Philadelpia Eagles Player Spotlight: QB Michael Vick

Dan Pennwyn@@WeBleedingGreenCorrespondent IApril 19, 2010

Whether you love him or hate him one thing is certain: Michael Vick is a playmaker with the ball in his hands.

After NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell reinstated Vick back into the NFL after serving 24 months in prison for dog fighting, the Eagles brought him in as a third string QB.

Michael Vick, a former pro bowl QB and the highest paid player in the NFL at one point in time was now a third string quarterback. Every Eagles fan jaw hit the floor when it was announced.

For the majority of the fans, it was a shock and an outrage for others.

It wasn't just fans that spoke up about their displeasure with the Eagles signing Vick. The PR department was on the phone non stop with sponsors also defending their decision to bring him in.

In the beginning it seemed like this third string QB was putting to much heat on the Eagles. But with the continued backing of esteemed former Indianapolis Head Coach Tony Dungy, the Eagles front office, and QB Donovan McNabb, the heat started dying down a bit.

He has said all the right things when speaking with the media and continues to work with the humane society and speak publicly to children about the negatives of the dog fighting world.

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He's not perfect—he's human, and as long as he has learned from his prior mistakes then we have to call it for what it is.

Cruel— without question! Immature—add it to the list! Greedy— you better believe it.

No I do not condone his actions, however I cannot continue to persecute him since he has served his time and more importantly, taking positive approaches about dog fighting awareness. The only things fans and animal lovers around the world have to hope is that it doesn't happen a second time!

When Vick was asked about his reinstatement back into the NFL he had this to say:

"Its been a long, humbling journey for me. I feel like I belong back in the game again. Just playing football is something I love to do and it's definitely a privilege".

Oh what a privilege it is Mike—what a privilege it is!

Now in 2010 he moves up a notch on the depth chart and is the second string QB with starting aspirations.

He has said in the media he wants and feels like he can be a starter in the NFL again and there are teams that need a starting caliber QB on their roster.

Teams like the St. Louis RamsMinnesota Vikings pending Favre's decision, Oakland Raiders (good fit), Buffalo Bills, and Carolina Panthers (good fit) would all be logical destinations. But have those teams seen enough of Vicks skills in the limited role he played in 2009?

How much would a team have to give up for a player like Vick?

At absolute best, I would say the Eagles could get a third round pick for him depending on the team.

He did show last season that even though he may have lost a step or two, he is still extremely dangerous as a running QB and still has an accurate enough throw to be a solid starter in the NFL again.

In 2009, as a limited QB, Vick had a 34 yard run on the opening drive of the Chicago Bears game, ran the ball five yards for a TD (his 22nd),  hit TE Brent Celek for a five yard TD toss against the Atlanta Falcons, scored another rushing TD in the matchup against the Giants, and threw a 76 yard TD to rookie Jeremy Maclin for a TD in the postseason loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Regardless, IF Vick were to get traded this offseason, the team receiving him should not expect the same Michael Vick that came out in 2004 and set an NFL record for throwing 250 (252) yards and running for 100 (115) yards in a single game.

What they can expect is a man trying to rebuild his name and depending on who they have now, Vick might be their best option. They will be getting a man who did his time, is looking to become a starting QB in the NFL, and is working very diligently towards acheiving that goal.

If Mike does get traded, I feel the Eagles should be properly compensated for him, I don't want to see a 2011 sixth round draft pick (Reggie Brown?), he's worth more than that. If he remains an Eagle for the 2010 season that fine with me too.

It could be just enough time to show some teams his progress to make a trade next offseason even though he will become a free agent at the end of the season.

Did the Eagles see cheap gold in Vick, a player who was extremely talented who hadn't played in a while who they could get for cheap and trade for gold?

Michael not being a Philadelphia Eagle in 2010 is a very real possibility!

Bird Drop:

Did you know Michael Vick was a MLB player?

The Colorado Rockies selected Vick in the 30th round of the 2000 MLB draft even though he hadn't played a game of baseball since he was 14 years old in the 8th grade.

The Rockies planned on Vick being a left handed pitcher and centerfielder and even though he was shocked by it, he did consider playing baseball.

Unfortunately he said it would have interfered with spring practices!