New York Mets SS Jose Reyes Is a Selfish Prick

John GarciaCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Jose Reyes is one of those rare athletes that everytime you pass through the channels and see him, you stop and watch.

His play-making ability is extraordinary. Once he reaches base, he creates absolute havoc on the base paths. 

He is a two time all-star and beloved by Mets fans throughout the country, or at least throughout Queens. 

But for all his success he still has a terrible attitude towards his teammates and the game.

During yesterday's 3-1 win over the Yankees, Reyes committed a throwing error in the 7th inning that first baseman Carlos Delgado should have caught.

Reyes had a childish fit out on the field, staring over at Delgado for missing the play and causing Reyes an error. 

Even when the inning ended and the error did not cause any runs to score, Reyes slammed his glove down in disgust from being charged with an error. 

This type of behavior has been constant throughout his career. By now he should know better than this.

His behavior would not be tolerated from a rookie and should not be tolerated from him.

Just only a week or so ago, he threw another fit on the field because interim manager Jerry Manuel took Reyes out of the game because he tweaked his hamstring.

The problem with him is that he does not really care about the game. He only cares about his stats and it does not seem as if he really wants or cares about winning. 

Last year, Reyes proved to me that he does not care about winning. After being pulled from a July 6th loss to the Astros by then manager Willie Randolph for not running hard to first, he refused to put in full effort for the rest of the season.

Up until then he was hitting .306, and had a .387 OBP. After being pulled he hit only .253.

He showed up his manager and the fans. By hitting over 50 points worse since being taken out he was a major reason why the Mets collapsed as they did.

He probably does not care about making the playoffs or winning championships. He has made enough money to make anyone satisfied, besides Mr. "I Can't Feed My Family on $21 Million" Latrell Sprewell, so the money from going to the World Series probably doesn't appeal to him.

In my book, Jose Reyes goes down as one of the most selfish players that I have ever seen. His childish behavior has often been ignored by the media because he has exceptional talent. 

He is a cancer on a team that needs everyone to gel together in order to make a run for the playoffs again this year. Hopefully for the Mets, Jerry Manuel can set this kid straight.


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