Speculating on the Next WWE Star to Leave Company

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2020

Speculating on the Next WWE Star to Leave Company

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    The rise of All Elite Wrestling, not to mention Impact Wrestling and other companies challenging for supremacy, has spawned a renewed excitement about the possibility of WWE Superstars jumping ship.

    One of the reasons the Attitude Era is so fondly remembered is because wrestlers could leave one company and show up in another. With AEW challenging NXT on Wednesdays and other brands looking to make their marks, there are several big names who could be on the move.

    Whether it's possibly disgruntled Superstars like Kevin Owens and Ricochet, veterans looking for another chance at glory like Mickie James or a former world champion considering a reunion with his brother, there are several options moving into 2021.

    Here are the Superstars who could realistically leave the WWE for another company.

Kevin Owens

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    Despite Kevin Owens being one of the most reliable Superstars on the WWE roster on the mic and in the ring, a recent report from H Jenkins of Ringside News suggested the former world champion has grown frustrated with the WWE Creative process.

    Owens has held several titles during his time with WWE, but creatively he has been lost in the shuffle for almost two years. With a lack of direction and apparent frustration over how WWE handled the COVID-19 situation, it's not out of the realm of possibility that KO is looking for a way out.

    Owens and Aleister Black may be working a program together right now, but there is little depth to their characters, and the WWE Universe isn't invested. The problem, once again, has been a lack of direction from WWE Creative.

    If Owens is legitimately frustrated, he may soon be on his way out of the company.

Mickie James

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    Another veteran who may be on her way out is Mickie James. The former champion is still one of the most technically gifted performers in the women's division, but she is not being utilized properly.

    While WWE has been her home for many years, she has shown the willingness to wrestle for other companies, including TNA. If another brand came calling and promised to put her in the main event scene, she would instantly be a top draw again.

    In addition to finding a company that values her experience and her willingness to get over younger talent, James would also be able to show there is still plenty left in the tank.

    With an array of talented performers for James to square off against for the first time, James should be looking at her options outside WWE to prove Vince McMahon and WWE Creative wrong for overlooking her at this stage of her career.


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    Ricochet recently denied rumors from earlier in September that claimed he was ready to depart from WWE, but there is no way a star of his magnitude hasn't grown frustrated at being misused on the main roster.

    As the main star of Lucha Underground, Ricochet showed he could carry a brand. Add in his time in NXT, and the talented high-flyer looked poised to be one of the most popular faces in wrestling.

    Instead, his time on the main roster can only be described as a flop.

    WWE Creative has mistreated so many former NXT Superstars, but few have been cast aside so thoughtlessly as Ricochet. The man should have been a legitimate contender for a world title at the least, but instead he is the king of catering.

    Signing Ricochet would represent a major coup for AEW.

Jeff Hardy

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    During a recent interview on The Chris Van Vliet Show, Matt Hardy said that his brother, Jeff Hardy, had one year and eight months added to his WWE contract because of an injury and the consequent time off to recover.

    Since returning to WWE programming earlier this year, Jeff Hardy has been one of the highlights of SmackDown thanks to his memorable feud with Sheamus and his three-way battle for the Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn and AJ Styles.

    While Hardy's last run in WWE has been a success, there is little doubt that he would at least consider a jump to AEW to join his brother after his contract expires.

    Matt helped revitalize Jeff's career during their time together in TNA, and the bbrothers could look to rekindle that magic one more time on Dynamite. With more creative freedom, Jeff would be smart to explore all of his options.


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