Tyson Would NOT Fight Evander Without a STEROID TEST!!! Tyson = Coward??

Horus LivesContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

FUll CREDIT, goes to COACH WEBB a poster who did the research to uncover this ground breaking read.

Tyson would NOT fight Evander without a steroid test!!!

To be completely fair, what Floyd is asking for has been done before. Tyson did it to Evander before their second fight. Read below. This is not meant to be a flaming war. It actually shows both sides of this situation with Pacquiao and Mayweather..

From the book "The Holyfield Way"


"There was a prior hint of this defeatist attitude a few weeks earlier when Marc Ratner, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, called to tell me that Tyson would not fight Evander, unless he took a steroid test.

This did not bother me at all, because I knew with certainty from many talks with Evander on this topic, that he had never used steroids. Evander told me some people urged him to use steroids, especially when moving up to the heavyweight division.

Evander always refused for one reason: he would never have known whether he could have done it without the steroids. I wasn't worried about the test, and I knew a refusal would be taken as evidence of guilt. On the other hand,

Tyson had no propable cause to request such a test and absolutely no right to require one as a condition for the fight going forward. I discussed this with Evander, who came up with a brillant solution. He said that he would take the test provided that the results would not be revealed to Tyson, until after the fight"

Holyfield-"I laughed when Tyson was demanding that I take a steroid test. I saw Tyson's look when he saw me with my shirt off at the weigh- in for the last fight. He couldn't believe how big and muscular I had become from how hard I trained. I knew he must have convinced himself that I had won the fight cheating somehow, because he couldn't face the fact that I was just stronger than him. I was happy to take a steroid test, because I have never used steroids in my life, but I didn't want Tyson to have comfort of knowing that I was not using steroids. I wanted Tyson to continue to think that I had an unfair advantage over him so he would give himself an excuse for losing again."

Take the above from Evander's book for what its worth. I think we can kind of see both sides of the coin with these statements.

I posted this so many can quit complaining about how it has NEVER been done before. But as we see, it HAS been and it happened in NEVADA..we can also seen both arguments in his book

So according to the PACQUIAO supporters arguments, I guess IRON MIKE TYSON was a coward and didnt want the fight.!!!!

BTW, Holyfield never tested positive for steroids prior to this fight.

Tyson was asking for a new precedent with the type of testing he was requesting, similar to what Floyd is asking of Manny. as ways to evade the testing evolve, so does the testing, it doesnt matter what kind of testing it was, as 1996 is not 2010.




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