Ranking the Best Possible Opponents for Triple H's Final WWE Match

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2020

Ranking the Best Possible Opponents for Triple H's Final WWE Match

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    Believe it or not, Triple H hasn't wrestled a match in 15 months. The last time he stepped into the ring was in June 2019 at Super ShowDown against Randy Orton.

    Since then, WWE has had to undergo a lot of changes. The Game has continued to scale back his wrestling career in favor of working behind the scenes, but most fans probably didn't think of him as retired until recently.

    He recently appeared on The Bill Simmons Podcast (h/t Ian Casey of SEScoops.com) and said he considers himself retired but is not opposed to having a match if the story is right and he feels he can perform without his body falling apart.

    At 51 years old, The Cerebral Assassin is still in great shape. If he wanted to have another match, he could be ready within a few months or less.

    If he were to only have one more match in his WWE career, management would have to select his opponent carefully and consider whether it is more important for him to go out on top or put someone else over on his way out.

    Let's look at the top five choices for Triple H's potential final opponent in WWE. 

5. Kevin Owens

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    If WWE wanted to go with somebody who has a history with Triple H but hasn't fought him much in the past, Kevin Owens would be a great choice.

    Not only has KO been both allies and enemies with The Game, but he is also one of the most well-rounded wrestlers on the roster. He could have a good match with a mannequin. 

    There are several ways to approach a feud like this from a storyline standpoint: It could be about pride, a title, contract negotiations or some kind of betrayal.

    Triple H has been known to turn on his allies over the years and even helped KO win the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins in August 2016.

    KO would be able to tell a fantastic story and give Triple H a match worthy of being his final performance in the squared circle. 

4. Seth Rollins

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    Most of Triple H's big rivals have retired by this point, but one man he has helped get to the top and gone to war with is Seth Rollins.

    The Monday Night Messiah was The Cerebral Assassin's closest ally in The Authority for quite some time. He was the one who convinced Rollins to turn on The Shield, but their relationship has also included a lot of fighting.

    Their biggest showdown happened three years ago at WrestleMania 33 in a non-sanctioned match. Rollins scored the win, and The Game has never been able to get his revenge.

    Like Owens, Rollins is one of WWE's most versatile stars. He has the power to keep Triple H at bay while also having the speed and agility to run circles around him. 

    Even if it didn't live up to their previous encounter, The Messiah would be an ideal candidate to send The Game into retirement due to their complicated history. 

3. Roman Reigns

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    Few Superstars on the roster have had more interactions with Triple H than the current universal champion, Roman Reigns.

    The Big Dog and The Game have been sporadic rivals ever since Trips helped facilitate The Shield's breakup. Just like Rollins, Reigns has even fought him on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

    They clashed for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32 in a long match that saw both men taken to their physical limits. In many ways, this was when The Game began winding down his career.

    Reigns defeated him to win the title, but they have never had a chance of a proper rematch. Now that The Big Dog has the belt back, The Cerebral Assassin might have his sights set on a 15th title.

    This might not be as good as Triple H vs. Rollins or Owens from an in-ring perspective, but when taking storylines into account, Reigns is a slightly better option as a final opponent. 

2. Adam Cole

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    Triple H has developed an unfair reputation for burying young talent over the years, but in reality, he has been integral to helping many Superstars get over by losing in high-profile situations. 

    He has elevated the likes of Daniel Bryan, Reigns, Rollins, John Cena and many more. If there is anyone on the NXT roster who would be a great choice to face him, it's Adam Cole.

    The Undisputed Era is the closest thing WWE has to The Four Horsemen and Evolution these days. Cole is the group's undeniable leader and has clearly studied Triple H's playbook on how to run a stable.

    The Game is a mentor to many in NXT, and if that relationship was developed on screen, it would allow WWE to have Cole turn on him to initiate a feud.

    Considering how important he has been to the success of NXT, it's shocking Triple H has never wrestled at a TakeOver event. It would be the perfect swan song for him to go out at one of the events he helped create.

1. Randy Orton

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    With the exception of guys such as Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and the rest of DX, Randy Orton may have more shared history with Triple H than anyone else in WWE history.

    The Cerebral Assassin groomed The Viper early in his career as a member of Evolution and prepared him to become the dominant and dangerous heel he is today.

    Their relationship has seen them fight on the same side almost as many times as they have stood across the ring from each other. If anyone deserves to be the guy who puts Triple H out to pasture, it's Orton.

    Their last outing at Super ShowDown ended with The Legend Killer having his hand raised, so the storyline could be as simple as The Game wanting to avenge his final loss before retiring for good.

    Batista and Flair could even be brought in to take sides in the battle just to make it an Evolution reunion. Out of everyone on the WWE roster, The Viper makes the most sense as Triple H's final opponent. 


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