NFL Draft 2010: Just One More Thing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 22, 2010

Go back in time a bit and see if just perhaps you might picture Lieutenant Columbo walking through the doors at One Buccaneer Place.

He's investigating on behalf of the countless Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans who want to know.

Columbo meets Buc GM Mark Dominik and begins,

"There's just one thing bothering me...."

Then Dominik chats up some Buc-speak as Columbo takes notes.

Finally, after exhausting Dominik, Columbo spins around and asked his catch-all:

"Just one more thing..."

Here's that one more thing:

So the Bucs will bring in a new load of talent over the next three days in the NFL draft. Okay, one more thing:

"Who is going to coach these guys and make them into NFL stars?"

Surely you'd feel better if the names were Kiffin, Edwards, Marinelli and Smith, as in Monte, Herm, Rod and Lovie.

Instead, the plain truth is that the names are Olson, Lake, Wash, Mangurian and Yarber.

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Well, therein lies the underlying problem with your Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Glazers can slap Raheem Morris on the back all they want, talk long-term and how great things will be one day.

But perception is way different.

Around the league, Morris is viewed as a short-term answer and as a result, you get short term guys on his staff.

How do those names compare with the names mentioned ahead of them?

You be the judge.

Fact is, who is up to the task of taking a lot of young players and making them look good?

Former Buc Ian Beckles said recently on his 620 WDAE talk show:

"You can take a young player, throw him in with veterans who know what they're doing and he'll do okay. Put a bunch of young guys out there with no real experienced players and they won't do okay."

So your Bucs have 12 picks over the next three days. Does that mean another wholesale roster change come August?

And how do you get a bunch of young guys to lead a new bunch of even younger guys?

And more so, how do you coach them up?

Even the great Columbo might not be able to solve that one.


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