Lineman To Pull Truck Across Field At 'Pro Day'

Joe FarrisContributor IApril 1, 2010

ATLANTA, GA - According to sources, relative unknown Cory Edwards, standout defensive lineman for tiny Georgia A&M, will announce a highly unconventional set of drills for a scouting Pro Day to promote his candidacy in the upcoming draft.

Edwards, a lifelong fan of Strong Man competitions, has hired a team of Swedish super lifters to orchestrate further demonstrations of his speed and strength.

Edwards will wrap himself in a full-body harness and pull a full-sized semi truck across the field. He will also run with a refrigerator over his head from end zone to end zone.

"My numbers at the combine were fine, but I really need to make an impression in the minds of these scouts," explained Edwards.

Truck Pulling is widely recognized as the ultimate demonstration of leg strength, and Edwards believes that his exceptional vertical jump and 40-yard dash times didn't tell the whole story.

Edwards told reporters that he "was blessed with tremendous lower body strength," and noted that he has all the tools necessary to put up record numbers.

"You need physical tools, mental tools, and you need the right equipment. I've been pushing myself in squat drills all month, working with trainers. We think that the right footwear – my Nike Air Trainer SC 2010’s - can make me feel lighter and cut nine seconds off my Truck time," said Edwards.

Armed with world class footwear, broad shoulders, and a killer instinct, Edwards intends to break all previous Truck Pulling records.

Scouts are already impressed.

“It's not a question of whether he can break the record, but by how much,” explained one football GM on condition of anonymity. “And what team wouldn't want a record breaker as a value pick of their draft boards?”

The Pro Day has been tentatively scheduled for April 9th in Atlanta.

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