Final WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Picks for Rhodes vs. Rollins and Full Match Card

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJune 5, 2022

Final WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Picks for Rhodes vs. Rollins and Full Match Card

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    WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 is selling itself on name brand alone rather than a stacked card filled with must-see matches.

    Almost everything is a repeat of what has gone before, and several titles aren't on the line. Many of the biggest names are sitting this event out, too, and it seems to be another low-effort pay-per-view like WrestleMania Backlash.

    Even with lackluster storylines, however, the Superstars on show Sunday night are talented and will put on the best event possible. No matter how well they perform, though, not everyone can walk out victorious.

    Let's toss out one more round of predictions as we run down the card and guess what will happen at Hell in a Cell at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Omos and MVP

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    Bobby Lashley took down Omos at WrestleMania, but they keep having match after match against each other.

    Omos scored a win at WrestleMania Backlash, and The All Mighty won their steel cage match on the May 16 edition of Raw. Logically, that should have been the end of their feud.

    Instead, WWE has decided to stretch it out even further—a running theme from WWE programming that is rampant on this card again—by adding MVP into the mix.

    We can only hope Sunday's handicap match is the end of this storyline.

    The best-case scenario here is Lashley emerging victorious, establishing himself as a top contender and faces Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank on July 2 for the top titles.

    Prediction: Lashley wins.

No Holds Barred Match: Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

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    After several weeks of being at odds with one another, mostly with Happy Corbin getting the edge in the fight, Madcap Moss will get an opportunity to unleash his anger in a No Holds Barred match.

    One can hope this will be the grand finale of this feud, as it has gone on long enough. Once they beat the pulp out of each other, that should leave nothing left for them to do.

    If that's the case, Moss winning makes the most sense. He's the one with more to gain over the more established star, whereas if Corbin is victorious, it will simply halt Moss's momentum and any attempts to be more than a midcard star.

    Prediction: Moss wins.

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match

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    The Judgment Day wants to spread their message, but AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan continue to take the fight to them.

    In another era, where PPVs matter more to WWE Creative, this would have taken place on Raw. The big blowoff would have been Edge vs. Styles, possibly inside Hell in a Cell, instead of a six-person mixed tag team match with no stakes.

    All the momentum is in The Judgment Day's corner, even after Morgan scored an upset over Rhea Ripley on Monday night.

    Don't be surprised if, despite it making no sense, Balor turns on his team and joins Judgment Day with a retroactive explanation that he saw this as an uphill battle and chose midmatch to stop fighting the group that is clearly doing a better job.

    Prediction: The Judgment Day wins.

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens

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    Flip a coin on this one. Nothing is on the line and there is no indication this feud is stopping anytime soon, so either man can win and it will have no bearing on the storyline.

    If Ezekiel triumphs, it will just upset Kevin Owens even more and he'll continue to seek ways to vent his anger; if KO wins, he will not have achieved his goal of proving Ezekiel is actually Elias.

    It's a shame this isn't a variant of an I Quit match in which Owens has to beat Ezekiel so badly that he admits he's Elias. Maybe that is happening down the line. It's impossible to know what WWE has in mind, or if there even is a plan here.

    Since a victory for Ezekiel will keep the feud going—and WWE is keen to do that for every storythat's the safer bet for Sunday.

    Prediction: Ezekiel wins.

United States Championship Match: Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

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    Mustafa Ali fans can cheer for him all they want, but he won't be walking out of Hell in a Cell with the United States Championship.

    Not only has he been beaten down every step of the way in this storyline, but he's also up against a Vince McMahon "project." Theory is the star being built for the future rather than Ali, who spent months on the shelf after requesting his release from WWE in January.

    WWE Creative has been all over the place with this feud, throwing in The Miz and Ciampa as well as crossing over with Veer Mahaan and The Mysterios. The only consistent thing has been Ali coming up short and Theory manipulating the situation for his benefit.

    The championship will mean more staying around Theory's waist, as WWE is far more interested in telling storylines revolving around heel champions than babyface titleholders.

    Prediction: Theory retains.

Raw Women's Championship Triple Threat Match

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    Whether this was the plan or not, all signs seemed to point in the direction of Asuka and Becky Lynch both fighting for the Raw Women's Championship in some fashion.

    A Triple Threat match with the titleholder is the most efficient way to do it, as it avoids running back another straightforward Bianca Belair vs. Lynch match.

    The downside to that is how The Empress of Tomorrow looks like the sacrificial lamb. Lynch is far too big of a star to take another loss, and Belair hasn't held the title long enough to put her in danger of dropping it.

    Lately, WWE hasn't bothered putting anywhere close to all the titles on each PPV. There's a good chance this belt sits out Money in the Bank while the creative team tries to figure out a new challenger for Belair and then Asuka and Lynch competing in the women's ladder match.

    The least likely option is Belair losing her championship, which would render everything leading up to WrestleMania 38 as a complete waste of time.

    Prediction: Belair retains.

Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

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    Cody Rhodes already defeated Seth Rollins twice before. Why are they wrestling again?

    The answer seems to be because WWE doesn't have anything for Roman Reigns, and this is the next highest-profile feud that could be justified as a main event. Tossing them inside the cage is supposed to spice it up, even though this storyline doesn't warrant it.

    Gone are the days when Hell in a Cell was a gimmick reserved solely for the bitterest rivalries.

    There are only two outcomes that make sense here. Either Rhodes wins again to continue building his credibility, or someone interferes to cost him the match so he can start a new feud and move on from Rollins.

    As nothing happened on Raw to point to anyone who could fit the bill for the interference angle, a win for The American Nightmare seems to be the likeliest outcome Sunday night.

    Prediction: Rhodes wins.

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