Predictions for WWE Raw, SmackDown and AEW Dynamite for Week of December 7

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2020

Predictions for WWE Raw, SmackDown and AEW Dynamite for Week of December 7

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    WWE will continue its march toward the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view on December 20 on Monday night's Raw, with the latest developments in top storylines involving the most prominent stars on the red brand, but what can fans expect out of the flagship?

    What about the rest of the week's television, all of which will be geared toward building an exciting event card and leaving fans anticipating the extravaganza?

    And what about All Elite Wrestling, which will seek to follow up an industry-shaking Winter Is Coming presentation?

    Find out with these predictions for the week to come in pro wrestling TV.

Randy Orton Escalates Feud with Bray Wyatt

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    Last week, Randy Orton exploited The Fiend's one weak spot: Alexa Bliss.

    The Viper hoisted Bliss in his arms, leaving The Fiend to meekly extend his own, as if to beg for her safe return. Orton laughed to close out the segment, finally finding the weakness he could capitalize on in this battle of mind games.

    Monday night will bring more of the same for The Apex Predator.

    As the manipulative heel, Orton can bring a sense of transparency to his rival that we have not yet seen. We know The Fiend is the darker side of Bray Wyatt, but we have not yet seen a fragile side.

    Always the aggressor, and one step ahead of his opponent, he is now on the defensive against a veteran wrestler who knows exactly how to bring that out of him.

    As long as WWE Creative can resist the urge to go too far over the top, this storyline could be mutually beneficial for Orton and Wyatt: more depth for The Fiend and more manipulative goodness for The Legend Killer in his best year since 2011.

AJ Styles Gets the Best of Drew McIntyre as Build to TLC Continues

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    AJ Styles cashed his ticket to TLC by way of his victory over Riddle and Keith Lee last week. Monday night on Raw, The Phenomenal One will further establish himself a dangerous threat to Drew McIntyre when he leaves the WWE champion lying in a heap.

    And he will not do so alone.

    No, Styles has hired Omos to serve as his backup for a reason. That reason will present itself in this instance, when the big bodyguard can establish himself as the X-factor in this title feud—especially since another spark isn't readily available.

    Some will take exception to that development, claiming Omos will overshadow Styles, but The Phenomenal One's greatness is exactly why that will not happen. It will help present Styles as an opportunistic heel, spotlight Omos and give McIntyre a new hurdle to overcome.

    More McIntyre dominance threatens crowd backlash, after all.

Orange Cassidy Wins the Dynamite Diamond Ring as Inner Circle Implodes

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    The Dynamite Diamond Ring will be up for grabs Wednesday night as AEW presents Orange Cassidy vs. MJF in a battle between two of the top young stars in the industry.

    However, it will be another prominently featured young competitor who will be the difference in the outcome.

    Sammy Guevara has been at odds with MJF from the moment the loudmouthed New Yorker joined Inner Circle alongside Wardlow. The in-fighting and bickering left Chris Jericho no other option but to give his faction an ultimatum: Either get along or The Inner Circle is done forever.

    While the group will not cease to exist this week, it will go on without Guevara, who will find himself booted to the curb in favor of MJF.

    In the process, Cassidy will again get one over on Jericho and Co. by winning the diamond ring, a prize he likely doesn't care about.

    Still, the focus will be on the growing hatred between Guevara and MJF, sparking a rivalry between them that will, hopefully, result in The Spanish God being an even brighter star than he is as Jericho's sidekick.

    Oh, and MJF will continue to systematically tear down The Inner Circle from the inside and prove himself a superior, manipulative heel to The Demo God, because that's definitely where this storyline is going.

King Corbin Establishes His Court in Feud with Murphy, the Mysterios

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    Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake reemerged from obscurity Friday night to accompany King Corbin to the squared circle for his match with Murphy. It was their presence, interference and ability to offset Rey and Dominik Mysterio at ringside that helped Corbin in the match. 

    And they are just getting started.

    Cutler and Blake were victims of guilt by association, disappearing from television after Jaxson Ryker put fingers to keyboard and earned considerable heat for his social media posts.

    However, the former Forgotten Sons are back now and in a position to not only add to Corbin's character but also to elevate themselves. The duo will continue to establish their new role Friday night when they join The Lone Wolf in making life miserable for the Mysterios and Murphy.

    It may not be the flashiest of rivalries, and the idea of the Mysterios and Murphy sharing the screen after seven months doing just that may not be appealing, but it keeps all involved busy and presents Cutler and Blake with the opportunity to remind everyone how talented they are.


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