Juventus: It's Time to Shut Up and Stand Up!

Brian ChungContributor IApril 5, 2010

It is time to move on...move on from Calciopoli, move on from hanging on to past glories, move on from holding on to sentiment.

Calciopoli has come and gone, the punishment has been dished out and unfortunately although Juventus were harshly treated in comparison to every other team linked with it, it is definitely time to move on.

We have gone through many changes since the scandal, but I fear we will not become the club we used to be until we are able to completely forget the past.

We to install a fighting mentality into our players. That is the most important characteristic any footballer can have. And until then, the same thing will continue to happen next year and the year after. Forget about the management and the coaching problems, they are well documented, and I have no solutions as to who should be replaced, who should be bought, and who should be in charge.

Juventus were doomed for failure from the beginning of the season. Our goals were too high, we became poisoned with what Juve was, what Juve have been over the past century.

We were blinded by our past successes.

Coming out of Calciopoli, we have made all the wrong moves in the transfer market, in the dressing room, in the media not only this season, but in past seasons as well.

We were never meant to challenge Inter Milan this season, it was one year too soon. All that needed to be done this year, was to consolidate second position and challenge in the 2010/11 season, with the right moves, the right chemistry and a fighting spirit. And as a result of our lofty goals, we have now put ourselves three or four years behind schedule.

This current Juventus lacks fighting spirit. Fighting spirit needs to come from the top and filter throughout the whole team, organisation, and family.

Juventus needs to get back to being a family, despite how simple and cliche that might sound.

Juventus have never been the pretty boys of Italian football. Ambitious as it was, we could never play Barcelona type of football, this type of football does not fit into Italian football. It is too tactical to play pretty. And this was our first mistake for the season.

We were and should remain to be the muscle of Italian football. Yes we have had some great players with great foot work in the past, but the real reason for the success of Juventus have been the players fighting spirit. This allowed players like Zidane, Nedved, and Del Piero to do what they do best.

Until we get back this fighting spirit, we will never become the real Old Lady again. If it means having 3 people getting sent off in one game on purpose, so be it. But our players, as it stands right now, do not have the same hunger that the Edgar Davids, Didier Deschamp,  Mark Juliano, Torricelli ,and Tudor had in their day.

Granted none of these players some people would call their favourite Juventus players, but I would rather a player that gives his all for the club like a Torricelli than a player who shows up for five minutes every game. If we had 23 Torricelli's in the squad, we would have 23 angry and hungry players. We may not win many games, but no true Juve fan could complain that our team is not playing its heart out.

My impression of the purchase of Diego was it was a step in the right direction. A player to replace a great in Pavel Nedved. I am not a coach or a Technical Director, and for me to say Giovinco, Diego, and Del Piero can co-exist would have no bearing on anything. I am a fan of the game, I am a fan of Juve and I want to make sure that my Juve comes back. However, we achieve this, is fine with me.

Diego is a classy player in Germany, and I knew it would take him some time to get acclimatised to Italian football. And this is the reason why I say, 2010/11 would be the time for Juve to launch its attack on the Scudetto once more.

Melo on the other hand was a step in the wrong direction. A case of one step forward and two steps back. Juventus is a team filled with rubbish midfielders, add to it a player having one good season, and you have the recipe for disaster.

Add to it the fact that the weakness in the Juve squad lies not in the defensive midfield position where we have Momo Sissoko (not a great player, but shows fight), but rather in the playmaking role, and we clearly see why the purchase of melo made no sense. Was he meant to sit on the bench? I'm sure no club in their rightful mind would pay in excess of 20 million for a player to sit on the bench.

Fabio Cannavaro, brilliant in his day, showed signs of slowing, I thought we was a perfect fit for playing about 15-20 games for the season, and rotating with Leggrotaglie and Chiellini, whislt also helping to coach the younger players, like Lorenzo Ariaudo about the position that he has perfect over the years. But for him to be relied on, and to play 33 games to date is ridiculous. The man is 36, an issue that was raised when he was brought on a free transfer.

We can talk about the mid season transfers, but why waste my time? Paolucci wasn't good enough before, why would be good enough now?

Too often during the campaign we have seen a string of good results as a way forward. We've seen it from our players, we've seen it from the fans. When in actuality we have played poorly and deserve to be in Serie B.

Arguably our best game of the season was our second game against a poor looking Roma side, a game in which we never looked convincing but yet still came out with a point. And all Juve fans around the world thought that this was the beginning of a new era.

In all our games this season, we have never imposed ourselves on the game, and even the lesser teams play Juventus with confidence, tactical know how, and fight. Last year Sergio Pellissier scored a hattrick against the mighty Juve. This year we were up 3-0 against Siena and drew. We were up 3-1 on aggregate against Fulham, and lost 5-4 on aggregate. This is not the make up of a team called Juventus. This is a new team called Pansies.

Its time for the club to keep quiet, an apology won't help, a rally cry from Del Piero or Cannavaro wont help at this time. What we the fans want to see to end the season, is for Juventus to stand up and be counted. Better yet, shut up and be counted.


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