MLB: 2010 Predictions By Caesar Cliffius

Cliff Eastham@RedsToTheBoneSenior Writer IIJanuary 1, 2010

It is customary, I suppose, at the beginning of each year to list some resolutions you intend to adhere to, in an effort to become a better person.

I, Caesar Cliffius, realizing that I cannot improve on what I am (not that I am perfect, just complacent), decided to try my hand at prognostication.

Below are five of my predictions for 2010 in the world of Major League Baseball.

No. 5: 20 Wins for Homer Bailey

Don't laugh! The timing is perfect for Homer Bailey to step up and be the best pitcher on the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff. After a few years of being yanked up and down between Louisville and Cincinnati, he is poised to become the No. 1 starter on the staff and a 20-game winner.

No. 4: A Triple Crown for Miguel Cabrera

It still blows my mind to realize that Miguel Cabrera is only 26-years-old. He has been as consistent offensively as just about anybody you can name. This will be his year!

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His averages (based on 162 games) in his six full seasons are .315/34/118.

No. 3: Jason Bay Disappoints the Mets

Jason Bay has been a very sturdy player over his young career. The 2004 Rookie of the Year has averaged over 30 HRs and 100 RBIs each year, but this year, he will fold under the pressure to prove he deserves the big money.

He will hit less than 25 HR and drive in no more than 75 runs, while his average goes south to the .250 mark.

No. 2: Reds win the NL Central

I hear the sarcastic remarks from where I sit. I know they have had problems and haven't had a winner since Moby Dick was a minnow, but hey, things can change.

They will ride Bailey's 20-win performance into the playoffs.

No. 1: Seattle Mariners win the World Series

The Mariners have been as busy as just about any other team during the offseason trying to bolster their squad. They obtained former Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee in the infamous Roy Halladay tricycle. Lee and King Felix are as good a tandem as there is in baseball.

With the best pure hitter in baseball in Ichiro Suzuki , they are a power hitter away from being fantastic.

Well, the crystal ball has gone black, so we will have to stop there, but I am sure this is enough to blow your mind as it is.

Happy New Year!

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