Jonathan SecoreContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

  If you herd the theme song for this year’s Royal Rumble, you’d know it’s a new track from Fozzy’s new cd “Chasing the Grail”. The band consists of Chris Jericho as the lead singer, Rich Ward as the lead guitarist, Frank Frontsere as the drummer, and finally Sean Delson as the bassist. Despite my feelings for Chris Jericho and his foolish choice as a self absorbed, hypocritical, looser, who lost to DX 3 times now! He has an awesome band and a great set of pipes. When it comes to metal bands, Fozzy hasn’t lost their touch.


  Sense I was about 12; I’ve listened to Fozzy and enjoyed all their music. In 1999 Fozzy was a cover band for  Ozzy Osbourne and at the time Rich Ward assembled the band from any musicians he could find during the week until eventually Chris Jericho showed up. After a show in San Antonio Texas, Chris was invited to play with Fozzy. Jericho played a few sessions, liked it but didn’t plan on being a permanent member of Fozzy.

   In 2000 Y2J Suffered a Severe ankle injury he had nothing better to do, so he rejoined to become the front man for Fozzy and completely changed his persona and changed his name to Mongoose McQueen, pretending to be completely different from his wrestling Character. Eventually adopted a 20 year contract already signed contract and became very popular. Once returning back to America Jericho and the band found out all their music was being ripped of by a few of our popular bands today.

   From 2002 to 2003 Fozzy made cover albums until finally Fozzy signed with a new record label in 2004. Their 3rd album “All That Remains” featured all original tracks. All That Remains featured guest appearances by musicians such as Zakk Wylde, and Ozzy Osbourne. Not only that the album was recognized in many metal magazines. Jericho was becoming a metal god at an early career.

  Finally in March 2009, Fozzy was working on their 4th and most recent album, “Chasing the Grail” and their new track “Martyr No More” will be featured as this years Royal Rumble theme song. I know this Article has nothing to do with sports. But I finally wrote something nice about Chris Jericho. So enjoy it, because it will be rare That I do.


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