The Latest Free Agents Rumored to Be Signing With TNA

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

As it has been reported, since Jan. 4, 2010 TNA is being said to bring in even more familiar names to the promotion within the weeks following Monday Night iMPACT!

These last couple of weeks we've witnessed the re-signings and debuts of Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Hulk Hogan, Syxx-Pac, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Brian Kendrick, Generation ME, and others, but they aren't the last of many acquisitions TNA have gained, or at least have their eyes on.

Bill Goldberg

Confirmed by Hogan himself, Goldberg and TNA are in talks. Though no specifics we're given, Hogan stated on a radio show that Goldberg may soon be joining TNA Wrestling, which may be huge for TNA.

Goldberg still has star power despite not being in a mainstream wrestling ring for more than five or so years. Goldberg still has many supporters from WCW fans, as well as those in TNA. I'm not going to talk out of my ass and say Goldberg could bring in ratings, but he may help TNA gain a few old-school fans.

Kenny Dykstra

Probably one guy TNA may not want to miss out on is Kenny Dykstra. Hogan confirmed on the very same radio show, that TNA and Dykstra are in talks, and Dykstra has even expressed interest in coming in to TNA, as well as asking fans to ask Dixie Carter to sign him to the promotion.

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For those of you that don;t know WWE saw plans to put Dykstra in the Main Event scene, but he was kind of a hothead backstage, which probably ended his push, and not to mention the incident with himself, then-fiancee Mickie James, and a fan who wanted an autograph from Dykstra, despite all of this to be at a young age of 23 Dykstra, is a very talented young man,and TNA could use him.

Billy Kidman

This one actually shocked me. Hogan said he is trying to bring in former WCW & WWE Star Billy Kidman, and the reason this is shocking is due to the fact that Hogan and Kidman have historical beef, as Hogan never saw Kidman as a potential top draw, which is one reason he wasn't pushed beyond WCW's Crusierweight Division.

Though with this recent news it seems Hogan and Kidman may have buried the hatchet, or Hogan is full of shit with this one.

For those of you who don't know Kidman was recently hired as a trainer for FCW. Not sure if he's still under contract with WWE or not, but either way he shouldn't have a non-compete clause if he is still contracted, and decides to sign with TNA seeing as how he's a trainer.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Once again on the radio show, Hogan confirmed that TNA and Randy Savage are in talks about a return to the promotion.

I'm not too excited about this one. I wasn't much of a Macho Man fan to be honest, but as long as he doesn't wrestle, then I won't have too much of a problem with it.

It'd be nice for Savage to be a mouthpiece for one of the young talents in TNA that heavily need to up their mic work ala Eric Young.

Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart is said to be joining TNA with Team Hogan as well, I don't know what the deal is with this, but Hart also teased his rumored addition to TNA.

I think what we're seeing here is a possible TNA/Wrestlicious cross promotion with TNA rumored to be losing a few KnockOuts.

Honky Tonk Man

It's being reported that The Honky Tonk Man is close to signing a contract with TNA, not much is known about the HTM/TNA signing,but more news should be reported soon.


It's being said that John Heidenreich may be appearing with TNA for one or two shows as a try out basis. In my opinion, this may be one of the best TNA signings of out all of the rumored names.

Heidenreich at one time was the top heel on WWE's SmackDown roster,and WWE really dropped the ball on him, I thought Heidenriech had true potential in WWE, and could have been the then-Sheamus. WWE seriously dropped the ball on him in my opinion.

Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer is said to be TNA-bound,and has even reportedly told friends he's headed to TNA Wrestling.

It's already been said that Dreamer is set to work as an agent for TNA, until his non compete clause with WWE ends(if he has one), then will begin appearing on TV afterwards.

Rob Van Dam

Not much to say here but the same old crap. Van Dam is still HEAVILY rumored to be signing with TNA, and officially joining the company at some point this year.

This is just my opinion,but if Van Dam signs with TNA, then Paul Heyman may very well be a lock for the promotion.

Heyman is a huge supporter of Ken Anderson, RVD, and Samoa Joe, and it's rumored that Heyman is interested in having an on screen role as Ken Anderson's manager, aside from his would-be Creative Team role.

Also, it should be noted that these rumored signings have been reported on various sites, and not myself.

UPDATE: Diamond Dallas Page Is next to soon be joining TNA,as he has confirmed that he & Eric Bischoff are in talks about giving him a dhort stint with the company,so expect Page to come in with a short-term contract deal soon. I'll update the list of rumored names expected to come in to TNA ,as soon as more become available.


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