From Five Months of Hell, Tiger Transcends To Stardom at Masters

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2010

AUGUSTA, GA - APRIL 10:  Tiger Woods walks up the first fairway during the third round of the 2010 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 10, 2010 in Augusta, Georgia.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

On a typical sunny day at Augusta National, Tiger Woods was permitted with much praise.

At Amen Corner, the beautiful scenery on the grandest greenery, populace sat calmly anxious to witness a rekindled Woods renew splendor at the greatest event on the PGA Tour.

On this day, Tiger transcended, yet, as the prominent golfer, and walked from the 11th green to the 12th tee.

The masses greeted him with warm receptions and roared at him, urging him to give a friendly wave and his customary fist-pumps. In return, he has hijacked the sport this weekend, orchestrating astonishing golf and mounting his chances of winning his fifth Masters. The amiable supporters’ greetings and cheering has alleviated much uneasiness and hostility that an irritable individual affirmed. But the scene at Augusta has been peaceful over the last few days, and Woods has been able to withstand the anticipated drama from a disgruntled and senseless critic who hired a plane that carried a repulsive banner stating abhorrent words relating to his sex-scandal.

Besides a plane circling the course to annoy Tiger, it turns out his image never relinquish and isn’t impaired at the late stages of his career. That’s assuming Tiger is a changed man, an honest and sincere family man, a better man appreciating his supporters. Each of his forgiving fans gazed from the galleries, watching for the glamorous moment. The crowd has paid tribute to an embattled Woods, deeply forgiving him of his extramarital affairs. Of course, the average populace disapproves of his degrading infidelity that has traumatized children across the world.

It’s amazing how most children from our society perceived Tiger as a world-class athlete, but even greater, a world-class idol and role model with a flawless reputation. In a civilized country, he has been a charitable worker establishing the Woods’ foundation to contribute and give back to the less fortunate. During a miraculous golfing career, Tiger committed a mistake no one ever imagined, disappointing his wife, Elin, and dismayed his two children. It’s unbelievable that his presence means much to the Masters, an exalted event, where he maintains dignity and aplomb, still dominating the greenery as if nothing awful has manufactured in his lifetime.

It’s obvious that his life won’t ever fully recover, but he’ll be the landmark of golf until he decides to depart a sport he declared fame. Even though he slept with porn stars, pancake house waitresses and ill-behaved bimbos, a notorious scandal would leave a stain and a career in tatters, but he’ll have the mentality and talent to prevail on the grandest stage. For the rest of his regime, he’ll be labeled as a serial sex-addict, as well as the greatest golfer on the planet.

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It was absolutely perfect timing for Tiger to make a comeback, now on a mission to be fitted for his fifth green jacket and inch closer to the Jack Nicklaus’ record-setting 18 major titles.

When it seemed that his career was tarnished, Tiger has returned to prominence, suddenly decreasing the nightmarish images and rejuvenating a heartwarming tale. During an age when golf acquires very little heed, a redemption story pertaining to a magnet megastar aids a dull sport. The public has welcomed back Tiger, but it’s a mutual perception and turned into a beautiful publicity scene, a refreshing turnaround for a man who has been marked as a sex-addict.

Near the tee at No. 3, he stopped and shook hands with a 4-year old girl. In the wake of a five-month scandal, Tiger has been pleasant interacting with all populace. This hideous scandal didn’t affect the way fans classifies the world’s greatest athlete, adored by many for his courage and exhilaration that he publicizes in the game. Returning to a competitive sport, Tiger wants to win at Augusta, a site where he has been luckless and hasn’t won a green jacket in five years. But now, he’s aiming to rebound, currently within two strokes of British leaders Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter.

The masses aren’t holding a grudges, understanding the temptations are immense. Eventually, we gather a sense that he committed poor judgment, but was vulnerable just as the rest of them of violating martial vows.  Not thinking much about the past, Woods is focus on winning the entire event, stroking a 2-under-par 70 to enter the third round tied at fourth. After all, he’s the God of golf, just as Michael Jordan was the God of basketball or as Babe Ruth was in baseball.

It’s the Masters, similar to the World Series or NBA Finals, where Woods hijacked the spotlight, since slamming into a fire hydrant and neighbor’s tree on Thanksgiving weekend when TMZ debilitated his stardom.

As he gradually moves on the leaderboard, Woods is on pace to win the Masters, revealing to the world why he’s the greatest among all golfers and why he magnetizes an entire event.

“Well, I felt that I could put myself in contention, “Woods said. “My practice has been really consistent and progressing with Hank [Haney]. And as I said, I didn’t have the luxury of playing tournaments coming in here. So I had to be more focused on my practice sessions coming into it and then take more out of them than most people would.”

It seems eccentric that Woods is in contention, missing five months worth of action as well as confronting the dreadful scandal.

If he emerges to sustain triumph with a win, Woods’ career might be tarnished, but not stained, as he’s adored by millions.

So right now, the leaderboard indicates that Woods can win.

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