and restaurants could cause a few problems.

Milwaukee is, of course, in suitable range for fans to access, but that may take away from the entire Super Bowl feel.  As long as we are talking about travelling, another issue arises with Green Bay's airport services, as fans are sure to inundate Green Bay come February.

The final criticism against this idea is of course the weather.  As much as the true diehard fans of the NFL would appreciate a cold weather or possibly snowy game, there are numerous "Average Joe" fans that would avoid Green Bay simply due to the possibility of snow.

When it snows in Green Bay, it snows.  There is no denying that, so this reason alone is perhaps the NFL's biggest concern.

So is the Lombardi Trophy Finally Coming Home?

Right now, I would have to say no.  The NFL seems set on New York for Super Bowl XLVIII, and Green Bay don't seem to be on the cards for the future.

With this said, in a year or two, don't be surprised to see Lambeau Field appear in the list of possibilities, as a Super Bowl at Lambeau is what a lot of fans would love to see. 

Rodger Goodell isn't one for taking risks, but I think you'll agree the good could far outweigh the bad if we turn a blind eye to a few comfort issues. 

Tradition is rich in Green Bay, so why not revert back to the NFL's old school ways and pay homage to the past?

I know it's an idea I like, so let's just hope the NFL take a giant Lambeau Leap toward this idea.

Ryan Cook is an NFL writer and Green Bay Packers Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report He also covers the Green Bay Packers for PackerChatters.com and FanHuddle.com .  He is also an NFL correspondent for Real Sports Net.   Don't forget to follow him on Twitter !


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