Jericho Says He Almost Died vs. DX; Chioda Talks WWE Contracts; Darren Young-AEW

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In this Wednesday, May 17, 2017, photo, lead singer Chris Jericho of the band Fozzy performs onstage at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pa.   Jericho has entertained professional wrestling fans for 25 years, winning championships and shining each year at WrestleMania. He has traded wrestling for rock this summer and is on tour with his band. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
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Jericho Says He 'Almost Died' in Spot vs. DX

In 2009, Jerishow (Chris Jericho and Big Show) lost a unification match for the tag team championships to DX (Shawn Michaels and Triple H). In the finish to that match, Michaels superkicks Big Show and sends him reeling while simultaneously sending Jericho, who was standing on Show's shoulders to grab the titles, over the ropes and into a table.

Suffice it to say Jericho does not remember that spot fondly.

Chris Jericho @IAmJericho

I almost died! https://t.co/qxOf0DQcek

While Le Champion may be exaggerating a little bit on the near-death part, things very nearly did go worse than a regular botch. Had Jericho's feet hit the ropes an inch or two lower, he could have gone tumbling head-first toward the floor instead of taking a relatively safe bump against the table.


Mike Chioda Talks Differences in WWE Referee Contracts

Mike Chioda spent 31 years in WWE before being fired as part of COVID-19 cuts in April. There may be no better person to discuss the inner workings of the company, and he's been open about his time in WWE since his dismissal.

While most fans already know WWE does not consider its wrestlers employees—they use an "independent contractor" loophole despite restricting the behavior of their "contractors" more than most companies—little attention is paid to how people behind the scenes are paid.

Chioda recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast to discuss how things work for refs: 

"They're not employees. They're independent sub-contractors. They'll get their stuff. The ring crew referees, like I was for 20 years plus, I was a ring crew and referee, I got everything paid for, whether it was per diem, hotels, transportation, gas [and] everything. There are a lot of referees still with WWE that have to pay for their own hotels, cars, food, expenses on the road, health insurance and everything. AEW takes care of health insurance as well too, takes care of a lot."

AEW also considers its wrestlers independent contractors but allows them to take bookings outside the company, provided it doesn't interfere with the television schedule. 


Fred Rosser Turned Down by AEW

Fred Rosser (formerly known as Darren Young) recently revealed AEW turned him down twice when he was attempting to latch on with the company.

nodaysoff FRED ROSSER III @realfredrosser

I get asked a lot why not @AEW? Well, I tried and I was told NOPE...NOT ☝🏼 but ✌🏼...besides AEW wasn’t my end goal it’s always been NJPW @njpw1972 🙏🏼 No matter what, don’t ever get overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel. I’ve still got a lot of work to do! #blockthehate https://t.co/IiT6IDK7K5

Rosser signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling in August and has made a number of appearances with the promotion. He had not been a regular in a wrestling ring since being released by WWE in October 2017.

Perhaps a run in Japan would be enough to boost Rosser's stock stateside and facilitate a return to WWE or a debut in AEW. As it stands, it appears he's perfectly happy with his current employer. 


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