5 WWE Stars Who Need a Win the Most at SummerSlam 2020

Philip LindseyContributor IAugust 20, 2020

5 WWE Stars Who Need a Win the Most at SummerSlam 2020

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    Credit: WWE.com

    We're just a few days away from The Biggest Party of the Summer.

    With the addition of the "ThunderDome," WWE fans might see a show filled with the spectacle and flair they're accustomed to. SummerSlam will be the second WWE event since March to take place outside of the Performance Center, with the first being SmackDown on Friday.

    However, this still doesn't seem like the week of a Big Four pay-per-view. Although the Amway Center adds some grandeur, this year's card doesn't have the same star power and the storylines aren't nearly as engaging.

    In fact, the build to Sunday's show has been something of a drag. The event usually acts as a midseason finale that ramps up all of the stories lingering from WrestleMania. There are hints of it, but nothing feels that important at the moment. That's partially because of the state of the world outside of wrestling, but it's also because WWE has failed to get viewers to invest in many of its stars.

    A strong performance this weekend could be the shot in the arm some of them need heading into the second half of 2020. So, let's take a look at five WWE stars who could most use a win at SummerSlam.

Mandy Rose

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    In April, WWE finally pulled the trigger and split up Fire & Desire. At WrestleMania 36, Mandy Rose rejected Sonya Deville, who conspired to ruin her friend's budding romance with Otis.

    On the May 8 episode of SmackDown, Deville returned and cut a scathing promo on her partner to ignite their feud. The Pride Fighter defeated Rose in a match the following week. However, she is still determined to ruin her former pal's life.

    Deville has captured both wins in this feud so far, as she and Dolph Ziggler beat Otis and Rose in a mixed tag match on May 22. Afterward, both women drifted off WWE programming for a few weeks. But on the July 31 edition of SmackDown, Deville attacked her rival from behind and cut off some of her hair, setting the table for Sunday's Hair vs. Hair match.

    Since their split, Deville has been far and away the breakout star. That's why Rose needs to beat her this weekend and secure a memorable moment of her own.

    The Golden Goddess desperately needs something separate from Otis and Deville to justify this breakup. More to the point, she needs to prove she can win without her ex-teammate.

    Deville's future looks brighter, but that's why she can take a loss now. Also, heels rarely win Hair vs. Hair matches. This is a great opportunity for the heel to get her comeuppance and introduce a new, edgier look in the process.

    A win over Deville could give Rose a SummerSlam moment that will cement her as a singles competitor and hopefully put an end to this four-month feud. 


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    The WWE SmackDown women's champion has the odds stacked against her heading into SummerSlam. Bayley will face an opponent in Asuka whom she has never bested one-on-one.

    The Empress of Tomorrow pinned her last week on Raw to earn a rematch against Sasha Banks for the Raw title she never really lost. A few days later, she also won the Triple Brand Battle Royal to gain a second championship shot this weekend.

    This is lazy booking, and WWE should've taken this opportunity to highlight another woman on the roster. At any rate, Bayley should be the one to retain.

    Surprisingly, The Role Model is a better heel at the moment. She has also been champion for more than 300 days, so she should still be the one to beat coming out of The Biggest Party of the Summer.

    Banks has been on a hot streak since she and Bayley won the women's tag titles in June. The SmackDown titleholder has taken a few losses, and her reign has been a bit pedestrian on paper. She hasn't beaten that many noteworthy challengers outside of Charlotte Flair and Naomi.

    A win over Asuka would give her bragging rights and make her eventual loss feel more monumental. It would also add more tension to her friendship with The Legit Boss. Their inevitable breakup will undoubtedly lead to a SmackDown Women's Championship match.

Andrade and Angel Garza

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    WWE hasn't made tag team wrestling a staple of its programming. In fact, All Elite Wrestling has exposed how poorly its rival utilizes the wealth of talented pairings it has.

    With that said, Andrade and Angel Garza should defeat The Street Profits at SummerSlam and win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

    Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are the established team, so they should theoretically be a priority. However, Andrade and Garza are currently directionless as a stable.

    They're both extremely gifted in-ring competitors and entertaining characters individually. Zelina Vega is also the best manager in the company right now. They need something to establish themselves as a unit again.

    A win Sunday would fortify the duo and give the rest of the division a formidable obstacle to overcome. If nothing else, Andrade and Garza can deliver great matches with the other tag teams, and Vega will ensure their heel work remains top-notch.

Apollo Crews

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    Apollo Crews has been one of the few new faces WWE has managed to elevate during the coronavirus pandemic. He has always had the tools to succeed, but the company never gave him interesting material to sink his teeth into.

    Back in May, though, he finally won his first singles title when he defeated Andrade for the United States Championship. He has new theme music, and he's cutting better promos as well.

    Crews is trending upward, but he could use a win this weekend after losing two non-title matches.

    He randomly lost to Shelton Benjamin on the Aug. 10 episode of Raw. This past week, Bobby Lashley hit him with a spear to win their six-man elimination tag match.

    To be fair, Crews did have to face all three members of The Hurt Business before The All Mighty pinned him, but he needs to retain his title at SummerSlam to reestablish some momentum. 

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt

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    The Fiend made his in-ring debut at SummerSlam 2019 in dramatic fashion. WWE couldn't have handled it any better. His entrance was incredible, and he looked like a legitimate threat by end of the match.

    Bray Wyatt is consistently one of the most complex and captivating characters on the roster. No one else in the company can tell a story on the microphone or get fans to buy into grandiose concepts quite like him. Still, WWE always seems to cut his legs right out from under him when he appears poised for a pivotal win.

    That was the crux of his conflict with John Cena in the outlandish but highly entertaining Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania 36. He also bafflingly dropped the Universal Championship to Goldberg at Super ShowDown in February. 

    The last thing WWE should want to do is reduce Wyatt to a heel who throws out idle threats again. The introduction of The Fiend had finally vanquished that stigma.

    If Wyatt wins the title once more against Braun Strowman, the company will have the same problem it did with his first reign: Who can beat someone who looks indestructible?

    On the other hand, this gives WWE the chance to mint the challenger who does as a top face, which SmackDown lacks without Roman Reigns.