The Burning Questions Surrounding NASCAR As the 2010 Season Kicks Off

Jason CarterContributor IJanuary 26, 2010

Well folks, we are less than two weeks away from the Budweiser Shootout and a brand new NASCAR season. A season that will bring back the spoiler, bump drafting, and the question we have been asking the past three seasons. Will anybody be able to knock of Jimmie Johnson? I don't have that answer yet but I can give you answers to some other burning questions.

1. Is NASCAR making a mistake by bringing back bump drafting? I hear people all the time arguing one side of this story or the other. "NASCAR is gonna get somebody killed," said a fan. "NASCAR needs to let em rub," said another. "The problem aint the bumping, it's the blocking," said fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Well, the problem I see is that these guys are racers and racers race. What happened at Talladega last fall was the drivers way of saying "Screw You NASCAR" for sticking them in a box. And that wasn't fun for anybody involved with the race. I for one would like to see the wicker on top of the car like it was in 2000 to 2001, but I don't that will work with this car. So as far as bump drafting goes, I don't see it as bringing bump drafting back, I believe it's more of letting the drivers be racers and race.

2. Should NASCAR keep the wing or switch to the spoiler? I am a big fan of the spoiler and have been for years. I don't believe a stock-car is a stock-car with that big ugly wing back there. So look wise, I give it to the spoiler. But when it comes to racing only time will tell.

3. Will the fans come back? Well, the economy played a big part the last two years but I think it's time for NASCAR to let the driver be themselves ON and OFF the track. If you go to short tracks across America, you will see white knuckle racing, tempers flaring, and full grandstands. NASCAR has said they will get back to basics racing and from what I see, it looks like tracks are giving back to the fan this year on ticket prices. So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the fans will return.

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4. Uniform start times, good or bad? How about GREAT. For years, everbody wanted more night racing then promoters thought it would be good to start having Sunday races finishing at night. That was one horrible idea after another. Sunday races should be on Sunday afternoons and night races should be kept on Saturday night. With the exceptions going to the Sunday night races held on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.

5. Dale Earnhardt Jr? Yes, probably one of the biggest questions is in fact Dale Jr. Can he still drive, does he have too much going on outside the track, will he and Lance McGrew ever win a race? Well, a little birdie told me that since NASCAR is going back to its roots, there is a certain driver who plans on going back to his family roots and plans on being "ruthless".

Well,those are the top five questions that my friends have sent to me over the past week or so. If you yourself have any questions throughout the year about the way I see it or you want some NASCAR gift ideas for your girlfriend, just shoot me an email.