Thank You Kevin McHale

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IIApril 18, 2010

BOSTON - APRIL 17:  Kevin Garnett #5 of the Boston Celtics exchanges words with members of the Miami Heat bench after teammate Paul Pierce was shoved into the Heat bench during Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2010 NBA playoffs at the TD Garden on April 17, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics defeated the Heat 85-76.   (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Those are words I never thought I would say.

Again Thank you, Kevin McHale for refusing to trade Kevin Garnett to the Bulls.

It's no secret the Bulls pursued Kevin Garnett for years but the T-wolves were never interested. But finally 3 years ago they were finally listening to offers. Rumor has it the Bulls offered Luol Deng and Tyson Chandler to the Wolves for Garnett. However McHale wanted a low post threat. He wanted an immediate replacement for the Big Ticket.

The Celtics, McHale's former team, was offering a much larger package of players centering around power forward Al Jefferson. Both teams agreed but KG said no until the Celtics made a trade day deal acquiring Ray Allen from the Sonics for the 5th overall pick the the draft that ended up being Jeff Green.

The new big three of Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce went on to win a title in year 1 for the Celtics. Year 2 saw the Celtics face off against the Bulls in what may easily go down as the best first round series in NBA history. The upstart Bulls pushed the Celtics to 7 games. During this epic series Garnett could be found on the bench in street clothes, talking trash.

I knew Kevin liked to talk and on the court and to be honest I really don't care what guys say to each other while they are on the court. Garnett was one of those guys who could always back up the talk. But then things changed. Maybe it was the lack of exposure in the Land of 1,000 lakes but something changed when Garnett went to Boston. For a lack of better terms he went ghetto. It was like the Celtics felt they had to be the bad boy Pistons.

Numerous times during the Bulls-Celtics series Garnett was caught jawing to Chicago players while they were right in front of him or across court on the bench. So someone you always liked Garnett and wanted the Bulls to always trade for him and bring him back to Chicago, I lost a lot of respect. And no I don't view this as one of those who would love him if he was on my team situations.

There are plenty of those guys all around sports and what most people can agree with when it comes to guys like that is, you respect what they do. People might have hated Dennis Rodman what they respected his rebounding and defense. Opposing hitters hate A.J. Pierzynski but you can't argue with how hard he plays. In Chicago I hated the Bad Boy Pistons but I liked Chuck Daly and Joe Dumars while respected how Rodman, John Sally, etc... played. The one person I really truly disliked was Isiah Thomas, who like Garnett came from Chicago. Quick sidenote Kevin really isn't from Chicago. He only played his senior year of high school in Chicago. He spent the first 17 years of his life in South Carolina.

Ok back on topic which brings us to last night's incident where Kevin Garnett elbowed Quentin Richardson of the Miami Heat. Richardson is also from Chicago and played 2 years at DePaul. With 40 seconds left in game 1 of the Heat-Celtics series with the Celtics very much in control Paul Pierce dove for a ball in front of the Miami bench. It seemed like Pierce may have hurt his shoulder so rushing to "protect" his teammate Garnett rushed towards the bench and while trying to clear the way and make some space he elbowed Q right in the jaw. After things calmed down KG had received 2 technicals and an ejection.

I feel no need to go into anymore detail about the incident of last night because all you have to do is turn on Sportscenter but it may end up costing Kevin game 2.

All I know is it was the final straw and it is what allowed me to finally say something I never thought I would. For a third time

Thanks Kevin

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