NBA 2K21 Patch Notes Revealed Featuring New Pro Stick Aiming and More

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2020

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NBA 2K21 released a patch Monday for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that features several tweaks, most notably to the new Pro Stick shot system.

Here are some notable alterations to the aiming system:

  • New Pro Stick Aiming/Shot Timing selector. On your first boot, you will now have the option to choose between using the new Pro Stick Aiming mechanic or the traditional Shot Timing mechanic.
  • Enabled the ability to use Pro Stick Shot Aiming with the Shot Meter setting turned off.
  • Ideal Shot Aiming point now determined by how slowly or quickly the Pro Stick is initially deflected when starting a shot. A slow flick will move the ideal aim point to the left, while a fast flick will move the ideal point to the right, giving players more consistency with Pro Stick shooting.
  • Improved standing dunk reliability when using the Pro Stick.

The patch fixed several other bugs, such as hangs in loading screens and malfunctioning of the 2K Share system for draft classes and rosters. 2K also made tuning improvements to player progression in MyLeague/MyGM modes.

The patch addressed gameplay issues as well, such as losing control of your MyPlayer during the game, while the effectiveness of the Lead to Basket pass feature was toned down.

The most notable change will be to 2K's revamped shot system, which has been polarizing since the game's release. 2K released a hotfix earlier this month after many fans complained about their inability to make shots, both with the stick and timed release.

It's unclear if the patch will make that easier, but it does appear to be more consistent.

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