Cleveland Browns 2010 Rookie Minicamp Observations From April 30

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IMay 1, 2010

Rookie minicamps for many NFL teams have begun including for the Cleveland Browns and their 2010 rookie class.

To start, I have to be honest in saying that I did not get the privilege of actually going to the Browns' training headquarters in Berea, Ohio, but with diligent networking, I was able to watch some video footage of the young men who will be the future of the franchise.

Many are curious as to what numbers the Browns newest members will be wearing on the football field, and I have found out several, but not all.

Please remember that many of these numbers will probably change once the 2010 regular season begins.

First-round cornerback Joe Haden was wearing No. 5, second-round safety T.J. Ward was wearing No. 2, and fellow second-round running back Montario Hardesty had on No. 31. Third-round quarterback Colt McCoy has No. 12 on (and he looks good in the above picture wearing an orange helmet), and finally fifth-round pick safety Larry Asante was sporting No. 40.

I apologize for not getting all the other rookie numbers, but I could only see so much on the film I had available.

On to the on-the-field drills.

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Joe Haden, Cornerback

Haden looked fast and smooth while running coverage drills even though his speed was in question pre-draft. He showed great recovery speed and a quick burst that allowed him to catch up to whoever he was covering on one particular drill.

Haden looks like he my be able to really challenge Eric Wright and Sheldon Brown for one of the two starter spots on defense.

Colt McCoy, Quarterback

McCoy did not throw any deep passes over 20 yards (he actually might have, but not from what I saw), but his accuracy on all the short and medium range passes was on the mark and it was refreshing to see a Browns quarterback as accurate as he was even though it was just passing drills.

There were no signs of him wincing or being in pain following his shoulder injury from college.

Montario Hardesty, Running Back

Even though there was no real contact, Hardesty ran hard and looked like a highly motivated back trying to prove that he is in Cleveland for a reason, and that is to run the football as hard as he can.

It was very strange watching Hardesty run around the field with Jamal Lewis's old No. 31 on his back, but he looked superb and did not show any signs of an injury-riddled past.

T.J. Ward, Safety

Ward looks small for an NFL safety, but what he may lack in height he makes up for in width. Ward is just thick, plain and simple. He has a wide frame and thick legs, which will hopefully get him plenty of power to lay out opposing receivers (like wiping that smile off of Hines Ward's face) in the secondary.

I could not see any sign of past injuries in the video I was watching.

Clifton Geathers, Defensive End

Easily one of the biggest rookies on the field, Geathers showed tremendous power and a good burst of speed off the line and if he can transition quickly into the speed and power of the NFL game, then he could be a big surprise on the D-Line in 2010 and beyond.

Unfortunately in the footage that was available for me to watch, these were the only players who I could pick out. I did not see wide receiver Carlton Mitchell or offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao, but they too could have still been on the field just not on camera.

These are exciting times since this draft class is the first of the Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert era, but as exciting as it may be this is still only rookie minicamp and I want to see these young guys playing side-by-side with the rest of the Browns' roster.


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