IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, and Reaction from Sept. 29

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, and Reaction from Sept. 29

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The star-studded tag team division of Impact Wrestling took center stage on this week's AXS TV broadcast, which saw The Good Brothers battle The Rascalz and The North square off with Madman Fulton and Ace Austin.

    Both matches had tag team title implications as the four teams involved jockeyed for position and a potential shot at The Motor City Machine Guns' Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

    Elsewhere on the card, Jordynne Grace battled Tenille Dashwood in a rematch of last week's main event, while John E Bravo sought to determine the best man for his upcoming wedding to Rosemary as Fallah Bahh battled Johnny Swinger.

    Find out what went down in those matches and more with this recap of the September 29 episode.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie vs. Havok and Nevaeh

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The longest-reigning Knockouts champion in Impact Wrestling history kicked off this week's show as Taya Valkyrie teamed with bestie Rosemary to battle Havok and Nevaeh in the night's opening contest.

    An aggressive Rosemary took the fight to Havok, throwing punishing forearms to the face. Valkyrie joined in as the de facto babyfaces rolled. A big backbreaker and clothesline by Havok created separation and allowed her and Nevaeh to seize control of the bout, working over Valkyrie.

    La Wera Loca fought her way back into the match but resisted the urge to tag her opponent, only to endure more punishment. When she finally did tag Rosemary in, The Demon Assassin exploded into the match, unloading on the competition.

    Despite a late comeback attempt by Nevaeh, Valkyrie put her away with the Road to Valhalla for the pinfall victory.

    After the match, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan attacked, sending a message to the rest of the Knockouts division.



    Valkyrie and Rosemary defeated Nevaeh and Havok






    As a showcase for Valkyrie and Rosemary as the latter's wedding to John E Bravo rapidly approaches, this worked.

    The match itself, though, was fairly one-dimensional and didn't do much to help the other team.

    It was what it was, but looking forward, it helps set up a showdown between Valkyrie, Rosemary, Steelz and Hogan on the road to Bound for Glory.

Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In a rematch of last week's main event, Jordynne Grace sought to rebuild momentum for herself as she battled Tenille Dashwood, who had her trusty photographer Kaleb at ringside.

    Grace dominated with her strength, but Dashwood seized an opening and delivered a neckbreaker in the ropes, turning the tide in her favor. Grace teased a comeback, but a stiff boot by Dashwood halted it. A quick jab by Grace rocked Tenille, and a running double knee assault in the corner, followed by a low elbow and Vader Bomb, put the heel down for two.

    Dashwood recovered and delivered a running corner crossbody as Grace hung in the Tree of Woe. Tenille tried for a Spotlight Kick, but Grace countered and set up for the Grace Driver. Kaleb attempted to run interference, but Grace avoided the trap, trapped Dashwood in a sleeper and secured the submission win.



    Grace defeated Dashwood






    This was a good, hard-fought match. Better than last week's main event.

    Grace and Dashwood have solid in-ring chemistry and didn't rely on the screwy finish, instead opting for a much more fluid one.

    The commentary from Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne suggested we are only seeing the beginning of things between these two, and if they can continue to deliver between the ropes like this, the idea of a series of rematches is certainly appealing.

Rich Swann's Road to Redemption and More

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Backstage, Moose looked for EC3 and his TNA World Championship. After Moose mistook a backstage employee for his foe, EC3 appeared in a video message in which he vowed to show up next week and light the TNA title on fire.

    Why? To burn nostalgia down.

    Afterward, cameras caught up with Rich Swann as he continued rehabbing for his Bound for Glory Impact Wrestling Championship match against Eric Young. After a brief word of encouragement from the doctor, Swann was delighted to find out his ankle looks good and he should be ready in time for the pay-per-view.

    Rhino caught up with Heath backstage, who revealed he paid for last week's infomercial by maxing out his credit cards. But it's OK, because the cash they took from Hernandez will pay for it all. That is, until Reno Scum attacked and stole back the money.

    Scott D'Amore agreed to give Rhino and Heath a match with Reno Scum this Saturday at Victory Road.






    Again, Impact excels at getting over different plot points and stories without devoting an abundance of television time to them.

    Swann's journey to Bound for Glory will be the most prominent story in the company, while Heath's desire to earn his way onto the Impact roster has been a fun watch to this point.

    EC3 burning the TNA Championship could make for a great angle, especially if the creative team lets Moose be the over-the-top, oblivious heel he has been in recent months. His reactions alone will make it worthwhile.

The Rascalz vs. The Good Brothers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The Rascalz sought to earn the respect of The Good Brothers as Dez and Wentz battled Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

    Wentz quickly found himself on the receiving end of a punishing onslaught by the bigger, nastier Gallows, who pummeled him in the corner with uppercuts and hard rights about the body.

    Dez tagged in but ate a big boot from Anderson and a lariat from Gallows that turned him inside out.

    The veteran team continued its dominance, isolating Dez and working him over with its size and strength advantage. The resilient Dez uncorked a series of strikes and a huge bulldog that allowed him to create much-needed separation.

    A hot tag to Wentz sparked a babyface comeback until an ill-advised tope suicida from Dez landed him in Gallows' grasp. The big man tossed Dez into Wentz, rolled him in the ring and joined Anderson for a Magic Killer that earned them the win.

    After the match, Anderson and Gallows laid down the gauntlet, calling out Impact Wrestling Tag Team champions The Motor City Machine Guns for a match at Bound for Glory.



    Anderson and Gallows defeated Wentz and Dez






    The bout itself was essentially an extended enhancement match. The Good Brothers dominated, The Rascalz shined a bit in a false comeback, and Anderson and Gallows picked up the win. The outcome was never really in doubt.

    Surprisingly, though, the entire reason for the match existing was essentially ignored. Wentz and Dez wanted the respect of their opponents, and there was never any indication they received it. In that regard, this was somewhat disappointing.

    Impact has been fairly solid at tying up its loose ends. Unfortunately, The Rascalz were sacrificed in the name of setting up a showdown between Gallows, Anderson and the Machine Guns at Bound for Glory.

Fallah Bahh vs. Johnny Swinger

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    With John E Bravo's upcoming marriage to Rosemary, the groom sought to name his best man. When Johnny Swinger and Fallah Bahh staked their claim to the position, a match was made to determine who would fill one of the most important roles in the wedding.

    Swinger scored an apparent victory at one point, using Crazzy Steve's cymbal-playing monkey to knock Bahh out. Bravo, irate over the finish, demanded the match restarted.

    Bahh wasted little time putting Swinger away and securing his spot as the best man.



    Bahh defeated Swinger






    This was harmless fun and showcased Swinger, who is one of the hidden gems in Impact.

    No one was hurt by the outcome or booking, it was a fun little sprint and the result was the right one.

    WWE could use a reminder of how to book things like this without them overstaying their welcome.

Who Attacked Eddie Edwards

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Eddie Edwards hit the ring to discuss the beating he endured at the end of last week's show, at the hands of an unknown assailant.

    He assumed it was Eric Young until Sami Callihan appeared. After a tense moment or two, Callihan put the lights out. When they came back on, Ken Shamrock appeared behind Edwards, attacking him and applying an ankle lock that left the former world champion writhing in pain.

    Callihan taunted his longtime rival from the arena floor as Shamrock stood imposingly over Edwards.

    Backstage, Young cut a promo about this Saturday's Impact World Championship defense against the suddenly hobbled Edwards.






    The whodunnit put an exclamation point on last week's show. Paying it off with such a significant reveal, one that will likely influence the Bound for Glory card, was exactly what Impact had to do.

    Edwards has been the heart and soul of the promotion for so long that he absolutely deserves a high-profile match on the biggest card of the year. He also does not have to have the title or be in the title picture to have such a match.

    With Ken Shamrock being inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame, what better way to cap off an unexpected return to the ring than by having the first TNA World champion battle the face of the company he helped get off the ground at the most significant event of the calendar year?

    Given the long and storied history between Edwards and Callihan, the pieces are also in place for the match to serve as a continuation of their rivalry.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The North

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Two teams seeking to stay in contention for the Impact Tag Team Championships battled in this week's main event as the longest-reining champions in company history, The North, battled the rising duo of Madman Fulton and "The Inevitable" Ace Austin.

    Josh Alexander and Ethan Page controlled the pace of the match when Austin was in the ring, but Fulton overpowered them and seized the upper hand when he entered the squared circle.

    Austin found himself at the mercy of the former tag champs until dropping Page with a knee and tagging the madman into the match. Fulton unloaded on Alexander but ate a German suplex. Fulton recovered and joined Austin for a double-team attack that had their team rolling late.

    The North, always resourceful, delivered a double clothesline that sent Fulton over the top rope. From there, the team put Austin away for the hard-fought victory.

    After the match, The Good Brothers arrived and talked trash with the former champions, further staking their claim to a championship opportunity. Fulton and Austin attacked Anderson and Gallows until The Motor City Machine Guns rushed the ring and made the save.

    The teams brawled to close out the show.



    The North defeated Austin and Fulton






    This was a fun tag match with a unique layout as both teams were heels, thus neither really worked a long heat sequence. The action was hard-hitting and hot late, and the right team went over. The image of Alexander's mouth pouring blood was a great indicator of the physicality of the match, too.

    The post-match events set the stage for the Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship match most have expected since The Good Brothers, The North, Austin and Fulton, and The Motor City Machine Guns began interacting with each other.

    Four of the most talented teams in the industry, they most definitely have the potential to tear the house down come October 24 at Bound for Glory. More importantly, they could very well put Impact on the map as the destination for stellar tag team wrestling.


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