2009 NFL Poetic Season In Review

Samuel Bell JrSenior Analyst IJanuary 4, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 03:  Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates a touchdown by Felix Jones against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium on January 3, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The reality of the 2009 NFL season coming to a close truly smacked me on the side of the head when I woke up this morning.

No promotional ads for Monday Night Football from ESPN. That meant no more ads with that Asian woman with the ridiculous laugh or the "Green Teeth Guy."


This season has seemed to fly by, and after a long wait that extended into August, all I have is the NFL Playoffs left to savor before what I call "Famine Season" approaches.

In a tribute to the best sport ever, I've made a poem reviewing some story lines that made the 2009 NFL season one to remember.

Enjoy, and get ready for a week of Wild Card rematches.

The Bills signed T.O,

That turned out to be a laugh,

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Buffalo lost 10 games,

They fired their entire coaching staff.

Tom Brady returned,

He didn't crash and burn,

But his favorite target Wes Welker,

Has caused panic and concern.

Another knee injury to a Patriot star,

Perhaps My Fair Brady won't go too far,

Rex Ryan overachieved,

Despite the fact that he believed,

His Jets were done prematurely,

Perhaps Sanchez was the starter too early,

He had 20 interceptions,

He and Braylon made a small connection,

Too bad Chicago couldn't offer Cutler more protection.

He led the league with 25 picks,

But found Aromashodu as a good target,

Maybe next year but who knows where,

Lovie Smith will be,

Maybe still the coach of Chi-City,

Or not,

But Brandon Marshall is all Denver's got,

And with his latest benching by McDaniels,

Their relationship may be shot,

Denver started 6-0, Finished at 8-8,

It is McDaniels' first year so we can give him a break.

Cincy had two tragedies,

Mike Zimmer's wife and Chris Henry,

Their deaths were very unexpected,

All fans were adversely affected,

But the Bengals still connected and won the division,

The defending champs missed the playoffs,

Their roster needs revision.

Ray Rice emerged as a double-threat,

Along with McGahee,

They won three of their last five which kept them alive.

Joe Flacco's the real deal,

So is Matt Ryan,

But the sophomore slump left the Falcons and Ryan eyeing,

A return to the playoffs for 2010,

Maybe they can have a healthy Gonzalez again.

Titans started 0-6 under Kerry,

Jeff Fisher became weary,

Put Vince Young in and they were relevant again,

His performance was arousing,

They won eight games through all of the doubting,

Man that Johnson's impressive,

He ran for over 2,000.

Peyton was again Peyton,

His Colts team were the blatant,

AFC elite favorites, and just so you know,

Jim Caldwell pulled the starters,

Indy could've very well went 16-0,

Reggie Wayne is the receiver that makes them go,

They were helped by 4th-and-2,

Belichick we all secretly love you,

Because we hated your dominance,

But admire all of the competitive things you do.

Schaub and Johnson nearly made the playoffs,

Randy Moss again was cited for taking plays off,

Rivers and Jackson were beasts in San Diego,

The Raiders again needed a map from Dora the Explorer and Diego,

Apparently Al Davis doesn't know which way to go,

JaMarcus Russell has been far from special.

The Redskins skid under Zorn,

Which caused Daniel Snyder to scorn,

He was fired,

Favre didn't retire,

And fought with Brad Childress because of competitive fire,

Cable punched an assistant and called ESPN liars,

When it was revealed it wasn't his first offense,

Hasselbeck and Seattle were sleepless on offense.

Aaron Rodgers is amazing,

So is Charles Woodson,

Because of Eli's performance Peyton's considered "The Good Son."

Drew Brees went off and so did the Saints,

Won 13 in a row, Finally had a defense that's a formidable foe,

Until they ran into Tony Romo,

He and his Cowboys had a feast,

On New Orleans' undefeated record and won the NFC East.

Vick returned well from the pen,

Favre and Peterson got Childress an extension,

The Rams were cellar-dwellers,

Detroit and Stafford were less than stellar,

But Stafford's future looks bright,

So does Chris Beanie Wells,

Arizona again won the NFC West,

Alex Smith actually did well.

Vernon Davis has reached potential,

Raheem Morris is in trouble,

He's only had one year,

Giants Stadium will soon be rubble.

New York A fell on their faces,

Chris Henry is in God's graces,

2010 will bring a new season,

Let's hope the Super Bowl will be gracious,

And give a repeat of Steelers-Cards,

Where a new world champion is hiding in the cards.

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