More Random Thoughts and Notes Regarding the Donovan McNabb Trade

Leo PizziniAnalyst IApril 7, 2010

I am going to have a hard time with McNabb as a Redskin, but the shock (for lack of a better word) has worn off. It makes me think of Green Bay trying to keep Favre out of a Vikings' uniform.

The result was the Packers receiving less than full value for Favre and he still landed in Minnesota.

I do think Donovan can do well in Washington if they afford him the offensive game-plan and surrounding cast that suits his skill set. He could easily bite the Eagles on the backside.

And if anybody can quickly rebuild the Redskins around a quarterback like McNabb, Shanahan is a prime candidate.

I still hope Donovan receives a well-deserved standing ovation when he is announced in Philly.

The Eagles Net Benefit

The draft pick acquired in the trade (37th overall) is as good as a mid-first round pick in most other draft classes. They really could not have done better and the terms of getting a third round pick in 2011 are favorable as well—McNabb must lead the Redskins to a 9-7 record or earn a pro-bowl berth.

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Otherwise, it's fourth-round compensation (so keep rooting for your boy).

The Raiders, Bills, Browns, and other speculatively interested teams (besides the Rams) all had lesser-valued second-round draft picks (although not by much).

As a side note, McNabb really proved-out as an excellent selection in 1999. I would challenge anyone to run their car until the wheels fall off, then trade it in for 90 percent of the original purchase price 11 years later.

What a deal!

But now that the shock has worn off and reality has set in, I'm really excited about this young team and I firmly believe that they will mature much faster than a team with an average first-year starter at quarterback.

The average first-year starter doesn't have four years starting experience in college, three years of NFL backup experience, two 1,000 yard caliber receivers, and a clutch possession guy like Jason Avant.

Not to be forgotten, a 1,000 yard caliber tight end, a running back and fullback that can make plays coming out of the backfield, and a pass blocking offensive line that rivals the best in the league.

Fixing the Defense

I envision at least two quality starters and an Eagles' defensive pro-bowl rookie from this draft class. An impact cornerback or free safety could really do the trick—maybe a linebacker.

The Eagles now have a great opportunity to draft two excellent defensive backs with their first two selections. I had mentioned it on B/R already and recently discussed it in the blog associated with Spadaro's column of the Eagles' website.

The potential one-two combination of Earl Thomas and Kareem Jackson/Devin McCourty or Kyle Wilson and Nate Allen are realistically tantalizing at the least.

I really like Daryll Tapp and I am curious about Alex Hall, but the middle and late rounds of the draft are loaded with linebackers and defensive linemen.

I think the Eagles were smart not to take Haynesworth (inconsistent) or Asamagoogo as tempting as that must have been. I understand the Raiders wanted McNabb and a draft pick and that’s too high of an asking price with so many stud cornerbacks in the first three rounds of this draft.

The Bottom Line

It’s sad in so many ways, but what the Eagles have done is among the most impressive roster turnovers in NFL history. The proof will be in the pudding, but I see good things for this team for several years to come.

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