WWE Breaking News: SES Masked Man Identity Revealed!

John BetschelCorrespondent IIApril 27, 2010

This past Sunday at the Extreme Rules PPV, CM Punk faced Rey Mysterio.

If Punk lost, he had to have his head shaved.

The match seemed a lock for Mysterio, until a masked man came out from under the ring and placed a steel chair in the ring, before crawling back from where he came.

The ref then went to move the chair when the masked man reappeared and delivered a front face powerbomb on Mysterio on the outside, which then set up the GTS for Punk, winning him the match.

Then, during Monday Night Raw last night, CM Punk went up against Evan Bourne to decide who would get a draft pick for their respective brand.

Right when Bourne was ready to go for the Air Bourne, the masked man came out from the crowd tripping up Bourne and once again setting Punk up for the GTS, winning him the match once again.

On Raw, Michael Cole claimed that there was more than one masked man at Extreme Rules, but that’s not the case. If you watched Extreme Rules, you could clearly see the masked man crawl from one side to the other.

Cole even said "somebody just tossed a chair in the ring to Punk and then he attacked Mysterio on the outside." So who knows why he would make the assumption there were two masked men?

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After seeing this masked man, a lot of things raced through my mind on who he might be.

My first thought was that it could maybe be Darren Young? But after that front face powerbomb and the guy's hood coming off showing he was bald and white, that eliminated him.

I kept thinking who could it be? For some reason I was going through different superstars in my head trying to come up with an angle, but I was stuck.

Then it happened! I came across some online information that gave me my answer and it makes PERFECT SENSE!

By now you are probably saying JUST TELL US WHO THE MASKED MAN IS ALREADY!

Ask and you shall receive. Drum roll please (lol)...

The masked man is none other than AL SNOW!

Just kidding, it's actually Joey Mercury!

I saw an article on lordsofpain.net that had speculations of Mercury, or a developmental star by the name of Alex Riley being the masked man.

Then I figured, well hell, if it is Mercury I know one place I might find out.

So I checked out Melina’s twitter page, and sure enough one of her tweets said "Mercury just returned during Rey/Punk match!"—I'M SO HAPPY HE IS BACK. HE IS LIKE A BROTHER TO ME. I LOVE HIM.

This makes a great angle and perfect sense. For those of you who don't know, Mercury struggled with drug issues in real life, which is what led to his release from the company in the first place.

It surprises me that Morrison was drafted to Raw, because they could of set up a great angle between him and Mercury, with their history as former partners and Tag Team Champions, and Morrison being face.

What do you think? Surprised? When do you think they will reveal that it's him and who do you think they'll have him feud with? Or do you just think he will be more of a lackey like Gallows and Serita?