Boycott the NBA: Seattle SuperSonics Stolen By David Stern and Clay Bennett

Mosang Miles@MosangMSenior Writer IJuly 3, 2008

I guess I'm just naive.

Maybe I expected too much, had too much faith.

Was it wrong to expect that the Sonics would somehow stay in Seattle?

Was it foolish to assume that 41 years of history, of loyalty, of support from Seattle fans would somehow sway the NBA?

Was I stupid to believe that David Stern wouldn't make this into a personal vendetta against the city of Seattle for not acquiescing to his demands for a new arena, only 15 years after he declared it state of the art?

Call me a fool—the Sonics and the city of Seattle reached a settlement that allows the team to weasel out of its lease and play in Oklahoma next season.

I suppose I could try to be happy for Clay Bennett.

After all, he now has an NBA team in his hometown.  His dream has come true.  He will revel in the pleasures of being the man who brought pro basketball to Oklahoma City.

But I can't.

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When a bully steals your ice cream and eats it gleefully right in front of you, are you supposed to feel happy for him?

At least someone's enjoying it, right?

And when David Stern offers a vague promise that Seattle will be informed when another team is up for relocation—that's good, right?  We're still in the loop, right?


We were screwed.

Stern and Bennett teamed up to rob Seattle fans of a loyalty we had nurtured for decades.  Their disregard for the interests of Sonics supporters is nothing short of sickening.

I know that professional sports are a business, that owners and commissioners have different motivations than fans.

But I always had the true belief of a supporter, the blind faith that what had given us so much joy wouldn't be taken away so callously.

No more.

I'm done with the NBA—and you should be too.

Can you really stand by while David Stern and Clay Bennett have so mercilessly broken our hearts?

Or will you stand up for us, the divorcee fans, knowing that at any time you could be next?

Join me.  Boycott the NBA.  What they've done just isn't right.