AEW Full Gear 2021 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2021

AEW Full Gear 2021 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    After months of buildup and storyline developments, All Elite Wrestling brought us its annual Full Gear pay-per-view Saturday.

    Other than the TNT Championship, every major title was on the line. For the tag team division, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo defended the AEW World Tag Team Championship against Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.

    Britt Baker put the AEW Women's World Championship on the line against Tay Conti, and Kenny Omega faced his former tag team partner and best friend when he defended the AEW World Championship against "Hangman" Adam Page.

    The biggest match of the night in terms of the number of competitors featured Dan Lambert and American Top Team working alongside The Men of the Year to take on The Inner Circle in a Minneapolis Street Fight.

    We also saw Miro battle Bryan Danielson in the final of the World Title Eliminator Tournament, MJF face Darby Allin in what might be the final match in their blood feud, CM Punk square off with Eddie Kingston and much more.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened at this year's Full Gear PPV.

Jamie Hayter and Nyla Rose vs. Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida

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    After we saw previews for every match on the card, Tony Schiavone brought out Dante Martin to the ring in front of his hometown. He barely got to speak two words before he was interrupted by The Acclaimed.

    They tried to recruit Martin to their team. He responded with right hands to both men and took them out with a huge dive from the top rope.

    The buy-in match saw Nyla Rose team up with Jamie Hayter to take on Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida. Rose and Rosa tried to feel each other out before Rose hit a kick to the stomach and a running shoulder.

    Rosa escaped her grasp and took her down for a quick two-count. Shida tagged in and kept The Native Beast cornered with some double-team offense.

    Hayter got the tag and helped her team gain control. They kept the upper hand for several minutes as they put Shida through the wringer. Serena Deeb was shown sitting at ringside as Shida was being dominated.

    Shida reversed a suplex from Hayter, but Rosa still had to come in a moment later and save her partner from being pinned. Rosa and Rose both tagged in at the same time and started brawling. Rosa was able to control the pace until Hayter broke up a pin.

    Rosa and Shida climbed to the top and took out their opponents with crossbody blocks. Deeb and Shida came face-to-face, but Vickie Guerrero took out Shida with a kendo stick while the ref was distracted.

    After a few close calls, Shida and Rosa scored the win and celebrated on the ramp as their opponents and Deeb looked on with disappointment on their faces.

    Grade: B



    The first couple of minutes had good energy, but a few awkward moments slowed the momentum. Once Rose and Hayter had the upper hand, things became a little smoother.

    Rosa and Shida are both great at selling for larger opponents, so they did a good job making this look like a competitive fight. The chops Hayter and Rosa exchanged at one point were especially brutal.

    As the match progressed, it continued to get better. They kept upping the ante with big spots, and there were some great exchanges with every combination of opponents.

    On most nights, this would have gotten a better grade, but there has to be room left to grow considering some of the other planned bouts. This was a good way to kick off the action.

Darby Allin vs. MJF

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    When the main show got going, MJF made his way to the ring for his match against Allin. He had a special robe made for the occasion and forced Justin Roberts to say he could beat his opponent with a headlock takeover.

    MJF teased a lockup but just brushed Allin across the side of the head. They locked up for real, and MJF hit a few side headlock takeovers. Allin shoved him out of frustration, and they squared off again.

    They traded holds and takedowns in a show of technical skill. They went move for move until coming to a stalemate. MJF nailed him with a hard right hand to take control after refusing to make a clean break in the corner.

    Allin drilled him with a suicide dive and threw his opponent into the steps. MJF avoided the Coffin Drop on the apron, and Allin went crashing to the floor. MJF hit a spinning backbreaker for a close two-count.

    MJF started to look confident as he put Allin in the corner for a superplex. The risk-taker countered and hit a unique stunner to bring them both back to the mat. He put MJF in position, but he rolled away before Allin could hit his finisher.

    Allin refused to stay down after every punch and told MJF to give him more. He grabbed Allin in a Scorpion Deathlock, but the former TNT champion was able to counter the hold. Allin started to work on his opponent's knee before applying a Figure Four.

    MJF delivered a tombstone piledriver on the apron and both men fell to the floor. Both men were visibly injured as they got back into the ring. They grabbed each other and rolled around in an inside cradle for a few seconds. After several two-counts, Allin hit a Code Red for another close fall.

    After MJF rolled out to the floor, Allin hit a Coffin Drop. MJF blocked a second attempt but hurt his own knee at the same time. Sting prevented Wardlow and Shawn Spears from getting involved.

    MJF gave Allin his skateboard and dared him to take the shot and get disqualified. While the ref got rid of it, MJF hit Allin with his diamond ring to steal the pin.

    Grade: A



    The story of this match was MJF trying to prove that Allin can't hold a candle to him in the ring and Allin trying to prove that he was more than just stunts.

    At first, they kept things technical and had a brilliant exchange. As they progressed, each spot looked more painful for the recipient. They upped the intensity at a good pace, so they built up the excitement in the crowd over time.

    It's hard to think of many ways this could have been improved. They left everything in the ring and gave us a great match. They set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Lucha Bros vs. FTR (AEW Tag Titles)

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    As soon as the bell rang, all four men started brawling. It came down to Harwood and Penta in the ring for a standoff. They traded shots until Harwood started trying different pins.

    Fenix and Wheeler tagged in and had their own exchange of quick moves and counters. Harwood saved his partner from a double kick to the head. They were able to take out both Lucha Bros when they attempted different dives out of the ring.

    Fenix hit some quick kicks to Harwood before tagging in Penta to hit a pair of sling blades. FTR was stacked in the corner, so the Lucha Bros could hit an assisted cannonball.

    The champs put FTR in a double submission until the ref broke it up. Wheeler tied Penta's mask to the bottom rope so Harwood could stomp on him.

    Once Fenix came in, he went on a rampage of high-flying moves and strikes. Wheeler used one of the title belts as a weapon, but Fenix still kicked out.

    Harwood tried to hit the Three Amigos, but Penta countered the third and hit the trio of suplexes himself. Fenix followed up with a frog splash for a close two-count.

    After several two-counts from both teams, the Lucha Bros pinned the wrong man because he was wearing a mask to trick the ref.

    Grade: A-



    This match was highly anticipated before the show because these two teams are considered among the best in the industry. As expected, they were up to the challenge.

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that AEW has more relaxed rules for tag matches, so some of the double-team stuff seemed excessive. When you remember that the ref has discretion, though, it makes it easier to handle.

    FTR is great at using old-school tag team tactics like making the ref miss a tag from the opposing team or distracting him so the other partner can break the rules. The Eddie Guerrero tributes were also a nice touch.

    Some people might argue that this bout had a few too many false finishes, but that is a minor complaint in a match that was this much fun.

Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Miro was out first for his match with Bryan Danielson to determine the next No. 1 contender for the AEW World Championship. Danielson offered a handshake that Miro refused.

    They locked up, and Miro easily shoved Danielson to the mat. The American Dragon hit some strikes to take control. Miro sent him out of the ring with one shot to the body.

    Danielson came back in and went at Miro even harder, but The Redeemer threw him off and knocked him down with one shoulder tackle. They went outside, where Miro dropped Danielson with a belly-to-belly suplex. He rammed The American Dragon into the barricade and steps.

    The big man kept the upper hand for a long time by grounding Danielson while hitting punches and kicks to the body. Danielson shoved him into the ring post and hit a flying knee from the apron.

    He locked Miro in a kneebar when they got back into the ring, but Miro was able to break the hold and lift up Danielson for a German suplex.

    The American Dragon hit numerous knee strikes to the head and body before he stomped Miro's head into the mat. The Redeemer scooped him up for a powerbomb out of nowhere to get a two-count. He locked Danielson in a deep camel clutch, but his foe reached the rope to force a break.

    Danielson then put his opponent in the LeBell Lock, but the powerhouse escaped and delivered a few elbows to the face. Danielson grabbed him in a triangle until Miro gouged his eyes.

    Danielson ended up hitting a huge DDT and locking Miro in a guillotine for the win.

    Grade: A-



    This was as hard-hitting and brutal as you would expect with these two competitors involved. Miro's power and Danielson's technical ability meshed well.

    The longer this went, the harder it became to predict the outcome. At many points, it felt like Miro was going to get the win.

    While it's hard to say whether this was Danielson's best match in AEW, it might be safe to say that it was Miro's.

    Finding fault in this match would be difficult for even the toughest critics. If you don't like to watch two guys beat the hell out of each other, why are you watching pro wrestling in the first place?

Jurassic Express and Christian Cage vs. Superkliq

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    This six-man Falls Count Anywhere match kicked off with all six men going at it right away. Christian grabbed Adam Cole while Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus went after the Bucks.

    Luchasaurus took out both Bucks with a dive over the top rope as Captain Charisma went after Cole. Since this match had a lot of moving parts and too much going on at any one time to describe, it's best to keep it brief and skip to the finish.

    We saw Cole busted open, a few people go through tables and several other big spots with a ladder and the stage before Jungle Boy pinned Matt Jackson following a ConChairTo for the win.

    Grade: B+



    This was never going to be a technical clinic or even a high-flying spot-fest. This was all about six men who wanted to beat each other senseless.

    Bouts like this are hard to manage. Planned spots have to be part of it without looking too choreographed and allowing space for improvisation. They did a good job making everything flow, but there were times when some big spots weren't sold for as long as they should be.

    Luchasaurus might have been the breakout star of this match. He had several standout moments and performed unique spots with all of his opponents. He and Jungle Boy also had some good double-team moves along the way. Overall, this was a good match that left a little room for improvement.

    Some of the stuff with Brandon Cutler was a bit much, but it always is.

Cody Rhodes and Pac vs. Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black were out first for their tag match against Cody Rhodes and PAC. As he made his way out, Rhodes gave his belt to a fan at ringside.

    PAC and El Idolo started for their teams, but Rhodes tagged himself in before they could make contact. Pac did the same thing a moment later. Andrade took advantage of their argument, but PAC fired back right away.

    El Idolo and Black worked together much better than their opponents and kept Pac isolated for a short time. Rhodes tagged in and got in some offense. El Idolo almost messed up a spot on the apron but recovered and kept it moving.

    Black and El Idolo started to have some communication issues as they tried to keep PAC away from his partner. Rhodes came in and almost hit Black with his finisher, but Black drilled Rhodes with Black Mass when he wasn't the legal man. Pac sent both opponents out of the ring and hit a beautiful moonsault.

    Arn Anderson beat up Jose to get him away from the ring so that he wouldn't interfere. El Idolo dropped PAC across the barricade before Black tagged in and took over.

    Rhodes was unavailable for a tag when PAC needed it because the ringside doctor was checking on him. El Idolo took advantage with a DDT on the apron for a two-count on PAC.

    The American Nightmare was booed as he got back on the apron. He tagged in and took it to both opponents. He locked El Idolo in a Figure Four, but PAC tagged himself in and hit a 450 to El Idolo for a near-fall. PAC hit the Black Arrow for the pin on El Idolo.

    Grade: B+



    After each of the previous matches kept upping the intensity and violence, it was nice to have this bout bring us back to some traditional mat wrestling for a bit.

    The spot with El Idolo almost messing up on the apron was the only weak point in this match. Everything else was performed with great precision and showmanship.

    Neither team getting along was an interesting dynamic because it's usually just one pair with issues in this kind of match.

Britt Baker vs. Tay Conti (AEW Women's Title)

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The guitarist from Fozzy played Britt Baker to the ring for her AEW women's title match against No. 1 contender Tay Conti. Rebel and Hayter were at Baker's side for this bout.

    Baker started quickly with a roll-up just to get Conti's attention. Conti avoided the Lockjaw, and Baker avoided the DDTay. They shoved each other a bit before locking up again.

    The BJJ practitioner threw around the champ with some wristlocks and hit a boot to the face before putting Baker in an armbar over the top rope. D.M.D. pulled her back up and hit a suplex after Hayter hit the rope to trip up Conti.

    They traded strikes, and Baker choked her challenger on the bottom rope. Conti stomped on Baker's hand to make it harder to apply the Lockjaw. She hit a few clotheslines and a pair of running boots to the face.

    Conti hit a release German suplex for a two-count. The champ blocked another suplex and hit the stomp for a near-fall. Rebel gave her the glove for the Lockjaw, but Conti hit a cutter out of nowhere for another two-count.

    Baker spiked her with a piledriver on the apron, but when she went for her submission, Conti got to the rope. She grabbed D.M.D. for the TayKO to get another close two-count.

    Conti avoided the Lockjaw again but seemed a little out of it as she climbed up the ropes. She took out Rebel and Hayter with a moonsault from the top to the floor and dropped Baker with a swinging slam.

    After a bit of a struggle, Baker was able to score the win by rolling Conti into a pin.

    Grade: B-



    This match had the unfortunate task of following several potential Match of the Night candidates, but they did a respectable job keeping the crowd invested.

    There were times when it seemed like both competitors were hesitating before moving to the next sequence, but they were few and far between.

    Some of the bumps we saw in this were wild, and both women will probably be feeling this match for a few days. Conti will get the belt eventually. She's on her way to the top.

Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Before the ref could call for the bell, Eddie Kingston nailed CM Punk with a massive backfist. Once the match got started, Kingston kept on him and brought him out of the ring.

    Punk got him in the corner for some knees to the body, but Kingston grabbed him and threw him across the ring. He beat down Punk with lefts and rights in the corner before Punk flew at him from the middle rope with a clothesline.

    The Straight-Edge Superstar went after Kingston's hand by slamming it into the steps. The Mad King shoved him into the ring post. Punk started bleeding from his head almost immediately.

    He took down Kingston with a clothesline from the apron after yelling at the members of the crowd who were booing him. He had the upper hand for a few minutes, but Kingston tripped him on the top turnbuckle and unloaded on him with clubbing blows.

    Kingston hit a superplex, and after both men made it back to their feet, they started swinging. Punk grabbed him for the GTS but couldn't capitalize on it because he was so worn out. After one more GTS, he scored the win.

    Punk offered his hand to Kingston, who just walked away and pushed the cameraman as he departed.

    Grade: A-



    They promised us a fight, and they delivered as promised. This was not a match made up of holds, counters and takedowns. If less than 95 percent of this bout was made up of strikes, it would be shocking.

    The blood, the trash-talking and the brutality of their offense all helped make this an entertaining encounter. The crowd being split helped make it even more enjoyable because Punk was getting booed here and there.

    Sometimes, a slobberknocker is the best way to go, and this was one of those occasions. Let's hope this is not the only time we get to see these two mix it up.

The Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year and American Top Team

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The 10-man Minneapolis Street Fight between The Inner Circle and the alliance of American Top Team and Men of the Year was up next.

    Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky started for their teams. For some reason, everyone else went to the apron despite this being a Street Fight. Like the six-man match earlier, this will have too much action to describe everything, so we will skip to the final moments.

    Guevara hit a massive senton from the top of a huge ladder to put Sky through a table. Chris Jericho eventually got Lambert alone so that he could beat him up with a kendo stick for a bit.

    Jericho ended up hitting a splash to pin Lambert for his team. He paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero after the match with a look to the sky.

    Grade: C+



    Anything with more than six competitors has a chance of getting out of control and losing focus. That may be why they chose to start with some traditional tagging instead of getting right to the Street Fight part of this match.

    Andrei Arlovski and Junior dos Santos did a good job adjusting to the pro wrestling style because they weren't asked to stand on their own. They had Sky and Ethan Page to help make their team look good.

    The stuff with Dan Lambert is going to be hit-or-miss depending on your sense of humor. Even with him bringing down the match for some, everybody else picked up the slack along the way.

    It was great to see Santana and Ortiz back in the spotlight. They are one of AEW's best tag teams and have been out of the title picture for too long.

    The strength of this match was that Jericho wasn't carrying the weight for his team. Everybody else did that while Jericho focused on his rivalry with Lambert.

    In the end, this was little more than a series of spots and short sequences. There was little to no storytelling because that is so hard in a match involving this many competitors. It was probably more fun for the live crowd than those watching at home.

    On a show with so many other strong performances, this bout fell just short of being on their level.

Kenny Omega vs. Adam Page (AEW World Title)

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    Before the main event, Jay Lethal was announced as the company's newest signing. He challenged Guevara to a TNT title match on Dynamite, and the champ accepted right away.

    Page received a special entrance, complete with his trusty horse. After the official introductions, the ref called for the bell and the main event got underway.

    They fought to get the upper hand, but neither man could get the clear lead for too long. Chops were thrown, forearms were hit and the crowd cheered with each strike.

    They took the fight out of the ring as they kept trying new ways to take out each other. Hangman hit a huge clothesline from the top rope for a one-count. Omega began to build some momentum and started to take control.

    The Cleaner set up for a springboard but changed his mind. The momentary delay allowed Page to get in a few shots before Omega hit a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Hangman drilled him with a boot to the face a moment later.

    Whenever one man got close to hitting one of his finishers, the other would turn the tables. They went back and forth this way for several minutes until Page countered the One-Winged Angel. Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 for a close two-count.

    Page removed a camera from the ring post and stood on it to dive on to Omega with a clothesline to put him through a table at ringside. Omega saw the Buckshot coming and moved back. Hangman hit a rolling elbow and a popup powerbomb. Omega pulled the ref into the Buckshot to avoid the impact.

    Page hit the Deadeye, and Aubrey Edwards ran to the ring to make a close two-count. They traded big strikes until Omega hit a few knees to the face. Page blocked the first V-Trigger, but Omega hit the second. Hangman turned him inside out with a clothesline as the crowd chanted "AEW."

    The Young Bucks limped toward the ring as Omega hit a brutal back suplex. Page popped back up and hit the same move. He hit Omega with his own One-Winged Angel for a near-fall. He nailed Omega with two Buckshots as the Bucks nodded their approval. He made the cover and pinned Omega to win the title.

    The Dark Order came down to celebrate with the new AEW champion. They surrounded him for a big group hug and lifted him up on their shoulders to close the show.

    Grade: A+



    This is AEW's longest storyline. The saga of Omega and Page goes back to the first few events AEW held and has continued in different forms for two years.

    The story has been one of Page not believing in himself and forsaking his friends as they found their own championship success, but it has also been about former friends, redemption and betrayal. It has been one of AEW's greatest triumphs.

    We knew these guys would be precise and hit all of their big spots. This match was always going to hinge on their ability to cap off this story in a satisfying and meaningful way.

    They stuck the landing, especially with the Bucks seemingly acknowledging that it was Page's time and choosing not to interfere. This was a great ending to a strong PPV.