2010 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks Select Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2010

This draft pick is probably the hardest draft pick of them all to analyze, due to a lot of variables surrounding the selection.

First off, it's a top ten pick. The good thing about that is that if a team has one glaring need, they can just grab that position usually because only a handful of players are out of the draft pool. So, odds are that they can just grab that guy.

However, Seattle's situation is complicated due to the fact that they have multiple positions of need.

Matt Hasselbeck is getting old, so a new quarterback is a possibility and Jimmy Clausen is available by this pick according to my mock.

However, Hasselbeck still has some time left in him whereas Walter Jones, standout left tackle, is on his last legs.

Jones was sent to IR last year and I feel that he will retire next year, if not this year.

Walter Jones is arguably a Hall of Famer, so the Seahawks have to replace him with only the best.

The obvious pick is offensive tackle then, but the Seahawks may draft Clausen anyway, just so he can learn from Hasselbeck on the bench.

Seattle also has a second first round draft pick, so that makes it even more confusing.

Will they grab an OT and see if Clausen will fall to their pick at No. 14?

Or do they lock up Clausen and select an OT at No. 14?

That's a big possibility since Pete Carroll, the former coach of the USC dynasty in college football, is now the head coach and offensive tackle Charles Brown, who I think is a very good lineman, is from USC as well

Carroll could draft his guys because he knows how to coach his guys. Chemistry is a must in a locker room.

The Seahawks also could upgrade at defensive line and maybe even at secondary, so there goes the question of them possibly drafting somebody else.

Added evidence to that is Taylor Mays, USC's safety, is also expected to drop in this draft, and he should be available at No. 14 as well.

Another coincidence that suggest that quarterback is not a top priority is the fact that the University of Washington has this great developing quarterback named Jake Locker coming out next year.

UW also runs a pro-style offense, so Locker will have less things to learn next year.

A local kid grooming himself to be an NFL guy? How much luckier can Seattle get?

Seattle has so many options that you find yourself questioning yourself as to the best course to take.

However, if I was Seattle, this is what I would do.

Russell Okung is there...take him without blinking. He's the best offensive lineman prospect by far. I looked at some film and no one made him look like a college kid. Only once did I see someone get around Okung and the guy still didn't get the sack in time.

He's got tremendous size and strength, but he has amazing quickness and footwork. He's the textbook left tackle.

If I was Seattle, I may even trade up with Washington D.C.'s number four pick to grab Okung, because it looks like Kansas City at number five wants him, too.

I had them taking McClain, because their line wasn't as bad as you would think. But, KC may disagree.

Okung fits like a glove for Seattle and he should be the first of their two draft picks in this loaded and talented draft. 


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