New Wave of Controversey: Is DeSean Jackson the New Terrell Owens?

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 01:  DeSean Jackson #10 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates his second quarter touchdown against the New York Giants on November 1, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When you think of controversial players in the NFL, it isn't very difficult to draw a few names from the hat.  Looking around the league, names such as Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, Donovan McNabb and Brian Cushing appear, and it is no secret to anyone that each one of these players have experienced their fair share of hate mail and criticism in the past years.

However, perhaps the most controversial king of them all is Terrell Owens.  Loudmouthed, opinionated and highly egotistic, Terrell Owens is either loved by some or hated by many. 

When Terrell Owens first began his career with San Francisco, people tended to focus on Terrell Owens' speed and agility, rather than his controversial ways.  But when accusing Jeff Garcia of being homosexual, it appeared from then on we were in for a very new and interesting persona to impact the world of football.

Following San Francisco, we entered Terrell Owens' most infamous career moments with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Quarterback controversies with Donovan McNabb, mixed opinions from Eagle faithfuls and in the end, a departure from the City of Brotherly Love that left most Eagle fans hating and booing Terrell Owens still to the present day.

Now we arrive in another long and drawn out offseason, and funnily enough Terrell Owens is still struggling to sign with a team in the free agency period.  Some Eagle fans may find this amusing, while others simply don't care.

Whichever side of the story you choose to take on Terrell Owens, so be it.  But perhaps the Eagles have a new controversial player on their hands, and his name is DeSean Jackson.

For the most part, DeSean has let his play do the talking.  1,156 yards last season and 9 touchdowns impressed the entire NFL, and therefore it did come as somewhat of a surprise to hear DeSean Jackson criticize the man that delivered such accurate and well timed passes to him all last season.

In recent weeks, DeSean Jackson has been accused of stating that the Eagles "won't miss Donovan McNabb" which has led people to believe that DeSean Jackson's "all about me" type attitude that he seemingly left behind in California when he was drafted by the Eagles in 2008, has once again popped up at a rather inappropriate time.

I guess you could descrive DeSean's relate DeSean's actions to a jack in the box.  When you wind up it up, the springs only tighten, until finally he bursts out of his seemingly comfortable box.

So does this make DeSean Jackson the new Terrell Owens?  Well until he starts performing sit-ups in his drive way for the Associated Press, we can't really be sure.  But it is safe to say that the Eagles are fond of mass producing controversial player after controversial player as it seems when one marked man leaves, a new player steps right under the scope.

DeSean Jackson like Terrell Owens is a performer.  He strives off of being in the spotlight, and when his team isn't performing well he isn't timid or reluctant to express his opinions.

Does this make him a bad guy?  Of course not, after all the Eagles could do with a motivator as they prepare for what looks to be a questionable 2009 season.

But do the Eagles really need another Terrell Owens type figure in their locker room?  The answer to this question, is no, they simply do not.  With a young quarterback in Kevin Kolb stepping under center for the very first time, having a demanding type player such as DeSean Jackson on the roster only further adds pressure to an already overloaded Philadelphia Eagles side.

Not to sound to old, Desean Jackson, just cool your jets.  There is a difference between being outspoken and simply being a loudmouth.  Terrell Owens certainly isn't the type of player a young man with such talent should be following, and if he is to turn out like Terrell, we he is only doing himself more harm than good.

This argument is of course not new to DeSean Jackson, as he has already been asked by several newspapers as to what his thoughts are on this issue.  "They think I'm the new T.O" said DeSean to a local newspaper.

No, DeSean we don't think that.  But with a few more outspoken gestures you'll be well on your way.

As for Eagle fans, just sit tight.  Even if DeSean chooses to revert back to his California diva days, at least he promises to play well on the field right?  Exactly, and it's like my mother says "Some people simply can't change".  If DeSean has this attitude, then Eagles fans may just have to learn to live with it.

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