In's, Outs and What Have You's: Volume 1

Matt CastonguayContributor IJanuary 26, 2010

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 10:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots takes off his helmet as he walks to the sideline against the Baltimore Ravens during the 2010 AFC wild-card playoff game at Gillette Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is almost here; Could there possibly be a better time for the first installment of my new blog? I didn't think so...

Coming up soon, we've got the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, and quite possibly winter golf in Western Massachusetts. Why shouldn't I be excited?

Well, the Pro Bowl isn't much to look forward to. Besides the NBA All-Star games' Dunk contest, it may be the least interesting all-star contest in all of pro sports. And more than ever, that'll be the case this year since so many people have dropped out of it and the two best teams (Colts and Saints) probably won't send anyone since they'll be preparing for the Super Bowl.

I understand the potential financial gain of moving the Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl and holding it in the same city; but I'd imagine the cost (many of the games marquee players not appearing) would bring it down. The only less interesting lineup annually is the NBA's Dunk contest. At least LeBron is going to be in that thi- Oh, never mind....

Even though I'd much rather see the Favre-Manning match up in SB 44, I guess I'm alright with the Colts/Saints, considering I love Peyton Manning and want desperately for him to get another ring (or four) so we can stop talking about Tom Brady in the same breath. When it's all said and done, Peyton Manning will be THE greatest quarterback to have ever played the game from a numbers stand point. Give him a second, maybe a third ring in the coming years, and you have a god amongst men. In twenty years, comparing Manning to Brady will sound as ridiculous as comparing Marino and Montana to anyone else of their generation. Besides, talking negatively about Tom Brady allows me to share with you this wonderful picture of one of my favorite sights, a dejected Tom Brady....

Switching gears now (sorry, I couldn't resist) to NASCAR and the Daytona 500, which is coming up on Valentines Day. I know for many of you, this isn't even on your radar; but for me, Daytona 500 time is almost as exciting as the beginning of Major League Baseball's postseason. It's a promising sign of the coming summer. This year, I'm geeked for two things in the sport; 1. The rise of Kyle Busch to super-stardom and 2. The re-introducing of rear spoilers in place of the silly looking (and difficult to work with) rear wings.

First of all, Kyle Busch. For anyone who follows the sport closely, love him or hate him you must admit, there are few drivers who can rival his natural ability. That being said, he's kind of lacked that veteran leadership at JGR that any promising young athlete needs. Tony Stewart was there for a year, but even then, Tony Stewart is no Jeff Burton in the maturity department. At Gibbs, Busch is the veteran leadership and it finally looks like he's done some growing up.

After a disappointing season last year (despite four victories) Busch is back and this time, working with Dave Rodgers, who had been crewing the JGR #20 in the Nationwide Series for the last couple years. Busch and Rodgers were together for the final few races last year and showed promise going forward into 2010.

Personally, I think the biggest thing for Busch in 2010, is that he is now a team owner. Not in the Cup or Nationwide series, but in the Camping World Truck series. That being said, he's still in charge and is going to need to mature and mature fast. And when he does, the rest of NASCAR, Jimmie Johnson included, ought to look out.

The second thing I'm excited about is the return of rear spoilers to NASCAR's top series. Lets be honest, we all hate the look of the car of tomorrow. Its boxy and just, blah. It looks more like a field of 43 Geo-Trackers going round and round in circles on Sundays. Then NASCAR releases images of the Nationwide COT and and everyone loves it and wonders, "why the hell couldn't NASCAR have waited 2 years and had these? they're perfect?" Well, finally, the sport is taking steps to fix the issue.

It's widely believed in NASCAR circles that a new rear spoiler will replace the wing as soon as the Spring Bristol race. There's already been a test at Texas Motor Speedway and one is scheduled at Lowe's Motor Speedway. It looks like NASCAR is on its way to fixing its two-year-old mess and I, for one, am damn excited...

On a personal note, I've got to say I'm loving the winter we're having. Knock on wood (rub the lucky rabbit's foot, cross the fingers, etc etc), this warm spell will continue. I've found myself falling asleep to Golf Channel programming and dreaming of green fairways (even if they're soaking wet and I'm wearing long johns and a snow hat) in February. I know I'm probably alone in feeling that way but hey, a boy can dream...

Well, I think that's it for me for now. If you've got any comments, bring 'em. I'd love to hear it. Until next time, kiddies, keep your head on a swivel and watch the beverage, man. 



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