1 Trade Each NFL Team Should Offer Before 2021 Training Camp Starts

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2021

1 Trade Each NFL Team Should Offer Before 2021 Training Camp Starts

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    Mike Roemer/Associated Press

    With NFL training camps on approach, it's easy to focus on the on-field aspects for all 32 teams, especially with a normal preseason (albeit shortened to three games) back on the menu. 

    But don't forget about the trades front office-types will inevitably make. 

    The NFL has been trigger-happy just like the NBA when it comes to trades lately, most recently with even superstar-caliber players like Orlando Brown Jr. and Julio Jones getting shipped to new teams. 

    Based on those appetizers, there's no telling what might come next. But based on the state of each respective franchise's cap outlook, team need and long-term outlook—plus the individual situations of players—there is at least one offer each team should make during camps. Keep in mind it's an offer and not guaranteed to happen, but it makes sense for at least one party in each proposed deal. 

Arizona Cardinals

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    David Becker/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Dolphins CB Xavien Howard

    The Arizona Cardinals lost Patrick Peterson this offseason and didn't add a name at the position in the draft until the fourth round. 

    Considering Arizona views itself as a win-now contender after adding names like J.J. Watt and should anticipate opposing offenses passing a ton in a bid to keep up with an explosive Kyler Murray-led offense, adding a proven name at the position should be a goal. 

    And given the trade rumors around Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard last year, maybe the Cardinals could offer up an alluring package for a starting-caliber boundary corner to feature in the defense. 

    Maybe Miami doesn't want to let Howard go at this point, but this would be a sweet deal for the Cardinals with little risk because there's an out built into his contract after this season, too. 

Atlanta Falcons

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    Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Bears WR Anthony Miller

    Life after Julio Jones isn't guaranteed to be easy for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. 

    As inevitable as it seemed that the team would have to lose a big star to make the cap situation work, it isn't too shocking the Falcons kept the star quarterback and not the wideout. 

    On paper, the Falcons should have eyes toward the long-term from here on out, even if the new coaching staff would like to win a ton of games as Ryan's career winds down, too. That should mean targeting a high-upside prospect like Chicago Bears wideout Anthony Miller. 

    Miller's name came up right before the draft as a trade candidate, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. It's a hint the 2018 second-rounder could be on his way out the door regardless, so Atlanta could low-ball the trade offer for a big-upside player to soak up targets while defenses worry about Calvin Ridley. 

Baltimore Ravens

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    Butch Dill/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 1st-Round Pick, 2023 2nd-Round Pick for Saints WR Michael Thomas

    Like any team with a star quarterback, the Baltimore Ravens should never stop looking for upgrades around Lamar Jackson, especially in an AFC with names like Patrick Mahomes. 

    And especially if there's even a slight chance a superstar like Michael Thomas might be available. 

    Thomas just restructured his contract with the New Orleans Saints. But with that team still in cap trouble, others might be open to at least sending major offers to see if the Saints bite, especially now that Drew Brees is gone and the rebuild is about to begin, anyway. 

    This one is unlikely, of course, but the worst thing the Saints can do is say no. And upgrading on Sammy Watkins with Thomas and pairing him with Marquise Brown and rookie Rashod Bateman would strike some fear in the rest of the AFC, to say the least.

Buffalo Bills

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    Derik Hamilton/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles TE Zach Ertz

    Elsewhere in the AFC, there's little reason for the Buffalo Bills to take the proverbial foot off the gas when it comes to putting weapons around Josh Allen. 

    Going all-in by adding Stefon Diggs obviously worked out well. If there's a sour point on the offensive cast right now it might be tight end. The position isn't bad—but it sure wouldn't hurt to see what's out there, either. 

    And Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles has been blatantly out there for a long time now. The team around him has been blown up and others have called the Eagles, according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

    One of those teams should be the Bills, who can low-ball it now that June 1 has passed because the Eagles would save $8.5 million against next year's salary cap. On paper, the veteran would be an upgrade to the passing attack if he can stay healthy after only making it into 11 games last year, but if not, he's on the last year of his contract.

Carolina Panthers

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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 4th-Round Pick for Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew

    There's a chance the Carolina Panthers aren't totally done remaking the quarterback room going into 2021. 

    With Sam Darnold now entrenched as the starter and Teddy Bridgewater shipped off to Denver, there isn't much to speak of on the depth chart behind the first slot. 

    A trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for Gardner Minshew could change that outlook in a hurry, though. 

    According to Fowler, Minshew might welcome a chance to play elsewhere after Jacksonville used the first pick on Trevor Lawrence. That puts the asking price at quite cheap, and based on brief flashes of starting experience, Minshew could at least be a viable backup. Darnold would remain the unquestioned starter in Carolina, but it sure wouldn't hurt to have multiple long-term options at the most important position of all. 

Chicago Bears

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    Brett Duke/Associated Press

    Offer: WR Anthony Miller for Patriots 2022 2nd-Round Pick

    From the Bears' perspective, getting as much in return for Miller as possible makes the most sense. 

    Aforementioned rumblings that the Bears were offering up their former second-round pick make it seem like the staff has thrown in the proverbial towel on his development. Fair or not, in part due to a miserable quarterback situation the team has yet to figure out, Miller has yet to squeak past the 700-yard mark in production during a season. 

    However, it takes just one team to buy into Miller’s potential in their system to like the idea of taking on his cheap contract and upside. Maybe Chicago should try the New England Patriots, a team that has yet to get anything significant from N'Keal Harry and keeps trying to remake the position. 

    A second-round pick for Miller might be too rich, but it's a favorable starting point to talks for the Bears. And with how aggressive the Patriots were this offseason in remaking the roster, they may even bite.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Matt Slocum/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles G Brandon Brooks

    The Cincinnati Bengals have remade most of their roster over the last two offseasons, though the offensive line in front of Joe Burrow should remain a point of emphasis. 

    Cincinnati tabbed second-round pick Jackson Carman as the answer at right guard, but if a veteran like Brandon Brooks is available, who plays where doesn't matter as much as just getting the best possible five on the field. 

    And Brooks himself has even said the Eagles tried to trade him during the draft. After missing all of last season and going into his age-32 campaign, Brooks would be a smooth rental addition for a Bengals team in need of an upgrade. 

    Even if Brooks is just a stopgap until the Bengals can draft more talent up front, it's a low-cost move to protect the most important player of all. 

Cleveland Browns

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    LM Otero/Associated Press

    Offer: 2023 3rd-Round Pick for Cowboys LB Leighton Vander Esch 

    The defensive remake for the Cleveland Browns isn't over if the team can still find possible upgrades in free agency or the draft. 

    Leighton Vander Esch of the Dallas Cowboys might fit the bill too considering his team just drafted a possible replacement in the top 10 with Micah Parsons. 

    Any denying Vander Esch could be had for trade is hard to believe given Dallas' current roster and the declining of his fifth-year option. The 2018 first-round pick hasn't reliably been on the field over the last two seasons but has flirted with living up to expectations when on it. 

    In Cleveland, Vander Esch would be a starter-caliber presence with big upside for the future, which is quite a value for what could go down as a mid-round pick via trade. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    LM Otero/Associated Press

    Offer: LB Leighton Vander Esch for Bengals 2022 3rd-Round Pick

    Right along those same lines, Dallas might want to at least float their former first-round pick in trade proposals. 

    With Parsons and Jaylon Smith about to lock down the lion's share of the snaps at linebacker and attendance such an issue for Vander Esch, it might be in the team's best long-term interests to get something in return for his eventual departure now that his fifth year has been declined. 

    It helps that rebuilding teams like the Bengals will likely jump at any chance to add high-upside talent for the future. The Bengals have Logan Wilson and others on the roster already, but nobody with first-round upside like Vander Esch. 

    While giving up on a first-rounder this early isn't ideal, Dallas has already signaled it's in the cards, and it would be merely the last revamping move after last year's miserable debacle for the unit in a new scheme. 

Denver Broncos

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    Morry Gash/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 1st-Round Pick, 2022 2nd-Round Pick, 2023 1st-Round Pick for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

    At least give it a shot, right? 

    The Denver Broncos didn't end up outright getting an upgrade over Drew Lock at quarterback this offseason, as bringing aboard Teddy Bridgewater after a ho-hum year in Carolina doesn't even guarantee a change in starters from last season. 

    And by now, the divide between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers seems clear enough. It's hard to imagine the Packers ever back down in any potential standoff, but quarterback-needy teams like Denver can't afford to just shrug the shoulders and not even try. 

    Consider the above offer a baseline to start a conversation, not the endpoint. If one had to guess, trading for last year's MVP, regardless of age and contract, will likely check in at three first-rounders, possibly with more added.

    The majority of the league would probably like to have Rodgers, but Denver has an even heightened sense of desperation after years of mishandling the position and needing to somehow contend in the same division as Kansas City. 

Detroit Lions

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    Rick Scuteri/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Cardinals LB Chandler Jones

    The Detroit Lions seemingly got the big moves out of the way earlier this offseason with the Matthew Stafford trade. 

    But looking at last year plus this offseason's roster changes, Detroit would be wise to keep beefing up a pass-rush that only managed 24 sacks last year. 

    Maybe reaching out to an NFC contender like the Arizona Cardinals could work. Linebacker Chandler Jones hasn't shown up to mandatory work as he presumably wants a new contract. Before a five-game showing in 2020, the 31-year-old veteran had double-digit sacks in five consecutive seasons, including 19 in 2019. 

    If Arizona doesn't want to take the risk in paying up for Jones, a trade might be a small price to pay for one of the league's most overlooked, effective pass-rushers. 

Green Bay Packers

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    Terrance Williams/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Jaguars OG Andrew Norwell 

    Working with the idea the Packers would never trade Aaron Rodgers, the main goal of any trade projection must then work to insulate him as much as possible. 

    Addressing the offensive line after losing star center Corey Linsley would make droves of sense. Green Bay added a few linemen in the draft, but an immediate, guaranteed upgrade would be a welcome thing to add. 

    The Packers might find it via trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, too. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported the rebuilder wants to move Norwell over salary reasons, something that just isn't as big of a concern for an all-in team trying to win it all around an MVP passer. 

    Norwell, going on 30 years old, only allowed three sacks last year on 800-plus snaps and could play even better in a quicker, better offense, making almost any trade offer acceptable. 

Houston Texans

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    Roger Steinman/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round pick for Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith 

    Owners of the league's most extensive rebuild, the Houston Texans need to work the phones more than any other team in the hunt for talent. 

    Given the understood desperation of Houston's predicament, the Texans will probably have to end up overpaying for anything they do. That could be mitigated a bit by going to a team like Dallas and offering to inhale a whale of a contract.

    Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith is a good example. Dallas just added a first-round linebacker and still rosters Vander Esch, so offering to take Smith's six-year contract with the $68.4 million signed in 2019 might sound pretty appealing to Dallas. 

    Granted, Smith was a dud in Dallas' new system last year to the tune of a 54.2 Pro Football Focus grade, but if Houston believes he'll get back to form in its defense, the asset sacrifice and contract acquired will be worth the risk. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    Derik Hamilton/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles TE Zach Ertz

    This one feels like one of the most obvious remaining trades. 

    The Indianapolis Colts, after Philip Rivers' retirement, chose to trade for Carson Wentz. In the process, the franchise fully banked on a reunion with Frank Reich pushing Wentz back to high-caliber play despite last year's flop amid injured surroundings. 

    By now, the bad standoff between the Eagles and Ertz isn't a secret either, so the Colts can float a cheap offer on the merits of letting Philadelphia get anything at all in return for his departure. 

    Should Ertz rekindle some of that old spark with Wentz, it will only make the Michael Pittman Jr.-T.Y. Hilton-Parris Campbell trio at wideout more formidable, upping the chances the risky quarterback gamble pays off in a big way. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Offer: QB Gardner Minshew for Broncos 2022 2nd-Round Pick 

    The Jacksonville Jaguars don't appear to be in a position to demand a ton for an eventual Gardner Minshew trade, mostly because it's apparent after the selection of Trevor Lawrence that he could be on his way out of town. 

    But that doesn't mean the Jaguars shouldn't try. 

    Targeting a quarterback-needy team like Denver could make sense. The pressure remains on for the Broncos to finally get the position right, something it hasn't really done since the Peyton Manning days. After an underwhelming season from Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater (with Carolina) last year, it's a ho-hum outlook. 

    Or at least that's the pitch Jacksonville could make while trying to get some good value out of their current backup quarterback who flashed some long-term starter traits at times but didn't stand a chance next to a potential generational player like Lawrence. 

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Matt Stamey/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Jaguars OG Andrew Norwell

    The Kansas City Chiefs remade the offensive line this offseason with big-ticket items Orlando Brown Jr. at left tackle and Joe Thuney at left guard. 

    But that's two out of five spots that really needed an overhaul, and Kyle Long, fresh out of retirement, already suffered an injury in OTAs. 

    This early flirtation with the injury bug, regardless of severity, should have the Chiefs skittish about the line making it through 17 games. That should be enough to throw an offer at Jacksonville for the aforementioned Norwell. 

    Like other teams already mentioned, just getting the best starting five on the field is critical for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Norwell wouldn't come cheap, but it could be the thing that prevents another Super Bowl collapse, making it a worthwhile tradeoff. 

Las Vegas Raiders

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    Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 1st-Round Pick, 2022 2nd-Round Pick, 2023 1st-Round Pick for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

    For years, speculation has dogged the Las Vegas Raiders as to whether head coach Jon Gruden really likes Derek Carr. 

    Aaron Rodgers has a way of making that conversation irrelevant because he's just that much better. 

    Carr wasn't even bad last year, completing 67.3 percent of his passes with 27 touchdowns and nine interceptions. But it's a non-starter when comparing him to the MVP Rodgers—he's maybe the one passer the Raiders should sell the proverbial farm to obtain. 

    The above is just a conversation starter, of course. As the hypothetical developed, it would have to loop in the idea of involving Carr and more picks. But this is a way of saying that yes, the Raiders are one of those teams that should sniff around the Rodgers idea, especially in the brutal AFC West. 

Los Angeles Chargers

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    Michael Ainsworth/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles TE Zach Ertz

    Justin Herbert helped the Los Angeles Chargers back into a lottery win of a first-round quarterback selection by shrugging off a preseason-less summer before erupting in his debut. 

    Now the Chargers just need to surround him with more talent. 

    Los Angeles lost star tight end Hunter Henry in free agency this offseason and replaced him with Jared Cook, which isn't an even trade. Phoning up Philadelphia to ask about the on-his-way-out Ertz would provide another veteran option, if not make things more interesting via more two-tight-end sets. 

    In fact, making sure there are two No. 1 options on the tight end depth chart will allow the Chargers to diversify the offense a lot right as pro defenses adapt to what Herbert put on film last year. 

Los Angeles Rams

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    Emilee Chinn/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith

    Matthew Stafford's arrival means the Los Angeles Rams hope improved firepower on the offensive side of the ball can carry along the defense for a contention ride. 

    But the trade market might have a way to help that Rams defense improve, too. 

    If the Rams wanted to upgrade the linebacker spot behind the Aaron Donald-led defensive line, for example, they could be another team that hits up Dallas about Jaylon Smith. 

    Down season or not in a new scheme last year, Smith still has some huge upside and would be an upgrade on guys like Micah Kiser, who had a 40.0 PFF grade last season. In fact, it would be pretty fun to see him spread his wings behind a player like Donald in what would be suddenly improved surroundings, provided the Rams are comfortable coughing up a big asset to make the trade happen. 

Miami Dolphins

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    Ted S. Warren/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 4th-Round Pick for Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny

    To their credit, the Miami Dolphins have a ton going right around Tua Tagovailoa going into 2021 after a 10-win season. 

    Mike Gesicki, DeVante Parker, Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle make for a wicked set of weapons around the quarterback. Perhaps the only question mark is at running back, where a hodgepodge of names have yet to emerge. 

    With no other glaring needs, perhaps the Dolphins could look to add a high-upside running back who isn't long for his current team, such as Rashaad Penny of the Seattle Seahawks. 

    Penny, a first-round pick in 2018, never really got off the ground and was overshadowed by the excellent Chris Carson. If nothing else, he'd be a low-risk gamble who had his fifth-year option declined, and perhaps the new surroundings could help him unlock big potential. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    David Richard/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles DE Derek Barnett

    Mike Zimmer's defense got a bit of an overhaul this offseason after a down year, perhaps most notably adding veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson. 

    But Peterson and Co. can't hold up in coverage forever, so looking for ways to add to the pass rush is always a good idea. 

    Being yet another team to reach out to Philadelphia in an effort to poach likely outgoing players could work toward this goal. Think 2017 first-round pick Derek Barnett, who has yet to live up to expectations and could now be considered expendable with free agent Ryan Kerrigan joining the team. 

    Barnett is a gamble, but not one that's too costly. At worst, he bolsters the rotation, and at best, Zimmer's defensive acumen helps him start realizing some of his potential. 

New England Patriots

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    Winslow Townson/Associated Press

    Offer: CB Stephon Gilmore for Cardinals 2022 2nd-Round Pick

    In a somewhat surprising twist, the roster makeover for the New England Patriots has yet to feature the departure of cornerback Stephon Gilmore. 

    That goes down as surprising because ESPN's Dianna Russini reported at the trade deadline last year that teams called the Patriots about him. He went on to post a 61.0 PFF grade by season's end. Fast forward to now, Gilmore hasn't shown up at mandatory camp, per Rapoport

    Despite all this, other teams could have an interest, especially if they buy into a change of scenery and better health getting one of the NFL's better corners back to form.

    A second-round pick might be a high ask because the receiving team will also have to deal with Gilmore's desire for a new contract, but it's a good way to get the ball rolling on something before the season starts. 

New Orleans Saints

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    Yong Kim/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles DE Derek Barnett

    The New Orleans Saints lost some serious pass-rushing firepower this offseason with Trey Hendrickson's departure in free agency. 

    Hendrickson might have classified as a one-year wonder (for now), but it's hard to turn the nose up at a guy who had 13.5 of the team's 45 sacks. If the defense can get back some of that productivity through a veteran on the market, it couldn't hurt to try. 

    Such a veteran might be the aforementioned Barnett, who could always be available now that the Eagles have Ryan Kerrigan in town. He's only going into his age-25 season but has 19.5 sacks over four seasons, so the Saints could buy-in on the idea he'll blossom further next to names like Cameron Jordan. 

    Granted, the Saints used a first-round pick on pass-rushing help with Payton Turner. But hedging the rookie bet with a low-cost, high-upside move isn't the worst idea for a team that wants to keep contending. 

New York Giants

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    Elise Amendola/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore

    The New York Giants went all-in on insulating Daniel Jones with weaponry like Kenny Golladay this offseason, but it couldn't hurt to keep an eye out for defensive upgrades, too. 

    One of those could be Gilmore of the Patriots, who hasn't reported to mandatory minicamp in New England following an offseason of speculation that the team could move him. 

    Even after a rocky season last year, Gilmore only let up a 57.1 completion percentage on 49 targets, so the Giants shouldn't be too gun shy about throwing out an offer for the veteran even if it means having to work out an extension right after a trade. 

    Gilmore, along with James Bradberry and others, would make for a rather formidable secondary as the Giants try to straddle that gap between the long-term and winning now.

New York Jets

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    Brett Duke/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 5th-Round Pick for Bears QB Nick Foles

    The New York Jets reset at quarterback this offseason with Zach Wilson after shipping away Sam Darnold. 

    Now all that remains is to improve upon the backup situation behind Wilson. If not for a mentor-type situation, then to improve the team's chances at winning should something happen to the rookie. 

    Over in the NFC, the Chicago Bears have an excess of quarterbacks right now after pairing Andy Dalton with Nick Foles and drafting Justin Fields. The team is unlikely to move Dalton because he gives the team a better chance at winning, but the Super Bowl hero Foles could likely be had for a good price. 

    Make no mistake, the Jets shouldn't go into this ready to give up major assets. Chicago would probably be happy to get anything in exchange for decluttering the quarterback room, which can still provide the Jets a big win. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Chris Szagola/Associated Press

    Offer: TE Zach Ertz for Colts 2022 3rd-Round Pick

    The other end of this deal is worth it for the Philadelphia Eagles, too. 

    Ertz is as good as gone as that era for the Eagles comes to a close. He's speculated to have been on the block for a long time, with ESPN's Marcel Louis-Jacques at one point reporting the team asked others for a third-round pick. 

    The above offer is at least a good conversation starter at this point. Indianapolis has to like the idea of reuniting the veteran with Carson Wentz, and he isn't too far removed from the 916 yards and six scores he stuffed on the stat sheet as recently as 2019. 

    At this point, the Eagles are in just get something done territory to close this little saga and focus on next season. The Colts would seem to be the best bet as opposed to outright cutting a tight end with value on the trade market. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Stew Milne/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 4th-Round Pick for Patriots Edge Chase Winovich

    Another team that lost some big pass-rushing help this offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers could still make some of that back with some savvy maneuvering on the trade market this summer. 

    As expected, the Steelers lost franchise player Bud Dupree on the open market. While his season was cut short by injury, he still had eight sacks over 11 games and continued to be a core piece of the defensive puzzle. 

    Looking across the AFC to a team like New England might be able to help fill that void a bit. Chase Winovich played just 58 percent of the Patriots' defensive snaps last year but had 5.5 sacks for the second season in a row. 

    After a roster reset, the Patriots might be willing to let a versatile piece like that go for the right price. It's the type of low-cost move the Steelers are capable of making into a big win on the field given the unit Winovich would join.

San Francisco 49ers

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    Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick, 2023 2nd-Round Pick, QB Trey Lance for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

    San Francisco is the other team that should go all-in on an offer for Aaron Rodgers. 

    Again, Green Bay isn't likely to move last year's MVP, even after stoking the flames of this situation by drafting a first-round quarterback in 2020 and seemingly not doing enough to surround him with the weaponry needed to win a title. 

    The 49ers would appear to already have that sort of roster in place thanks to a stacked running back room, tight end George Kittle and wideouts Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, to name a few. Don't forget a line headed up by the still-elite Trent Williams. 

    Maybe the Packers would want Jimmy Garoppolo in this sort of trade, but if not, his contract is easy to get out of this year. First-rounder Trey Lance is the elephant in the room here, but if the 49ers can retain him for development while learning from Rodgers, it would be a huge win. 

    Of course, this hypothetical would probably need a third team to make the compensation for the Packers work. But the 49ers seem to be the most logical spot, especially with Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk reporting in April that Rodgers wanted the Packers to take a trade with San Francisco. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    Jeff Haynes/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 2nd-Round Pick for Dolphins CB Xavien Howard

    With Russell Wilson speculation fully behind the Seattle Seahawks, maybe the best thing they could do from this point forward is find relative low-buy moves to boost Wilson's complementary defense. 

    That defense, after all, lost Shaquill Griffin in free agency and could use another infusion of talent besides fourth-round pick Tre Brown. 

    Looking across the AFC to a potentially available name like Xavien Howard in Miami could be a savvy resolution. Despite the trade speculation, Howard only let up a 51.5 completion percentage on 101 targets last year. 

    This is the sort of win-now move the Seahawks could look to make that might be worth the long-term cost if it also plays a role in keeping the franchise passer in town over the long-term, too. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 4th-Round Pick for Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew

    After an excellent repeat-oriented offseason that included keeping names like Chris Godwin and Shaquil Barrett, there isn't much major the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to do over the summer. 

    But the best teams tend to snipe good value all over the calendar no matter how great things look, so maybe the team should look across the state to Jacksonville and see how the Jaguars feel about moving Minshew. 

    Granted, Minshew probably wants a shot to start in the league again after being displaced by Trevor Lawrence. But learning behind Tom Brady before competing with second-round pick Kyle Trask (if Brady ever actually retires, of course) isn't a bad outlook.

    Possibly an upgrade over Blaine Gabbert as an emergency starter and a better long-term option, kicking the proverbial tires on a Minshew trade could work for the Buccaneers. 

Tennessee Titans

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    Jennifer Stewart/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Eagles DE Brandon Graham

    The Tennessee Titans didn't even have to sacrifice a first-round pick while acquiring wideout Julio Jones, so why not go for another win-now steal? 

    Next, the Titans could turn their attention to the defense, where Bud Dupree's addition isn't guaranteed to be the solo boost necessary to take the unit from its paltry 19 sacks last year to elite status. 

    Another veteran add that doesn't cost a ton to bring over via trade could make some sense. Brandon Graham of the Philadelphia Eagles just inked a one-year extension for cap-relief purposes but could always move if the team is comfortable with Ryan Kerrigan taking over his role. 

    Graham, a consistent presence since joining the league in the first round of the 2010 draft, has 16 sacks over the last two seasons and enters his age-33 season without a dropoff in sight. If the price is right, he'd boost the rotation in Tennessee. 

Washington Football Team

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    Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press

    Offer: 2022 3rd-Round Pick for Bears WR Anthony Miller

    Washington Football Team somewhat fixed the accusation that No. 1 wideout Terry McLaurin was forced to be a solo act by adding Curtis Samuel in free agency. 

    And while Washington didn't do anything as exciting as adding a first-round quarterback, the goal should still be to surround the quarterback with as much talent as possible—even if that quarterback is 38-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

    To that end, sniffing around the Bears and speculation with Anthony Miller would be a suitable approach for the front office. Grabbing a second-round product with upside to start in the offense over the summer isn't the worst gamble in the world. 

    Washington might have some competition or might be content to see if Miller hits the open market, but if the goal is reaching the playoffs again and still building for the long-term, guaranteeing his acquisition could be a savvy move.